Chateau Arlempdes

In episode 5 'The Reunion' and episode 10 'The Stallion.'

Château d'Arlempdes is a beautiful castle in Arlempdes, Haute-Loire, France. It originally dates to the 12th century Historic remains in a village listed among “the most beautiful

villages of France” and as a “character village of Auvergne”. Built on a volcanic peak by the Montlaurs, Arlempdes, the first château of the Loire (12th to 14th centuries) overlooks

wonderful wild gorges and is one of the most remarkable sites in Le Velay. The 12th century chapel of Saint-Jacques was completely restored in 2003. It's open from March to October.


Episode 5 The Reunion

The Treasurywagon

First scene: Tell drinks from the Loire river, but he is not alone.

Location: we think north west of Chateau Arlempdes, perhaps a little bit more to the right.                             The castle on the right.                           


Scene: While drinking, Eleanor suddenly approaches and attacks.  Tell throws Eleanor with a back throw into the river. She takes her knife and

they stand eye in eye looking without knowing who they are. She and her bodyguards take Tell to the castle. Stefan is the connecting factor.


                                                                    On this still you can see plastic box at the river bank      Then the scene switches to the east side of the castle


Location: East of chateau Arlempdes, down at the Loire river.


In the yellow circle the field of the scene above.


Entering rebellion headquarters

Location Chateau Arlempdes

  With stick Alain Grellier?

About 'Gessler's treasurywagon' in Reunion 'episode 5.  

The introduction is not very friendly. Morgan looks at Eleanor's catch: "The river is full or rats."


                               Then in a quarrel Stefan got hit accidently.                                 The 'reunion' of Stefan and Tell!                                         And trouble                                                                  

Scene: Stefan proudly introduces his friend: "Gather around. This is William, an old friend of mine. We fought together in the border wars. He saved my life once.

Consider him as one of us!" a rebel: 'May he clean the goathutch?' Stefan: 'Haha let's see about that later. You meet Morgan my right hand man!' Morgan is not interested

in the new guest. He interrupts Stefan, they need to talk. Stefan finds his guest more important which annoys Morgan even more. 'It can wait! First our guest! Some food first.'


  Morgan and the gang



The reunion

Th interior of castle Arlempdes

Scene: The common thread running through, Tell's family runs through this scene

Scene: "So you have been in prison all those time. I thought you were dead. I didn't thought Gessler or the emperor was so merciful."

"He is not." Stefan: I didn't think so.It's a long time since you tastedthis,William, It's ale. Both: "To better times" and together they bring out a toast.

Eleanor enters the room. "You've met my daughter? This is Eleanor, my daughter and the best scout we have. But sometimes she has trouble telling friend from foe."

Story continues: Stefan:"The treasurywagen leaves twice a year, Gessler sends a taxman collected to the emperor. The route the wagon

takes crosses the river not far from here...haha...  Tell: and you're gonna rob it? "Not so much as rob it, but redirect the goal."

                                               1986      More of the interior of Arlempdes         2015                             


Great shot!                                                                                  


Scene: "How does an old ogre like you wind up with such a beautiful daughter?" "Eleanor? Her mother was a beauty, a gem, William. A queen, even when she didn't

have royal blood." "What did she do, leave you?" "No no no, she was killed in the rebellion." "I'm sorry Stefan." "It's allright. At least she hasn't seen us reduced to this."

"Reduced to what? Drinking ale on a mountain top?" Hahaha, it's good to have you here, William!

                                                                                                                      1986                                                   The doorpost they stood. 2015


The shock

"I'm happy to see you...." "I won't be staying. I have to find my wife and boy. If I could get my horse back, I would be on my way..."

Stefan: "to Clermont? Don't you know, William? In the rebellion when it all started, Clermont was the first town Gessler destroyed. He burned it to the ground."               



Comparing: 2 episodes, 1 location

Here you see the same location (Arlempdes interior) Episode 10, The Stallion Scene: Stefan gives the Stallion as a gift to Tell and the escape scene on this spot as well.


