Chateau de Bourdeilles and de La Marthonie

There are two parts to the Château de Bourdeilles; the older part which was a defensive fortress and the newer part built as a luxury residence not a defensive castle Fortress. A sturdy fortress dating back to the 13th century, constructed on a rocky spur and dominated by an octagonal keep. The octagonal keep is 35 meters high and has walls 2.4 meters thick and it dominates views of the village.

Episode 25 The Nightmare, de Bourdeilles, Jean de Cole, Dordogne

Bardolph is another victim of the course of the empire, he missed the apple and hit his son and became very frustrated. He became a bitter man and is against the empire. He is also against W. Tell. Every time his name is mentioned he is confronted with his own failure. He tries to influence Matthew in his secret cellar, like he does with other young men. Make him believe Tell risked Matthew's life and wanted to be the hero. Tell meets a stranger, that doesn't seemed that reliable. Then they seem to need each other and a special bond arises. They go to look for Bardolphe. Bardolph goes too far and finally works together with the Black Knight to get Tell arrested. Then a 'nightmare' happened. Bardolph let Matthew shoot at his father.

Episode 'The Nightmare' starts with a shot of Bourdeilles: the 'fortified market'.

1987                                                                                                     2015



In the early days of the château when only the fortress was built it was highly prized for its strategic position and much fought over. It changed from English to French ownership several times over the course of the Hundred Years War. At the end of this period the Château belonged half to the Counts of Perigord and half to the King of France. An arrangement which worked well until the beginning of the 15th century when the counts started robbing and pillaging the surrounding countryside using the castle as their base. The King was forced to intervene and confiscate the castle.


At the end of the 15th century Francois de Bourdeille, a descendent of the original owners of the castle bought it. Later in the 16th century the Renaissance Palace was constructed. One striking feature of this castle is that the project was overseen by a woman, Jacquett de Montbron. In the following years the château changed hands several times and became a silk worm factory and a location for manufacturing and storing Saltpetre. It fell into disrepair until in 1962 the last member of the Bourdeille family (who were once again the owners of the castle) gave it to the Dordogne department and two benefactors, Mr Santiard and Mrs Bulteau restored the castle and installed their collection of antique furniture. Upon their deaths the Chateau de Bourdeilles was returned to the Department and is now open for visits.

In autumn colors


1987                                                         Around 2015





A sudden switch from Bourdeilles to Chateau de La Marthonie St. Jean du Cole.

They shot on the square between castle and church. They built up a little medieval market and they also did in Chateau de Bourdeilles. They merged these two markets scenes together. Without making stills and knowing the castles I would not have noticed, well done.

Above in St. Jean du Cole, the Chateau de La Marthonie and below Chateau de Bourdeilles

The constant switch

They are entering the gate of Chateau de Bourdeilles (at number 2, this is a small square, you can see below). The place Tell saves the monks and the place he met his spelled son.


The 'Alms for the poor' spot, at the entrance of the chateau     

William puts himself unwittingly in the spotlight when he tries to help the man he met before. Then one of the Black Knight thinks he recognizes Tell.



The Nightmare 25 Bourdeilles St. Jean du Cole  1987                                                2015 opposite                    



In between the two gate, 2015

Tell who just spotted his son at the market: "It´s not safe here, let´s get out of here."  "Don't touch me! Bardolph is right. You failed me and you failed the people. Just leave me alone!


Scene: Here Tell rescues the monk, who was begging illegally (from the black knights). Then one of the black knights think he recognizes Tell. Tell has to flew and on his haste he runs into Matthew. Glad to see him he asked him to come along with him. But Matthew has no intention of doing that. He is not the one he was before. Tell is flabbergasted. He is determined to find out what happened. Tell wants the monk to do something in return for him. But the 'monk' quickly changed job again this time; peddling with old Greek vases. Tell takes him for a get-together. Tell: ´you can help me now!´


Below: The scene with the cross on the right

Photos 2015 in St. Jean du Cole in front of Chateau de la Marthonie, Dordogne    




After the resque the monk takes Tell to a safe place. Dialogue: "Tell: "Do you live in a stable?" "I don´t wanna know who you are... but you are safe enough here." "I have to stay away from the street for a while, not very long."

