The Cave

Episode Scarvengers

Scene: After the Black Knights set a house on fire, the children come to take weapons and food to survive. Location: This old house can be everywhere near Arlempdes.


Shots of the children

To survive, they're selling the goods they found in exchange for food.


Decor in the cave

The decor is nice with hammocks piled one above the other. While the cave is a quite open place...all the children can hide.


The first introduction of Dantes

Scene: In exchange of a huge sword, Dantes gives bread in exchange, but not enough. "They told me you were blind." Parker: "But not stupid".

We see him back several episodes like 'Albion' and 'Sanctuary' we can see him again and in Episode 69 he is one of the Headhunters.


The cave and the path



Sent away to survive

In this cave Parker lives with the children. They have to steal to survive. The soldiers came to buy the stolen weapons and it looks like they can

live on the proceeds. A very dangerous life; The Black Knights regularly demand the weapons without payment.


                                                    Sign from FR3, a memory of Crossbow still there in 2005! Made by fan S. Barthemely

About the location: This cave is used for a shelter for cattle. It's located near Arlempdes.


                        1986 Sent on the brink to survive                                                                 2015                                                         

The burst in the ceiling was already there, but seems a lot bigger now.



The circle of beautiful Pines

Scene: Tell is dining at his campfire, then Blade and Roland showing up. Location: on the road to Arlempdes. Middle 2015 and right photo 1986


When we saw those trees, by coincidence, on the way to Arlempdes, I forgot where we found them. It was about 3 years ago and I looked on Google maps without any results. There is so much forest around.

Anyway it's close to Arlempdes and we came from the south. I've looked on several roads but non has those grouped beauties! I think the cameraman loved them too on his way to Arlempdes.

Like I said there is forest enough but I haven't seen such small groups of high pine trees surrounded by meadows. When the sun shines on them their barks they're lighting up like a hint of pink and orange.


The robbery

Next morning they find out they've been robbed.

The children have taken almost everything! Horses, weapons, a winskin, food and Roland's boots. He needs to continue his journey with bare feet.

Scene: Roland: 'Look at the size of these footprints! They could have been made by children.'

Behind Roland the fence posts on both photos (hard to see). And probably a road.



Location: On top of the cave

The trace leads them to a child enjoying the view near to the cave.                   Left 2 photos shot above the cave and the right 2 photos in front of the cave 1986            2015           


Parker and the cave 

Scene: One of the girls tells Parker when someone is coming and what they probably want. Then Parker claps his hands and the children hide. The Black Knights don't want to pay

for the goods they want and they seems to want more every time. David is resisting but he is threatened to die and they threaten to sell him to slavetraders. If Parker has no more

stuff he will take David the next morning. The children start to show their stuff they robbed from Blade, Tell and Roland. Parker is very content with all those new stuff (the good sword,

horses etc). 'Three horses then the soldiers will be pleased.' David: 'You say that every time...' Parker: 'And sometimes you say too much. You want to live as slaves the rest of your live?

Share out the food you found in the forest." They are forced to resign themselfes to their destiny.


Tell looking for his goods

Scene: Tell is approaching the cave alone (Roland and Blade stay with the boy). Parker hears it and quickly asks the girl: 'Who is coming? ''The man from the forest.' 'Is he armed?' 'No.

'Parker is relieved: Ah then he must have come here to buy.' Good day.." The kids spreading out and suddenly surrounding Tell. Parker: 'You must excuse them, they are not used to strangers.'  

2015                                                                                                    1986                                                                                               2015                            


Next scene: "Parker is the name.. is there something I can do for you?" Tell: "I come for horses..." Parker surprised: 'Horses? Horses are very hard to come by...

how many are you looking for?' Tell: 'Three.' Parker denies: 'I don't have any horses (the girl next to him can't suppress a smile). Parker Continues: 'And if I did

they will be very expensive.' William: 'Not if they belong to me they won't.' Parker laughs. David: 'you are in no position to demand anything.'


Some of the children are armed, they have a hammer or a pitchfork. They are all surrounding Tell.

                                                1986                                   2015 entrance of the cave, the wall of this lava cave that's in the background                              1986                                                               

Story: Then soldiers are riding in but these ones haven't seen Tell before. They only know him by name. The children are afraid and in no-time they are vanished behind coats of arms and beds and barrels.

The soldier: 'Well old man, what have you got? Parker is mentioning Tell's stuff: 'Horses, new weapons...a winskin...' Tell gets alert by now and is surprised his goods are for sale.