The figthing practice of the rebels

Story scene: Stefan tells about the people who are practising. "These men are not just soldiers William. They are survivors; this isn;t something they have chosen, they have been burned out of their homes,

lost their families that's what this emperor calls justice."  Tell: 'Ah so you are rebels.' Stefan continues: "You should call it that I suppose. But we are not gonna storm the citadel. This empire will fall on

it's own accord. It's old, corrupt. Like a tree that is rotting from the inside, the next pigwind and it will come crashing down. "And then what?" "I don't know... I don't really know if it will be a better

world, it will be a different one. If you want to survive then you have to defend yourself. Even you,William." "I can take care of myself. "Oh you think so, do you??"


The stick fight

Location: number 11. "Bring those two sticks over here." Stefan gives Tell and Eleanor both a stick.


Scene: Tell wants to leave, but Stefan prevents him to walk out and shake his finger. "Remember who her father is!"

Story scene: Stefan: 'come on William you know how to use it. One shot with a crossbow costs time then you are there with a piece of wood.'

"Your reflexes are too slow, William. Remember it's a fencing stick not a walkingstick. Tell: 'It's a peace of wood not a weapon."

Stefan: "Well pick it up!" Tell stands up and gets the stick again and gives it a try again." Location: Arlempdes field, number 11.

Scene: Morgan: 'Stefan, you bring him his Crossbow if he can stand on his feet,' Stefan is awaiting for Tell's respond.

"Give him his crossbow at least he can die on his feet. Look at him Stefan there is no fighting spirit left in him anymore. I doubt he even can shoot it straight!"

Stefan knows William too good that Morgan has to be careful now. "About one thing you are right, Morgan, I can't shoot after all, I missed."



                                                       2015  Near the the entrance                                1986           

You can imagine where the fireplace (under the word 1986, right photo above) used to be. (You take a look below).


The Mainbuilding of the castle

              1986                                                                                          2015  A low angle shot                                 



                                    2005                                       Middle: 2015   2017 This photo right below: found on the web. With glass in the windows and a locked door.

Comparing with the interior of the mainbuilding

Stefan talks about 'the treasury wagon,' but Morgan is not content with it. Stefan and Morgan made the plan, he doesn't like William to get involved.

           Episode 5 in 1986                                                         Episode 10 in 1986


Story scene: In the meantime when Stefan walks away for a while Eleanor can't suppress asking all her questions. She is impressed by the stories she heard about Tell.

"You are William Tell aren't you? My father is talking about you all the time, especially you really shot an apple of the top of your son's head?"

Stefan walks in the room:..."talk about apples.........turn to the business........don't stick your nose into places that not belong...


Eleanor's grief

Story: During a quarrel, Eleanor accidentally reveals William's last name, in conversation with Morgan. So Morgan thinks he has a strong position to negotiate

with Gessler. Two birds one stone (he is rid of Tell and he expects an huge reward. He wants to include his companion 'Stefan' in a bargain. So the treasury wagon

is all for him) But he forgets Gessler can never be trusted....

Story: Morgan: "A lover's quarrel I suppose?" "It's not your business!" "I make it my business what are you interested in an old man,

he has wasted most of his life." "William Tell...has done more in his life than you ever will..!" Morgan: "William Tell!?" "Don't tell it,

Morgan, Please.... wish I shouldn't have said anything."  Morgan who has a crush on her tries to blackmail: "Well that depends on you...."


Scene location: still inside the castle. They're looking on the map to find the best way to strike.

Eleanor has observed the route a view times and tells her conclusions. Stefan calls her the best scout. "Remember who trains her."




Stefan is not always in line with Morgan. Morgan gives sometimes trouble.

Story: Eleanor explains the plan: "I checked a few places twice and I came to the same conclusion, this is the best place to strike." Stefan asked why not the pass...She continues:

"there is not enough space to come behind the wagon." Stefan: "and Gessler?" "He should be riding with them, he will be parted of his money when he absolutely have to." Stefan:

What do you think William?" Morgan suddenly interrupts': "Yes William what do you think?"   Stefan: "Morgan." Morgan: "I'm surprised you remembered by name.