"I used to be a strolling player. I kept the costumes. They sometimes come in handy. Unfortunately I´m slightly behind with the rent' and he holds up his hand .. Tell: "How much do you need? "A couple of marcs or so... "Is there somebody in this town called Bardolph?" The monks face changed immediately "If you are a follower of him you leave now!"  "I´m not. What can you tell me about him?" "He gives young people poisonous wine and let them scream nonsense about revolution. He is a bitter and twisted man! You buy lots of friends with money." 

Then the scene switches from the market Chateau Bourdeilles! (here are the ancient street, ´other´ market, the cellar, the inn and the horse races through the streets).


The search for Bardophe

The place: the secret cellar we haven't discovered yet, more  about this down this site




There are indication his son is in real danger. While Tell tries to find a trace in the inn. Nobody dares to speak.

 Trouble arises when the Black Knight meets him again. ´Helping that monk, Tell, is a big mistake!´ Tell sows for a little while confusion "You mean that monk was William Tell?" So the guards are distracted and look at each other. Then defenses himself with turning the tables, defending himself with all kind of furniture and goes.


 This picture below comes from the internet, It could be possible It´s another building of Bourdeilles, de stone structure made it look like It was shot before Crossbow. But It´s certain both Bourdeilles.




Perhaps the rooms is plastered nowadays. I hope they also kept an old part. I cant ensure if this is the same Salle of Bourdeilles. I´ve been in building 8 on the map, the square building and that has also such halls. If It is the same hall I´m sad they didn´t keep ancient elements of the wall.

Scene: Tell forces and answer but the man won´t talk much. He only speaks about a cellar people go to, later at night. He can´t say where. "Bardolph makes them drink poisoned wine, spelled them and let them shout out the revolution."

The monk found out who he is and tries to help Tell in his search. They both get dressed like monks, visit the inn and wait.

Inside the inn Silas talks against the ward; "the church is most concerned about the the degeneration of the young people. Would you tell me the truth about Bardolph?' Ward: 'I never have heard of Bardolph or his secret meetings!' Tell at Silas: 'I think you can even hypnotize a snake, Silas. Where are we going next?' Silas: "First a beer. I´m fed up." :)


The inn Bourdeille  (on the map above It´s number 6 next to the stairs)

Tell where does Bardolphe meet? "Alright, he pays me well to use the cellar from me. What he is doing there is his business, I don´t ask questions." Tell: "Show me the way."


Tell and Silas walking out the huge door on the square (the inn).      After a tip they witness Bardophe followers leaving the secret place late in the evening.



The secret place

Below the entrance of this salle (9) at number 6. The entrance to the basement is inhere of in front of it at nr. 6 We are not sure yet, but C. Petit thinks it's at 6. See below.

                      Probably the inn is a level below this Salle.                               See the shape of the door, it the same kind of shape to the cellar.






A special stairs with a special shape. Nice shots. This stairs to the cave is beautiful.

Then entering a room that is decorated like a cave or is originally partly rocky.


Tell enters alone



Bardolph's cellar is unknown to us

We marked some details that stroke us...does anybody recognize them? A cellar in Bourdeille?    But the mark on the right photo could be a circle on a carpet too. 


Scene: 'That's him, That's William Tell!' Matthew pointed Tell and handed tell over to the Black Knight.


Next morning Tell is tight to a pole on the village aquare 


Chateau Marthonie St. Jean du Cole, The Nightmare, episode 25

The tables are turned

1987                                                                                             2015


The castle has a 15th century part made up of towers and a donjon and is quite austere and added to this is a 17th century wing in a much softer style, built over a series of arches.


                            1987                                                                                2015  photos above are also made in 2015      




Below: The Romanesque Byzantine church of St Jean Baptist built in the 11th century and with a quite unusual rounded shape. Combined the two buildings and the cottage-style houses on the other edge make the square very attractive.


