Chateau Dauphin - Pontgibaud

Episode 9  The Bet

A fortified castle, listed as a historic monument. It's built at the end of the 12th century and completed in the 15th century. There is a dungeon and six turets, it is still lived in today and a vegetable garden. There is a silver mining museum in the grounds. Prices. The castle owes its name to the coat of arms of the person who built it in the 12th century: Robert I, Count of Auvergne, on whose arms was a dolphin (dauphin). The original construction was modified in the 15th century by Gilbert III Motier de La Fayette, who strengthened the defences and enlarged the keep. Abandoned in the 17th century for a more comfortable building, and damaged during the French Revolution, the castle was finally restored in the 19th century by Count César III of Pontgibaud. The castle has been occupied since 1756 by the family of a King's musketeer, César I de Moré. The present owners, the Count and Countess Gabriel de Germiny, are his descendants. The castle, garden and museum are open to the public.

Pontgibaud is a commune in the Puy-de-Dôme départment in Auvergne in central France. It is located in the Massif Central region of France on the banks of the Sioule River. The area around the town was historically known for silver and lead mining. The Société des mines et fonderies de Pontgibaud exploited the lead-silver mines between 1852 and 1897. The remnants of Château-Dauphin, a 12th-century castle, are located in Pontgibaud. John Ruskin spent October 7th 1840 exploring Pontgibaud. He reckoned it "Altogether the happiest day, as far as employment or scenery can go, I have had for these long five years

Tell and Conrad travel to Ursen

This episode is after 'The Dukes of Zharingen' (in chateau Tournoel). Tell met Conrad in the previous episode and they both go to Ursen. Episode 'The Bet' starts with the two of them together heading to Ursen for the shootings tournament. The lady of the castle told me about the huge amount of backgroundplayers. On a summer evening she showed us around. What a beautiful and peaceful place!


The duke of Ursen was also at the Banquet (in episode one). He disapproved of the apple incident but wasn't able to stand up on his own. In this episode, Tell trusts the duke and offers to join his team to earn money. Coindentally he lost this shooting match in recent years. This good shooter is very welcome but a high risk because of Gessler's presence. He doesn't want Tell to get arrested and he doesn't want Tell to fight his struggle with Gessler on his land. So he agrees Tell can shoot in the group of the owls, but no trouble: they are incognito by the bird masks!

Tell suggests joining The Duke's shooter team, so Tell can win money to go to the citadel to get his son out.

But the duke does not want a fight on his land though he realizes how deep the feud between between Gessler and Tell goes. Tell gives his word he won't cause trouble during the match, so in that case he can participate. The duke also wants to win for this time. With Tell on their side, they will certainly achieve that goal!

The decor and figurants

1986                                 Taken from the castle itself                               2015




This episode has many wonderful figurants around! A lady with long hair reaching the floor, a beautiful white horse with high-knee action, nicely dressed up people.




Below: you can see the domes in the back

Gorgeous horse!  Everywhere figurants in beautiful costumes.

1986                                                                                           2016



Tell and Conrad enter Ursen (John Otway is also in the previous episode).



The Bet, the ride competition

          1986 Gessler leaves in full galop. The statue is on the right.  2015  This forest is still part of the castle, but sadly it's devided into two parts by a new road.      



     Who's in the left? (under the tree) A cameraman or perhaps a horsetrainer?                                                                                                     


   Beautiful full action horse scenes. I'm very impressed they've allowed one of the main players to ride a wild race through the forest.  The horse is almost sliding..

People in the right corner?                                                                                                            


Nice scenes galloping through the flute sprout fields!


Back at the castle

After the race to the old wagon and back, Gessler loses the race and returned furious. Gessler reacts disrespectfully and makes trouble by ruining barrels of wine. The duke of Ursen calls him to account on this land. Tell just enters Ursen and witnesses this.


