Episode 53 Trailbreak


Domaine des Boissets, cliffs


1988   This episode is made in the fields around Ferme des Boissets and an unknown waterfall Lozere.   2015   The view from the plateau. You can almost see St. Enimie around the corner. 


Fauna and flora: The flora Causse Sauveterre Les Gorges slopes and forests are suitable for large wildlife (mouflons, deer, wild boars), terraces and walls are the benchmarks of snakes and lizards.

It is not uncommon to see the vultures along the cliffs of the Gorges. The flora on the Raspes Gorges or on the dry grass of the Causses is abundant in the spring (Orchys, carlines).


             Scene: Start of the episode: A man asks for help. 1988                        2017  On the photo you see the right cliff in the back.                        You can recognize the mountains in the middle photo.                


1988 Tell is robbed                                                          The ridge of Ferme des Boissets                                                                2018                     


Scene: Tell Tries to continue his journey looking for answers, but something dear is missing.... Location: Boissets ridge.


Above around the summer and below in Spring (around Ferme des Boissets)

To Compare

    On the same spot a short shot of the Headhunters 69                          And The Mission, episode 54                          


         The Black Knight are on Tell's tracks. Location: The rocks behind Ferme des Boissets.                         It's the right ridge of the hills, because of the trees you don't see the rock structure. 2018


Now Gessler is after Tell.


Location switch! The scene above is switches from ferme des Boissets to the big stone fields north of Mende.


The hunt on Tell was at 3 rock locations:

1. Field around Ferme des Boissets

2. Fields and Rocks above mende (also known as the field of the gate of the wasteland)

3. Shelter Rock (Tell hides inside the rock formation.) Also above Mende.


From a field with small rocks (Boissets) to the huge rocks above Mende (stone chaos Lozere)

These huge stone formations are fairly close to each other in a circle of a few km


The fields of rock 2

This is also the field where the gate of the Wasteland can be found.


See rock 1 in the back (of episode The Touch)

This soldier is walking in the field of rock 2, also the place with the gate of the wasteland) Rock one (Touch) in the back.                   


We finally found this rock formations near truc Fortunio. There are a lot more out there!  See the transmission mast far behind Gessler.                 


Rock 6 'Massive block.'

Scene: Gessler is close now


Middle: Same stones, different angle.


Here you can see the rock from the other side, unrecognizable.


Rock 6 is very large.

Your view and the shape of the rocks are depending on where you stand. Sometimes it seems low and sometimes high and because the size of this rock is so large there

are many forms of stones around it. You better walk around it. If you're on a low point you can't even see the larger stones. So look at different levels. The back of these rocks

is very rough. A gap of more than 2 meters and many dead trees.Difficult to pass, danger of snakes because of the dead wood. Beautiful unspoilt nature. You can see many

traces of animals (footprints) on the naturally formed paths. This one is on the nortwest of the chaos and looks a bit like E.T.

Northwestern part of rock 6 with the gap. A rough area.





Shelter Rock

Rock 4! I call it 'the Shelter rock.' Tell finds shelter in here.

The East side

 The time of day is not the same, but it is recognizable, see below.



                                                            The rocks Tell hides in the middle                                                               2019




West side of this rock

Below: the open space in the middle of these rocks. Other lightfall another part of the day. It can be seen in one shot with the mountains in the back,

if you look thoroughly you can see it's silhouette of the mountains. When we made the picture it was early and hazy. And besides the trees have grown!

1988                                                                                                          2019                                                                                                        2019




The complete rock below. Unrecognizable from the other side. These rocks are like magic. And some of them are extremely tall.

                                                                                      Scene: They are approaching.                                 The soldier who finds Tell.                            In front of the entrance.                   


The entrance of rock 4, The Shelter rock

1988                                                                                        Inside the rockformation                                                                                  2019                  


1988                                                                                                           2019


  1988                                                                                        2019 (morning light)


Inside Shelter rock, almost a sealed place


1988 zoomed                                                                                                           2019           


                                    2019                                                                                                     2019                                                                                                  1988 Low camerashot      


Who knows how old these rocks are? Are they as old as hunebeds? At least they look more natural and beautiful! They are special because they are

in the open fields and huge! Like they've traveled on ice, a long time ago or the rocks around disappeared by erosion and only the harder stones stayed.

                                   1988                                                                                                     2019


To give you an impression how tall these rocks are, see me beside the rocks. I stand in the opening of the rocks.


The centre of Shelter Rock

The cameraman took a low angle shot from behind a rock (tall left rock) he held the camera a bit up, so the place seemed hermetically sealed off.

                                                                    1988                                                                Look this place is actually a bit open.          The cameraman, filmed closely against the left rock, so the place looks closed.       


             2019 The place Tell hides, seen from above.                               Cows now keep this nature area open.                                    1988 The almost treeless background in the eithies.               


The north side of shelter rock

And unrecognizable...from this side you don't see the huge stones.


This is really the same rock as above


On the top of  shelter rock

a tree grows on it


                                           Seen from the top of this rock                                                          This is te place Tell jumped over these boulders. Over the entrance gap.


The south and east side

It seems very low.



I came out of the forest and walked straight to this huge boulder. Quite impressive.



The field around this rock 'Shelter rock'

This plateau is nowadays pretty wooded. Not all stones are visible anymore.



1988                                                                                                                                                2019                                                


The ridge and field of Domaine des Boissets

Located: The field and ridge are south of Ferme des Boissets. This rock must be fake or otherwise it is taken away. It's no longer there. I never paid attention to it, but when I looked back my photos I didn't see it.

Only small stones. Perhaps they wanna make a transition to the rocky stonefields more north. The rock could be a polyester one. Like they made in the shadow, when Horst moved a rock with a simple stick...

that can not be solid boulder. Maybe here they did the same. Scene: Tell goes back and found Otto tied up. The man seems to be sorry and Tell gives him another chance.


See the middle photo. The distance between Boissets (photo in the middle) and the huge stones is at least 20 miles.


The waterfalls in episode 53 Trailbreak

Untraceable so far. It must be in Lozere.

I first thought it was the 'runes' near Mont lozere, but I was wrong. I don't recognize this falls, perhaps it's part of a river weir.


Scene: Gessler discovers the amulet, but he is not the only one....


Morgan Shepard appeared twice in these series. First in episode 4 as 'Parker, (The Scavengers) and now he is back in episode 53 'Trailbreak as 'Otto,' a wandering thief, who steals Tell's amulet.'

Tell is tricked twice, but now Tell seems prepared.