     1987                                                                             2015



The savior in need




From Chateau Marthonie right into the 'market' in Chateau Bourdeille

1987                                                                                          2015  


    1986                                                                                                                       2015


Photos of the square


                                                                               Market change                                                                            

The sudden change from the square of Chateau de La Marthonie between the walls of Chateau de Bourdeille

                                                                                                                                                                 Market at Chateau de Bourdeilles



The chase on the escaped


The chase started from the square de la Marthonie in this corner of the grass field with the yellow circle on the well (you can see the large well behind them). They galloping aside of the wall to the gate (in the middle of the photo).


The escape route

Number 7: They came from that field in Bourdeilles, then going through the gate at number 6, then riding over the small courtyard to number 5.


The gate to the courtyard of Bourdeille


There used to be a stairs in front of this huge gate. It disappeared and the ground is leveled. You can see the new cobble stone path (brighter, like new) in front of the gate. At the left photos they galloping up the stairs. They made this place more wheelchair friendly.


Looking through the gate from 5 to 7, seeing a ridge of building 8 in the back



The courtyard of Bourdeille

Chase on the market in episode 'Nightmare'

(The peaceful marketscene is recorded on the square of La Marthonie)

        2015                                                                                                                                        1987



                                     Below: the gate (seen from the courtyard).            


Then they go back through the porch to the little courtyard. Three photos of the courtyard

The close up of the the ridge (on the wall next to the gate, see left below) is the lowest of the two ridges (of photo right above). 

They have hidden the well, perhaps to make it look like a narrow medieval street with lots of market stalls.

In this scene the right next to the left wall (middle photo above!) Between the gate and the well.                                                                                       


They were galloping along the left wall


The second stairs at Bourdeille



Unbelievable those powerful horses took this kind of stairs. And didn't they damages those old stone steps? I think they are, but hopefully not too much. But the scenes are amazing!

This stairs is leading to a small tunnel turning left and ended in a room and turned dead. So the horses must have been taken down with hardly space to turn around and then galloping up. They had to wait in a row in the tunnel. Amazing shot. But for the monument I hope they were able to record the shot in one time ;)


                          Below: You can see the stairs right of number 7                                                               Below: in the left you can see the staircase go down




Scene: They shook them off for a little while! They go back to the stable to find shelter.

Location: probably the farm of ep. Emperor and the 'Lost Cruisader' nearby Bourdeilles. More about this farm in 'The Emperor' episode.


 Below: Episode 25 Nightmare, the stable, almost sure. Here one fourth of the door is open, like the photo on the right (above).


Dialogue in the farm.

This dialoque of the effect of the Tell's story on someone else. How it can turn out differently.

Story scene

Tell and Silas are talking past each other. In some way it's funny, because they both have other interests and think differently. Silas (the monk): 'That is the first and the last time I do something brave. I must be mad!' William: 'I´m very grateful!' Silas: 'I don´t do this for anybody but now I know who you are.." William: 'He seemed like a kind of trance.'  Silas: 'How I rescued William Tell that does yield a couple of beers so here and there." I´m going to the next town...with your skill of the crossbow we can start a nice attraction together.' Tell politely saves it: 'No thanks I have to find my son...Silas is flabbercasted: 'He almost tries to kill you..!" "Yes, but he still is my son."


   Then suddenly Matthew calls for his father but his voice is in a cool tone.

Bardolphe stands behind him and shouted at Matthew he has to finish his father. He keeps on shouting aggressively. Tell tries to influence his son to break the trance...

Then they fight....when Matthew is hit hard and tries to stand up, he seems to be more reasonable than before, but still very confused.



Extra photos St. Jean de Cole

In this town stand the castle of La Marthonie. Below one of the oldest houses in town.