Have you forgotten who's idea this was in the first place?" Stefan leaves the room with Morgan." The tension rises between the two.



The mainbuilding exterior and interior


Inside the building above


In front of the tower

The revenge feelings on Gessler

 1986                                   Stefan offers his help                             2015   

             The messenger arrives breathless. Stefan: "So you got a run! Is your wife after you again?"       Location: between number 9 and 11


Aimed on a goal

In this episode Tell heard, Clermont was the first time Gessler destroyed. Will this attack on the wagon change a situation?


                                                                    Stefan after the shot: "Not bad! Considering all I told you you know."


The scene above is shot between 10 and 11


The wagon crosses the river.

           Location: east of the castle in the Loire river. I made this photo (2015) it gives a good overview.                                                            This shot is in the intro soundtrack.


 Action and stunts!           

Impressing! Four galloping horses on an unstable sandy, rocky river shore crossing the river. Wild horses trampling in front of the wagon, but then the wagon won't move.

Tell attached with a hook and a rope...

                                                                                                  1986                                                                            2015


Then he cuts the horses loose.


        1986  Behind Eleanor the high Chateau of Arlempdes.          1986  behind Arlempdes town. See the picture below    2015. You can see the village low and the chateau high up.


Almost 30 years later

The lowest part of this hill is filmed. This Crossbow shot is zoomed a lot.

1986                              The two trees have grown!                      2015



The rocks are looking still the same. Look at the carve in the rock (right of the horse's head).

I'm surprised the rocks haven't been taken by the river yet.

Teamwork and stunts in the Loire river


         1986                                                                                    2015 zoomed



                                                1986     The rock in the middle of the river is washed away or is was especially made for Crossbow.  2015                                                              

Some stills of the fight

A soldier scraps Stefan with a speer.                                                                       Morgan: "so are we going to be led by William Tell?"


Stefan doesn't seem to be deadly wounded and seems in good hands now. Tell returns to his burned town. he wants to find out what happened to his family.


The goodbye

1986                                                                                   2015                                                                               1986

The end of episode 5 'Reunion'




Episode 'The stallion'

Rock and river and checkpoints

Location: Down the Loire river (east of the castle) Scene: Eleanor swims in episode 10 The Stallion, 1986

                                 1986                                                                  2015 see how big this rock is, comparing the man


2015 Same huge rock in the middle of the river. Not moved by the river in 30 years!


The second one

1986       This rock, next to the river, is huge!  It has a huge crack in it.   2015



2015 The rock William walked around, before he spotted Eleanor swimming. It's also huge!


On the foot of the (castle) mountain.


Tell is arrested by Eleanor's men

                                                                   View from the castle 2015                                   

Scene: Near the headquarters of the rebels.

When Tell sees a lady swimming in the river, he tries to get closer. Her bodyguards arresting him. Then they do recognize each other.     


Comparing: Same place ep 5 and 10

 Location: Riverside, just below Arlempdes at river bank of the Loir river

The start of episode 5 'Reunion' Tell doesn't know Eleanor yet     AND  The start of episode 10 'StallionEleanor asks Tell to help against Morgan                         

Eleanor in episode 10 "Morgan is taking over. He means to kill my father. You must help!" "I don't know there is anything I can do."


Morgan's Corner

Tell is back in the Rebel headquarters (like in episode 5) at Arlempodes castle.

Location: They've made a fake chimney for this scene. On the map below, a few meters left from 4

Scene: Morgan cynical: "Back from Albion so soon?" Morgan is not amused Tell returns ('treasury wagon' adventure). Tell is a threat.



Gessler's camp

The location Gessler's camp is near the houses left (with bright orange roofs) Scene: Hard times for Tell.

Betrayed by rebels and by Gessler. Morgan, and some of the rebels, want Stefan out of the way. And Tell also. They make a plan to sell Tell to Gessler.