                                                       1986                                               2015 Gessler enters the gate. The photo below this one is the same place


   1986/87                                                                                                           2015


The Bet is recorded between the gate and the castle

1986                                                                                2015



The stables

The promise to the duke of Ursen 

1986/1987                                                                            2015



1986/1987                                                                            2015



The deal

1986                                                                                   2015



An impression of the stables 2015



           At the porch of the stables looking to the castle where the main field, where the shooting competition took place            The lady of the castle



Tell's family

The common thread is running through

 Tell hears in the first 7 episodes what happened to his town, but he doesn't know what happenend to Matthew. "It goes well with your son." Tell asks what happened to him after the apple incident. "The son of the Prince felt sorry for Matthew and took him with him to the Citadel. Are you on revenge?" Tell: "I want my family back."


     Tell: "There will be prices tomorrow. May I participate on your team?" Duke of Ursen: "I know how good you are in archery. There is nothing I'd like better. Gessler's hawks have been winning for three years. But why do you want to expose yourself?" Tell: "I need the money. I will go to Aargau." Duke: "I understand, But Tell, I do not want you to fight your disagreement with him here. A man has the right to live on peace on his own land, what happened to you is a terrible unjustice. That would be lawlessness and this brings chaos and destruction, I know how great your quarrel with Gessler is.... I want your word that here you will not persuit." Tell: "You have my word."

The Match

1987                                                                                2015


  1987 The castle is on the right of this picture                                                              2015                                    


The gueststar is Honor Blackman.

The duke of Ursen is very proud en very convinced to win this year. The winner gets a lot of money. With the money the duchess of Ursen wants to open a hospital and Tell needs it for his journey to eventually get his son out of the citadel in Aargau.


Gessler is determined to win with his champion, but the duke of Ursen has a very strong opponent as well....


Gessler: "That man is an incredible shooter where did Ursen find him?"


    The test

Gessler knows only one man who shoots this way...


During the break

Gessler asks the juggler to put one of the oranges on top of his head and ask him to look at the champion and say: "Father". After that Tell suddenly is gone and Gessler knows enough. Tell realizes Gessler sees the champion archer through. Tell: "He knows it's me." Now they both know for sure Tell can't join them without trouble. The Bet becomes too risky..

Later in the stables Tell and his friend are discussing which step they take...they invent a trick that doesn't harm the landlord of Ursen and to fool Gessler.


Below: The 'invisible' shot. The shot comes from a distance. Gessler is impressed by the new archer, he wants to find out who he is. If its Tell he wants to arrest him, but he is not authorized to get Tell on this land, but he doesn't care...and goes his own way.



Gessler wants to arrest the remarkable shooter. Tell is not in this place but shot from Gessler's tent. The duke, who is getting very nervous by now, has not seen the change and is flabbergasted.


The revenge

When he goes back to the tent, an unpleasant surprise awaits him.......

Tell enters with only an arrow but finally takes Gessler's huge knife.


Gessler gets the shock of his life. Tell is furious because Gessler has torn his family apart.

Because out of respect and his promise to the duke, he only wounds Gessler and leaves. 



Blade and Roland

Location: They are in this episode as well, but there are no shots of them in the castle. I think this were shots of later episodes made in Entremont.

(This is episode 9 The Bet, but in episodes 11,12,13 they are shooting (with Blade and Roland) in Desert of Entremont).

In the meantime Blade and Roland heading to Ursen to get their army complete for their fight against the emperor. To get more men at his side he (mis)uses Tells name. A few episodes later he is in big trouble. Some of his men go their own way with all the associated problems......



The men of Roland and Blade do return in episode 11 and 12. (in Desert of Entremont)


The teams

                The Hawks                                                     The Nightingale women                            The Owls (Tell and his friend are in)     



The ancient point count system.



extra photos

from the front


The small museum                                                                                                        




In one of the seperated towers




This is where the 'archery match' took place






The forest behind the castle where Gessler leaves for a speedy riding match. The duchess told us the forest of the castle is split in two parts by a new road. It's not only the half but in fact half a circle. It's a pity the road needed to go through this bautiful place.


Close up of the castle and it's beautiful gardens! The vague road you see above the castle is the sand road Gessler took