Extra foto's Bourdeille

                                                                                                                                        The shop




The view from the highest tower


Below the photos of the entrance too the highest tower of chateau Bourdeilles

In the back the Salle Medievalle                                                            



 Bardolph cellar

Here it is in de Grand Medievale Salle, unfortunetly locked. The room above the inn.


This door is probably not the entrance to the Bardolph cellar. It's probably in the courtyard in front of this room.

 My friend C. Petit, who helped me very well with finding all those places, he thinks It's the small door (on the right) to the cellar and the huge door is to the inn.

The stairs you see, to a level higher up, is the Grand Medievale Salle. there is also the entrance to the highest tower of Bourdeilles.



The gardens

Bourdeilles is surrounded by sturdy fortified walls.  Inside the walls next to the Renaissance Palace is a beautiful courtyard garden, lined by trees and with borders full of flowers in shades of blue and yellow.




In here furniture! And a hidden history



The furniture collection

  Renaissance furniture and decorated rooms.


Renaissance Palace

The 16th century renaissance castle has richly furnished rooms such as the sumptuous 'Salon Doré or 'golden room' with a beautiful painted ceiling. There is a prestigious collection of furniture from the 15-19th centuries, including the gilt Spanish bed of Charles V known as the 'Paradise Bed'. (right below)


The rooms to visit include the armory, a dining room and two bedrooms.


The site of Bourdeilles was opened to the visit in 1967 after the installation in the Renaissance castle of the furniture of the Santiard-Bulteau collection, bequeathed to the General Council. Composed of objects ranging from late Gothic to the nineteenth century, it previously furnished the castle of Treyne, in the Lot. 


Medieval shootings for movies

Parts of Cartouche partly shot in Chateau de Bourdeilles


Below: Figurants is beautiful costumes waiting in the Salle de Medievale Chateau Bourdeilles.


Mario Luraschi still working, this time again in Bouirdeille


 The distribution of the castle's spaces originally corresponded to domestic and social functions: apartments in the south, reception rooms in the north. Nothing is known about the furniture that occupied them until the 18th century. The residence of Jacquette de Montbron received interior fittings from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, corresponding to changes in lifestyle. On the ground floor the large reception room was divided into dining room and bedroom in the seventeenth century, and an apartment was converted into a kitchen and its annexes in the nineteenth century.     


When the collection arrived in 1967, the rooms of the castle changed their function to comply with the nature of the works they received. On the ground floor the dining room was named "room of arms" to justify the installation of warlike equipment, the kitchen "chapel" after there were deposited religious works. On the 2nd floor was called the reception room "Charles V's room" because of the Spanish-style furniture that took place there.







Chateau La Barthonie inside


Extra information about Bourdeille

One of the four baronies of Périgord (with Beynac, Biron and Mareuil), the castral ensemble of Bourdeilles, on a cliff overlooking the river Dronne, includes the medieval castle and the Baronial Renaissance castle. Classified Historical Monument in 1919 it is given to the department of Dordogne by the heirs of the Marquis de Bourdeille in 1962.  Quarrels within the family Bourdeille from the thirteenth century explain the division of the site. The medieval fortress is built by a close friend of the king of France, Géraud de Maulmont, who takes possession of it in 1283. Important military stake on a strategic zone, it is then occupied by the king Philippe the Bel who equips it with a system defensive, then by the counts of Périgord. After the Hundred Years War the barons take over the head of the castrum and Jacquette de Montbron, widow of André de Bourdeille, seneschal of Périgord, built from 1589 his house next to the Count's castle.

The visit begins with the medieval castle composed of a vast main building and a high tower which dominates the village and the surrounding countryside. An enclosure equipped with archers with recesses and machicolation constitutes the defensive system. The imposing Renaissance castle, which takes advantage of the architectural innovations of the mid-16th century in its plan and decor, was left unfinished at the death of the Baroness de Bourdeille. It rises on three levels visitable, with furnished apartments and reception rooms.


February to March and November to December: 10.00-12.30 and 14.00-17.30 closed Mondays*

April to June and September to October: 10.00-13.00 and 14.00-18.00

July to August: 10.00-19.30