The deal

Story: Parker, who needs to survive, pays no attention to Tell and continues: 'How much will you pay for it?' Tell turns around and interrupts: 'Wait a minute!' Then a soldier roughly pushes him away

and shouts at him: 'Mind your business!' Tell keeps calm and doesn't want it to escalate. The Soldier: 'I will take it all and let you live and ...that way you will keep the boy..' Tell suddenly has a certain

option and says: 'I want those horses. If you buy them from him, I can buy them from you.' Soldier: What do you have that we possibly want?" Tell: 'I...bargain...William Tell!' All ears are now focused on Tell.

'Do you know where he is?' William: 'I can arrange him to come here...alone...unarmed...if you come back...just the three of you...he is unarmed and tied up.' The soldier have an ear to it but warning Tell:

'If you lie to me I ...William Tell better be here!' And Tell confirms: 'He will be.' Parker shakes his head. How can all this work out well? The consequences it has for him and the children as he fails.

But Tell seems to have something in mind. Then Parker warns Tell: 'Whether you trying to do...there is no chance, they will cut you down.'   

Tell has a plan to get rid off the plundering knights and he tells the children about it. He needs time to prepare a strike. He will tell the knights when they're coming back tomorrow he has Tell for them,

tied up. They accept the deal and leave. The children hear about Tell's plan and are upset that this man will catch their hero. They're surrounding Tell and tell him if something happens to him they will help him.

Story: David asks William: 'Is it true?' William: 'Is what true?' 'Are you going to turn William Tell in?" Parker laughs. David continues to Tell: 'He hasn't done anything..'

One of the children: 'The black knights will kill him!' A little girl says: 'If William Tell is in trouble we can help him it would be awful if something happened to him'

Then it's quiet for a while..  Tell: 'Parker, I want you to take this kids out of here now.' David the eldest resists: 'No this is our home....' Tell accepts and realizes Parker and

his children are total one: 'Ehm maybe William Tell can help you.' 'How do you know he will help us?' Parker has already understood and interrupts: 'Because he is William Tell!!'


Parker's story and Tell's help


Tell sees how soldiers come to plunder time after time. They taking everything away from Parker and the children and with almost nothing in exchange. "What is the last time you

went outside?" "I never leave this cave. I'm happy out here with the children." Tell takes his arm and takes him outside 'come on. Tell me what you see.' Parker is upset: 'Don't be stupid!'

Tell again: "Parker tell me what you see?" 'A wasteland nothing growing anymore they destroyed everything and I see only the was beautiful once but they ruined it!' Tell:

"Can't you feel the sun? Things growing in the sun, Parker. The last thing you saw was a ruin in flames, the seeds were good like the children, the children will rebuild this world,

Parker. Not live their lives in fear...." but the soldiers?..." "There always be soldiers, Parker, here always be soldiers...come' and he guided him back.



Back in the cave again

Story: 'You don't understand. I've seen them during the uprising I fought against them, thought we could defeat them and watched as they burned my home, took my wife and children..

Tell interrupts: 'Parker...'But then let him speak further 'They made me watch...all of it and then put me into darkness.' Parker has mentioned it so clear that both are a few seconds

absent. Then Blade and Roland entering the cave with an opposing child. Roland has been bitten all the time, which makes it also pretty comic and less heavy.



The reunion in Scavengers

                                                                            Roland has a hard time to control the the child that had stolen from him.                                                                                                 



Tell is concerned about Parker's situation and he is up to something. And Roland has to pay the decoy.

In the meantime the children get trained. They're training together to learn to defend themselves.

When the knights are leaving, they're coming out of their hiding places.


The practicing

Location: They're practicing on terrain above the cave (see the tree)

'some are relatives some aren't. I've seen their parents been killed. They lost make a life, they're making the best of everything...but then the black knights came...


Scene: Roland thinks in his favour and he coutiously suggests about a children rebel club but Blade corrects him: 'they are only children" Roland: 'but one day they are grown ups and properly well

trained men.' Blade finds it far too early to think about this. Roland sees them as followers, who can fight against the empire but Blade reminds him they are too young.


The transformation

                                                                                                                                     1986                                                                       2015


Story: Roland who was not informed to the last, said to Tell: 'You haven't said me where you want me when the fighting starts.'

Tell: 'You're not gonna fight...I tell you they're coming for William Tell.' and he throws the rope to Blade. Then Roland realizes he has to play 'Tell' and will be tight up.

Story: The soldiers return and see Roland sitting there. So called opposing. 'So you are William Tell!?" "I want my horses." The soldier: 'Nearby. I was just rethinking our arrangement.'

Tell: 'You want him, you pay for it.' The soldier gets annoyed: 'If I want him I have to reach over and take him.' Then Tell responds: 'Then come and get him' The soldier can't deal with Tell's answer and

warns him:'You're getting a bit too...Hey! What's going on?' Then the children have tight the legs of the soldier. His companions watch him lifting up high and screaming. Then all the children come in action.