Morgan thinks he is in an important negotiating position. Gessler sure will be interested in Tell. Stefan will be include in a bargain. But how that turns out...

Falcon: "I can lead you to William Tell"  "Go on, I'm listening."

                                                                                      1986 Gessler's camp: a field north west of the castle.                            2005 Made by my friend Stephane.  



The volcanic cross

                           2015                                                     Unfortunelety it's no longer on top of the rock (next to the chapel)                                              1986                

This beautiful cross is nowadays put in the chapel on top of Arlempdes. It's made of one piece of volcanic grey stone.

Horse scene. Stefan: "You like a horse like him wouldn't you? If you can break him, he is yours. A present for old times."


The riding arena

1986                                         Location 11 on the map (some rows down)                            2015



The riding arena is number 11 on the map. You can see the circle. I have seen that sometimes they have a round grandstand on that field during the summer. But anyway.. it's the same spot the arena stood.



The white Lipizzan horse, Napolitano
A present from Stefan, it travels with Tell along the episodes until season 3!

                                                             1986                                                                                         2015                                                    



       The mounting up. Unbelievable Mr. Lyman did the main part of the horseriding himself (except the last fall).


Without a saddle.


A stand-in has to do the last fall (photos below)



Morgan knows how to break horses. The horse is beaten and gets upset.


   Tell stands up for the horse




The outbreak


location riding arena: You can still see the circle at 11.           From field 11 via 10 to field 4                                         2015 Between these buildings                                                  

The horse runs between the tower and the trees, in the middle of the castle. (10 on the map and the beach is 8)


Tell's 'present' ran away. A dark maned horse...probably better for this short scene



Meanwhile. Gessler on his way.

Location: the fields between the river and Arlempdes castle. 7 on the map (edge)

              1986                                                                                2015                                                                           1986 shot of Crossbow



Gessler is quickly approaching

   1986                                                                                                                    2015



Next to the gate

       1986  zoomed                                                          2015                                                                  1986                     


 The gate. Bad luck                    

2015                                                            1986 walking down to the gate.                                                                            2015        




Tell is about to leave but Morgan has another plan in mind.

  1986                                                                                   2015


      The view you see, while turning around.


Changed window

I first thought this window was in the chapel but it's in the place Tell and Stefan meet, the castle.

1986  This window is changed completely...the shape is different and the stained glass is gone.  2015

1986  The window has changed. See below the exact spot of the window.


The helping hand

Scene: Stefan: "I could have known this was coming..." Tell: "What?" Stefan: "I had a fight with Morgan last week...with fun of everyone. He is after Eleanor.

"He is not after Eleanor." "Yes I know. You're not a small catch either William!" Tell: "He is a fool if he thinks he can make a deal with Gessler." Then Eleanor comes.

Both sides of the chamber. the square window used to be the stained glass window.


2005                                                                                     2015                                                                              2017 

They are sitting on the rock in front of the window. The other side of the room where Tell and Stefan met, toast and talk.    


The Tunnel

                        1986         Scene: The men are arguing 'It's too small and who got first.' Eleanor warns they have to be quickly    2015        



                                                                                                            I was surprised there was really a tunnel. The tunnel is partially closed.             3 on the map                                                                                         


The way out

The escape tunnel is in this room. It's also the room Stefan and William toasting and talk about the treasury wagon. The castle is attached to the volcanic rock. 2015



The tunnel (map: from 3 to 9)

2015                                                                                  1986                                                                                       2015 



2015                                                                                                 2015                                                                                          1986 



      1986                                                                                  2015


                                          1986                                                2015 The same angle but zoomed out (7 on the map).                                          2015                                        


Gessler's arrival

 No more than 3 riders... Gessler decided to bring all of them.



See the window behind Gessler, it can be seen on the panorama photo above.                                                                                                                    

Story scene: Morgan is not amused "this wasn't the arrangement!" Gessler: "I didn't make an arrangement with you.

I've come her for William Tell. I suggest you bring him here at once. Search the camp!"


