Headhunters 69, Chateau la Caze

Episode: About a cult which believes that when you kill a man you gain his strength.

Different locations like outdoor shot near the river (and we think fields near the bridge of Quezac and a part shot behind Chateau la Caza)

Horse and wagon scene: Plateau Ferme des Boissets (you don't see the farmhouses, only the fields).

Interior Chateau la Caze: balcony, the stairs and the basement room (fireplace room) and tunnel to it there is a little doubt..It also looks like Gessler's prison. We haven't found yet.

This part could be filmed elsewhere, in Chateau La Caze, Ferme des Boissets or Palhers.

A beautiful river, with very clear water.

Nice film for an impression.


Set in a 15th-century building, Château De La Caze is located next to the Tarn river, in the middle of the Gorges du Tarn.



The front of chateau la Caze

A stormy autumn evening with cosy lights of the beautiful chateau!

                                         1988 autumn evening                                                                   2015 and a cozy spring evening ;)                                            


Tell arrives at the castle, he is looking for shelter. Inside he met one of the four headhunters (Dominique Hulin) and became friends with Morris. They both get chased by the Headhunters.

                                         1988                                                                                 2015


Very nicely renovated and also beautifully lit. This monumental castle has really been valued in its value and yet as new. The atmosphere inside is also really perfect in style!

1988, look at the small cross left of the doorporch.                                                                 2015                        


                        1988                                                                                       2015                                                          2015


The castle nicely illuminated and the water is lighted with spots and that gives a kind of fairytale appearance.


A night in this chic castle has a also a nice price tag but it is advisable.

The stained glass seen from the inside


The first inside scene of Headhunters

Tell tries to keep the giant headhunter of a distance with fire. Location fireplace: I don't believe I have recognized this fireplace in La Caze or from photos. This basement is also Gessler's prison (in episode Moment of Truth). Could be shot elsewhere...


Those two are the fireplaces I could find



The corridor

To compare



Moment of Truth one, 71 and two 72                                                        In opposite Headhunters, 69              



To Compare

    A door to the corridor, a mix of new and old stone. Ep. 70/71 Above and below the same corridor? (Below a scene of Moment of truth, the two last episodes)


Moment of Truth 1 and 2, Ep. 70/71                                                       Episode 69 The Headhunters        


The right picture above: After those two candles you can recognize the vertical stone block and the stones around it and the window right of Gessler is the same too. I'm now sure this is the same room. Probably down in la Caze. The room of Headhunter 69 and the prison cell in 71 and 72 with the corridor, but where is the location?  Unfortunately I have no photos of it nowadays, This room was closed and private. On the website are no photos of it.

The windows below are looking identical

                                    Headhunters 69                                                                 Moment of Truth 70 / 71                                    


    Headhunters 69                                                               Moment of Truth 71 / 72


To compare

Headhunters 69 and right: Moment of truth 71 and 72 Gessler's prison could has been filmed from the fireplace




Info on the site of La Caze: 'Visit and discover our cellar during a tasting and an initiation organized by our Sommelier accompanied by dishes prepared by our Chef. Browse France Travel to the four corners of France through our best selection of wines: Languedoc, Rhône, Burgundy, Bordeaux These theme tastings are organized on request for up to 15 people.'

source: La caze website plus both wine photos


Note: The big rooms above, not clear if this is on the vinyard or in La caze.


The attack

In the staircase and 'basement'

This chateau has many medieval elements and nice old staircases.


The staircase chateau la Caze

                                   1988                                                                    2015 Same door probably in opposite (other color)


No bright photos, but it shows the stairs and doors well enough. 1988


The staircase is almost the same. Nowadays it has a red carpet on it in the middle of the stairs.


1988                                                                                         2015



The rooms and levels

All rooms have a name

This can be the same doors. Each chamber has it's own nameplate. On the right photo it's a next to the doorpost instead of above. We had a nameplate of Aldebert.

The chateau has 6 large rooms named: Jacquette, Guillaume, Gabrielle, Bertrand, Anne and Aldebert. Next to the chateau is maison de Martine. Maison de Martine has also six rooms: Ste. Enimie, Les Hourtous, les Detroits,  Les Baumes, Castellos and Castlebouc.


The floors have been beautifully restored and plastered in some places. Each room has it's name plate and each floor is approximately the same as this one below.

Original stones with the red parket in the middle.




Above you can see the second floor and below first floor.


Ground level


The castlefloor

1988                                     The original floor, taken with blitz 2015                                            1988



Basement and corridor

This is in the basement and a bathroom nowadays. There is a huge room next to the bathroom. I believe partly a vine cellar.



Studio or cellar?

In the middle the corridor. (Can be the corridor to Gessler's prison too, ep 71+72).

It leads to the (downstairs cellar) room where Tell meets Morris and the first headhunter. 2 rows down you can see this room.


Perhaps the vinecellar....Some places were closed to the public. The door was closed but the window wasn't. I'm almost sure this room can be here. In the basement (with only high window to just catch the daylight).

Below Morris is attacked by one of the Horse men.



1988                          I believe this is in opposite                                     2015


The stairs is kept in a good shape. Nicely restored without losing the ancient elements. You feel it's authenticity all around you.

As far as I could discover there are about four levels including the basement. The stairs to each level, are almost the same.



