The Mission

Episode 54 (S3 EP 6) is shot in Ferme des Boissets (Causse de Sauveterre) and 'stone chaos' near Margaride / Truc Fortunio.

The wagon with slaves entering Boissets


To Compare

             Episode The Mission 54 The mountains in the back are recognizable and the trees in a lines. Episode 'Trailbreak 53' at the same spot.   Below: a short shot of the Headhunters 69        



See the field of Ferme des Boissets, it's quite populair in season 3 ;)


'Behind the scenes' photo. 'The public bath.' (copyright).                                                 1987                                                                         1987 behind the scenes, same spot.              




                        Below the same place in Insurrection                                   To compare                      2017 The roof changed                                                               



Location: in front of Ferme des Boissets

Edwin Apps came back in season three (he also appeared in episode The Pit 29 and The Rock 30).

Edwin Apps was in episodes The Pit 29, The Rock 30 (as landlord who a huge amount of the gold from Bolgar and his sons) and 'The Mission 54' - Apps does not appear with such neatly coiffed hair in Crossbow.

Instead he has a long scragly white beard and an eye patch in his role as the slave auctioneer in the wasteland. He has the entertaining pleasure of auctioning off Gessler. Edwin Apps is nowadays a good painter!

He still looks the same as in Crossbow. More about him on the gueststar site - He has an exposition in London at the moment! - 2019. The last year I spoke shortly to him via email. Unfortunately he died april 2021.


The gueststar and stuntman Mr. L'Abbaye we know him from episode 7 Santuary, one of Dante's men. He returned in the Mission.                                                       


                  Location: Ferme des Boissets.      This watermill is in episode The windwagon as well. Location: probably Jasse.      This room is also Gessler's prison, in the end of season. 3                             

2021 We think we found Gessler's prison and the room you see in The mission (right above). This soon at Boissets has changed enormously. There is put a highly raised floor, so it looks like the windows are lower.

There is put a new window in it and brand new pillars. We know Crossbow used to film with wide angles, so rooms could look wider. They never filmed the ceiling. Thanks to C. Petit who talked to the owner.


Meeting the prince of the Wasteland

Scene: They meet 'The Prince of the Wasteland' and are shocked, when he reveals himself. This pursuit scene, through the forest, look like the scene in episode 13, Misallience.


The mill is probably at Jasse de Sauveterre. This mill was also in episode 'The Wind Wagon' and that's recorded at Jasse. The environment can best

described as no forest, pretty flat, low hills filled with small stones and many stone walls. During spring you can see many rare flowers like orchids.

Location of the forest: This forest can be everywhere around. there are many of them around the fields.

Horst: "I've changed. I've sufferend and now it's time for you to suffer."Tell is forced to answers about 'the secret' Horst wants to pilfer.

And again Tell and Gessler are attached to each other. They are being chased by the prince of the wasteland. And Gessler tries to influence him, like he tried with Gaston in the Misalliance.


Tell's new crossbow

He enjoys the new Crossbow, he found near the gate of the Wasteland. Despite the warnings not to go further, Tell enters the porch. This new bow he kept almost whole season 3.


The gate of the wasteland.

A beautiful (fake) porch to the wasteland


The rock of Horst, in front of the gate (field 2)

2019                                                                                                   1988                                                                                                           2019


I specifically searched for this rock and came very close, but the rock was partially in the trees. I could not get the same position on the photo.

C. Petit shows how the rock stands.                                                                                                      Part of the field in opposite.                                                                                                



The tilted boulder with a piece off it

 2019 this huge stone is present at shots in front of the gate of Wasteland.  

Below: Zoomed   Tell walks towards the gate. But the stones around the gate are grown with trees, it changed and I didn't get the right photo angle.


1988                                                                                                                                              The same place in 2019        




                                 2020                                        At the foot of the gate of the Wasteland                                   1988          


                  1988                                                                                                                       2021 made by Christophe


The field of the gate

On the right the position of the gate to the Wasteland



A panorama to the gate

Panorama field. Tell is comes from the north side of this field. Gessler from the east.





Gessler came from the east side of this field. Both walking through the gate of the Wasteland.



What would happen if you pass the gate?



The gate anno 2021, This photo and gate beautifully made by C. Petit.