The resistance 

Location: In front and above the cave near Arlempdes

                    Blade encourages the children. One ties a soldier's legg                                                This amazing lift is built on top of the cave and is lifting a soldier from it's horse.


'Hey, what's going on?'                       The other two soldiers sees their companion lifting up high



All Children having their task. Before they can even flee, the children have other plans for them.

It's getting tough!




 Tell wants to stay out of the fight as long as possible. Roland: 'You can't turn your back on us, Tell'



Noticeables of the location

Two big bursts in the ceiling of the cave

1986    If you look closely, you can see the burst at the entrance (roof) was already there   2015     

                                                                                                                            Seen from the right photo...the right position and you don't see the cracks at all.


Here they lighten up the dark gap in the back of the cave.



Most of the cracks were already there. Below another crack. The cave was muddy around spring. Lots of water leaking through this crack...water is coming through and that will be frozen in the winter and

will expand and possibly pushes rock out of the burst. But I don't think erosion goes so fast in those 30 years. All the cracks were probably already there but I have no idea if they were so big. They let

through a lot of water which makes it muddy and the ground unstable.  In Crossbow there was a pole construction...perhaps to prop up parts and be sure of the safety of the crew? But it can be just poles

to decorate and make kabinets and hanging points for hammocks for the children. (not the poles you see in the back, those seems stables).


Same crack but slightly different camera viewpoint, the camera point was somewhat more filmed from out of the cave, more turned to the trees on the right. Photo in middle 2015 


Function of the cave

The cave is a shelter for cattle nowadays. The soil is still very muddy and kind or even swampie in the spring. Crossbow must have filmed in the summer or a dry spring. The natural phenomenon consists

of perpendicular hexagonal basalt columns, which form the pillars of this cave. And the great thing is: the cave is not made or processed by human hands. The stones were formed millions of years ago by

volcanic lava flows. You don't see them often in this shape in France (formation of vertical columns). So the cave is for me, in a natural sense, a very special place.


        2 photos of this natural phenomenonof in South Iceland, Vik                                                Fingal's cave West coast of Scotland.                              

The Fingal’s Cave is know for it's acoustics and is located on the island of Staffa, Scotland. The cave is 22 meters high and 82 meters deep inside.



The rock structure

During the cooling of a thick lava flow, contractional joints or fractures form.If a flow cools relatively rapidly, significant contraction forces build up. While a flow can shrink in the vertical dimension

without fracturing, it can't easily accommodate shrinking in the horizontal direction unless cracks form; the extensive fracture network that develops results in the formation of columns. The topology of the

lateral shapes of these columns can broadly be classed as a random cellular network. These structures are predominantly hexagonal in cross-section, but polygons with three to twelve or more sides can be

observed. The size of the columns depends loosely on the rate of cooling; very rapid cooling may result in very small columns, while slow cooling is more likely to produce large columns.


The dead tree

When you put photos next to each other then sometimes small things catch your eye. The stick you see the same stone structure. It's a surprises me that this piece of wood can bear all those weather influences

for almost 30 years without changing. 1986  Crossbow shot,  Same wood stick, part of a tree that was there 30 years ago too and didn't live anymore during Crossbow, so I'm very surprised 2015

The wood from above. How this survive that long?


Extra photos and information

If you can see through the muddy soil then  you see the real beauty of this cave and stonestructure! The stone pilars are wonderful



The cave is situated in the Auvergne

'Parc des Volcans'; or the park of the volcanoes. This was once one of the most active volcano areas in the world. The volcanoes have now been worked out, but the pointed peaks and hills are still there.

A wonderfully rugged area. The parc des Volcans is located in the middle of the Auvergne; with the Puy de Dôme as the most famous volcano. This mountain is 1,465 meters high and it is the symbol of the

unique volcanic mountains in the central part of France.


The "Chaîne des Puys" (the chain of mountains) extends over 45 kilometers. The more than 80 dome mountains and craters are located in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d'Auvergne.

A regionally protected park with many hiking and cycling trails. The Chaîne des Puys is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the first nature reserve on mainland France that has received this recognition.

Puy is a geological term used locally in the Auvergne, France for a volcanic hill. The word derives from the Provençal puech, meaning an isolated hill, coming from Latin podium,

which has given also puig in Catalan, poggio in Italian, poio in Galician and Portuguese.


Most of the puys of central France are small cinder cones, with or without associated lava, whilst others are domes of trachytic rock, like the domite of the Puy-de-Dôme. The puys may be scattered

as isolated hills, or, as is more usual, clustered together, sometimes in lines. The chain of puys in central France probably became extinct in late prehistoric time.