The tower of la chateau Caze

1988                                                                                                               2015


The hall to the tower                                                                                            



This is the tower terras, but there is also a terras

1988                Where can you go on this tower-balcony when a giant attacts you?                     2015


1988 The giant falls off the tower



1988                              In front of the Chateau la Caze. Riders coming from the parking place.                 2015


Outside the chateau, Morris suddenly disappears and after the whole group of headhunters hunting down Tell, he is captured and brought to their village. Morris tries to free Tell. But Morris has bad luck with horses and gets in trouble.

       1988                                                                                                       2015



          1988                                                                                 2015


From here the riders came and go to.



                                                                                   1988 They are riding to this tower 2015                           Two scenes merge..you just see the low part of the tower and the door..                                  



 Above the change of location. From the path of la Caze to the fields of Boissets.


It's this ridge (right picture)                                                                                 The left side of the photo



To compare this location with other episodes:   

This left pictures are almost the same but the mountains in the back are recognizable.

                    The mission 54                                                                 Doppelganger 52                                                 Trailbreak 53 at this same point              



Touch 49                                                         Spirit of rebellion 50 (Not this photo)                                        and Trailbreak 53



                  Trailbreak  53                                                        Headhunters 69 escape                                              Headhunters 69, at Morris grave



To compare 

Then 'a few' film seconds later:

In the field behind Boissets

1988                                                                                                           2018                   



1988                                                                                                                     2018            



The camp of the headhunters

In the camp it is rough. There is fighting at the slightest.



At the riverside,


I believe It's filmed from the garden...probably before the garden was laid out like this (Lower angle shot).





Morris tries to enter the camp incognito


Fields probably next to Pont du Bruzac (the place next to the Bridge 62) and Chateau Caza



The path behind chateau la Caza

Not the same spot. The road behind La Caze is nearby and it has the same kind of wall, this scene could be shot here, behind the castle. Not not sure at all. The rivershots (where Morris and Tell fighting against the Headhunters at the riverside) are probably around the bridge of Quezac...there is much more space around.


Is this another part of the building behind chateau la Caze?



At the riverside




It could be the forest in Balsièges near Palhers. That's full of lichens likes this and they've already filmed there for other episodes.


Tell and Morris, the hunted. They are tied up and had to run for their lives.



Lichens / Mosses in the forest

Look at the branches behind Tell and Morris. Lichens everywhere. Llichens only want to grow when the air is clean. It is an indication that you live in a non-polluted zone when you find it in your garden or see it in the forest. Lichens grow in places that are strongly shaded and damp also because of fungus, but It needs light. Lichens are cohabitation forms of algae or cyanobacteria (blue algae) with a fungus. Such a form of society is called a symbiosis. The algae that occur in lichens can also live freely. However, the fungus is almost never found without the alga. 

In lichens the fungi of algae-made nutrients live: sugars that they make from CO2 and water under the effect of light. Proteins for proteins and fats - nitrogen and phosphorus - are derived from the substrate (bark, stone), from suspended matter from the air that adheres to the lichen or from substances dissolved in rainwater, depending on the type of growth. Some species contain cyanobacteria that can bind nitrogen gas. Lichens are therefore dependent on light and water. For example, lichens on trees grow mainly in Europe on the south-west, because there is the greatest availability of light and water. Involving food from living algae is therefore a certain way of life of the fungus. Most fungi are saprotrophic; they digest dead material.  It stroke me how overgrowns this trees are in Lozere.



Left: camp of the Headhunters at the riverside of the Tarn.


A cult which believes that when you kill a man you gain his strength. Tell has to fight. See the (studio?) arcades above the Headhunter's head (same as in zombies etc).



Boissets fields

-The place Tell stands up and walks into the fields (Touch)

-The place Tell is on the run from chateau la Caze continues in this fields with the horsecar (Headhunters)

-The place Tell burried his friend Morris (Headhunters)

-The farm intro and the trip on the road (Doppelgangers)

-The place Tell got robbed (Trailbreak)

-field in front of the farm (The Mission)

-Resurrection (Gessler's girl visits Tell and Gerhard)

-Rebellion (the grainburnings and the first village Gessler attacked when the uprising began)


          The end of the Headhunters                                         Trailbreak, Tell is getting chased by Gessler and his man


                  Trailbreak  53                                                 Headhunters 69 escape                                          Headhunters 69, at Morris grave



Just touched by the last rays of the sun on a spring evening 2018


May 2018    In the middle the mountains Gessler started to follow Tell in episode Trailbreak             1988           


The hotel has four stars. Below you can read what the hotel has to offer.

'The hotel is a fairy-tale castle and is surrounded by golden cliffs and a forest. The Château offers a spa, a fitness center, a private beach and a heliport. Also discover the medieval city, 500 meters away.

 Château De La Caze brings you back in time with historic interiors and furniture. You can enjoy refined cuisine in the beautiful dining room with a large Gothic fireplace, or on the large terrace surrounded by boxwood hedges and the moat. Hotel Château de la Caze offers beautiful rooms and an unforgettable view of the surroundings.

 You can eat the continental breakfast comfortably in your own room or in the restaurant, which overlooks the park and the swimming pool. After breakfast you can enjoy a massage.

With a park, garden and heated swimming pool, Château De La Caze is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday. The area offers many opportunities for hiking and canoeing. The property also offers free private parking. 

This property also has one of the top rated locations in Sainte-Énimie! Guests give it a higher score than other accommodations in the area.'