Eleanor threw a stone to Gessler, which panics his horse. He fell off.  All kind of things happen in this fight; Tell just takes a soldier off the horse,

a man jumps through a high window, horses prancing, soldiers fall through tables... Morgan against Eleanor, the fight between Tell and Gessler.

Location fight at number 4. Later they walk to number 5 and 6 at the end of the scene.

1986                                                                                      2015                                                                                                  



A huge fight arises with some funny elements


                                        1986                                                   2015 it seems quit a small plateau                             2015 same field but seen from a different angle


1986                                                                         2015


The huge window

                        1986                                                                                             2015                                                            1986 The window is behind the soldier



This place is divided into two levels


 A wall of clay with a fence is build on the edge of this field (probably to protect galloping riders).

                                                       1986                                                                                     1986.                                                 It seems they made a wall of clay, like they did with Morgan's corner. 2015


   2015                                                                           1986                                                                             2015



Lots of action on a small place, flexible horses horses turning in gallop a lot.


Morgan fights against Stefan to life and dead. Eleanor protects her father.



This must be a fake fireplace, especially built for Crossbow. Built from different stones. Below pictures of the fireplace.

                                                                          The fireplace at the right side                                      And the fireplace in the middle


     Scene: Not many men are surviving this fight. This time nothing is standing in Gessler's way anymore.



Pushed to the edge

"Leave him to me," Gessler says. A fight man to man. Tell is in disadventage. No weapons. The fake fireplace behind Gessler


Scene: Gessler can never be trusted. "If you are very very lucky, I will let you die quickly." Tell: "Oh very disarming." From number 4 to 5. Tell jumps at 6.


                     1986                                                                                      1986                                                                                                       2015                                       


The last fight at the castle

The fight started at 4 then walking to 5. The last scene in this castle is at the edge of 6. At 6 Tell jumps of the castle.


A quite serieus scene with a funny touch

Scene: Tell tries to defend himself in all kinds of ways. First a pitchfork...a basket and then a chair...nothing stops Gessler. He seems to enjoy smashing it out of Tell's hands.


Finally he convinces Tell that it's no use and demands to put the new thing down.


Again...No choice


The jump of the castle

1986   Summer                                                                                  2015 Spring                                                                                              



"Get after him!" Two soldiers mounted up!  Gessler left is despair.                                               


1986 Below in the field.                                                             2015 From the castle




                                                                              The terraces                                                                             2015


The terraces. Recognizable point...the walls, trees and river sand in the back. Coincidenlty we recognized the 3 trees at the ruined wall on a still we had with us.

1986 riders approaching                                                                             2015                                                                                                  1986                          


The stone walls

                                                                                                                                                                                                         1986                                               The wall seen from the other side 2015              


The trap


Summer 1986                                                                          Spring 2015              


Fire trouble

       If we may believe the story of Chad and Jeremy. This fire got almost out of hands. The castle is located high and the hills are steep. Less water pressure

and the fire got bigger. The fire brigade could hardly extinguish the fire. Almost this national monument was gone.. Left: a trace of the past?




              1986                          One of the towers                              2005            


1987                       The vulcanic rock is beautiful                        2015


The white horse at the riverbank

And there comes 'Naplitano' running to Tell in slow motion...with beautiful music composed by Stanislas Syrewicz. Am I dreaming?

                                                                                         1986                                                                               2015                                   2015 white, grey and blue stones.                                                      


                                                                                                                                                                                         1986                                                                            2015




Wow! Almost surreal! Is this location real? Yes it is!

                                                1986                                                                      The photo was taken by fan S. Barthemely around 2005       


 Summer 1986    Great shot of this castle and the rock!     Spring 2015                                                                                                                                                                                



The end of episode 10





Extra photos



Below made in may 2015

                The volcanic rocks on top. The castle lies in between them. For me it looks like a broken bone structure ;) Impressive!


Inside the castle


Chapelle Arlempdes

On top of the castle



The black, grey and pink stone color


Me, early morning around 2015



The cross is in the chapel




The town Arlempdes


Too many snakes on my way to the river.