Location gallery 1

Eppiere: Clermont, the hometown of William Tell. Episode 1 and 6




Tell's hometown Clermont (Epierre)












Later Tell hears from Stefan that Clermont is burnt down by the Black Knights. Tell went back and met his old neighbour Geswin. Geswin has completely changed. All he can tell William is: "they went all to Albion".

Episode 6 when Tell went back



Tell goes to Albion and met brother Gregory again, but his son and wife were not there.



In the meantime Gessler had put a price on Tells's head and Dantes and his friends are trying to look for Tell.




Episode 1 The Banquet















Boat arrival in abbay Hautecombe and in prison at Miolans:Death Castle

Episode 2 The Prisoner












The Place Gessler sat when Tyroll got back from Clermont.



Episode 2 The Prisoner












The stairs to Tell's prison.


At the left you see Tell's prison


Tell's prison






The stairs Tell got pushed off and fell.



A rose garden also located in this beautiful castle.



Below the interior of the castle of Miolans






Left picture: Gessler on top of the castle tower


A beautiful picture during the wintertime




The location on the picture above is where the right picture below was shot.














La Bastide, Arlempdes

The Little soldier episode 3





Below and above the same tower of the village of Arlempdes