Episode 1 and 2 were shot in the Alps. From the castles in the Alps (Miolans and Epierre) to the Auvergne.

Episode 3, 4, 5 and 10 are shot in and around Arlempdes.


La Bastide

Let's starts with episode 3 The Little Soldier, in French the title: 'La Ferme de Isabelle'

This episode is shot on a property aside the Loire river in Arlempdes, The cave is also near Arlempdes.


Weevil and Ambrose

The awkward duo 'Weevil and Ambrose' make their entrance. Weevil is always pushed by Ambrose. 'You and me are getting rich!' and 'You and me will start an inn.'

Then Weevil has to be the barmaid (episode 6, Albion) with all problems included. Ambrose comes with the idea and Weevil has to do it.

In this episode: they have the plan to rob Tell, who has just escaped the castle. It turns out badly, like all the things they do later. 

Wrong idea. Tell wasn't an easy victim.

Weevil is beaten up and Ambrose is shocked, he drops the chicken and runs for his life.

Location: a forest, it can be everywhere around. It's a guess the riverside of the Loire. A small chance It's near the cave.

For filming this episode they were on location at La Bastide. It's Arlempdes area.



The cave, Arlempdes

It wasn't easy to find this location! Some local people do know this place. Then it's wise to choose the right path (of ALL of them)

and you need a bit of intuition The photo below is taken around May 2015


The path to the cave

1986 As you can see, my photos were made higher up and further away from the cave. These Pine trees you see, were already there but a bit smaller.

At the right side of the fallen soldier you can see a part of the pine trees. This camera point is so low, that they vanish behind the small hill.  2015         



Same spot

Little soldier (episode 3) Scene: Tyroll asks Ambrose and Weevil if they've seen Tell. Hanging them upside down. A + W' s first shot starts in episode 3!



The same place (in episode 4) Scavengers. The Scarvengers is filmed in front of the cave and the path above it.


1986                                                       The road to the cave.                                                            2015


Storyline Little Soldier

Isabelle tells her story about what happened to her husband and village. Tell listens and seems touched by her story.

He doesn't know yet his village and residents have ended the same.


La Bastide farmhouse 

The main place of episode Three, The Little soldier.


Tell has escaped death castle. When he travels through the forest, he gets in contact with a little boy called 'Simon.'



Scene: Simon lost his father and tries to protect his mother. He tries to shoot passenger, Tell. The boy wants to protect the only parent he still has.

1986                                                                                              2015                                                                                          2015


Scene: Simon gets fond of William. He is not the only one. His mother, Isabel too.

She offers him her husband's clothes, food and shelter and Tell does deferred maintenance that has remained.


1986                                                    The tower                                         2015             


The hunt on the escaped prisoner

                Location forest: I guess behind the farm at the river                                                                                          Soldiers are going door to door to find a trace of Tell.                  


The rebuild of the pottery location at La Bastide



This Crossbow scene 1986 reminds me of a scene from the movie 'Ghost' (1990 with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore).


The pottery location is still the same.

Photo is made in opposite 2015. Most of the interior shots are made in this open hall, below. I think this building now used for firewood storage. 1986


              1986                                                                                                                     2015                             



The story of Isabel

Isabel and Simon are hoping Tell would stay with them. Tell has a family on his own. He has to find them back.


The location in 1986

 Simon sees soldiers approaching and warns Tell and Isabel. William Tells them they are here for him and he hides quickly.


                                                 1986                                         2015 The shot the soldiers rode in. In front of the right building      


Tell's track

1986                                        They find Tell's jacket. They start to look everywhere.                                         2015 The door      


The soldiers looking for a trace of Tell

 Thy are destroying the entire place that had just been rebuilt. The damage you can see below.  Location: The interior of this barn is private.


                                                    1987                                                                                   2015 left building                                                 2015 here the building is on the right.                      


       Isabel: 'There is no man in the house.' If Tell doesn't show up quickly, they want to kill the boy.


                                     1986                                            1986 You can see that the roof has been broken since                                                  2015                                                              


The confrontation                

They just take the boy in exchange for Tell. A fight arises.               




The Goodbye      


Tell gets a new outfit and a new horse

     Tell just came from imprisonment and had nothing. A good start with a Friesian horse and new clothes. Already in the 13th century the Friesian horse was known and

it still shows similarities with his distant ancestors. The horses page has lots of information about the Crossbow horses, the trainers and stuntmen.

                      1986                                                                                                  2015                               


1986                                                                                                                                  2015         



Tell leaves the boy and his mother. And also leaves his bow for Simon.

The end of episode 3 Little Soldier




Extra photos of Bastide

The building almost seems to collapse, this is only the part further to the riverside, the rest seems pretty the same.



They probably avoid filming the huge crack in the wall. The whole estate looks almost the same as in 1986. Thanks to fan and Medieval lover Mr. Barthlemy to find this place.