Brey de Vent

Episode Lotus is mainly filmed in Brey de vent and partly in Pérouges.

Episode Lotus - The storyline

Scene: In the previous episode we saw that Matthew was finally reunited with his father. Matthew has a lot of questions for his father. About what happenend to their village and his mum.

From others he heard stories about what happenend after the apple incident and about Tell's role. In the beginning Matthew is so proud of his dad. Later it changes. Matthew doesn't understand

why his dad is not accepting a powerful gift. The power to attack Gessler or the emperor. Tell is having a serious quarrel with his son. Then Lotus tells Matthew that his dad is

perhaps not the warrior she thought he was. Matthew convinces he is and he decides to accept the dangerous gift. After some serious incidents (Matthew stole money and food from a merchant

and took a dangerous weapon from a stranger) Tell teaches his son a lesson about violence, war and (self-)respect.




In episode the Physician, I tell about the medieval village Pérouges. In this episode Pérouges is important too. I will show pictures of this beautiful ancient town.

You can compare the Physician and Lotus.



Lotus in Pérouges

Lotus riding into medieval city Pérouges. But this page will focus mainly on Brey de Vent.


                        1986  Lotus rode into the village                                                  2014                                                  2014                                                      2014                                                       





Around the corner, is the door Lotus  almost took to the inn. The same place Matthew searches for a doctor in the next episode: The Physician 22

You see Lotus and Matthew going to the door but it's not possible to look inside. Knowing Crossbow...that is suspicious. I've seen that many times before.

 So we didn't know where this inn was until August 2021. It's not Perouges, but in chateau. Perouges is only the exterior of the inn.





Building 4

The shot of the building behind Lotus (with the cross is nr. 8) it's attached to the upper gate. The gate you can see in ep. The Plague. It's situated in opposite of the

eglise of Pérouges and this ancient house. Lotus rides below from nr. 2,3 to 4 and then she goes to the gate nr 1. Matthew rides from 8 to 4 In both episodes building

nr. 8 is recognizable. This is the only building you see from the same angle.


                         1987, in front of building 4                                                  Between building 4 and 8              2017 building 4 and 8         2017 The Plague gate in opposite. The soldiers enter here in The Physician                      

Above you see Lotus arrive and heading south (ep.21) and the scene below Matthew, in search of a doctor, going north (ep. 22, The Physician).



They changed the decor a little bit, like putting hay in the window behind Matthew. The building (middle photo) camerashot zoomed the door below in Physician.

To explain more clearly: You can split up the photo in the middle: In Lotus you see the higher windows and in The Physician (with Matthew) left of the windows.


To compare:

                                                1986      Matthew is riding in front of the identic windows.           2014                                                          



                                                    2014 The corner at nr.3                          The corner is covered. Lotus walks the following numbers: 2,3,4,1 in episode 21      Matthew in The Physician  8 to 4                                                           


The inn

Is not in building 4. It's only the exterior. The interior is at Chazey Castle. Matthew arrives at the door with the slanted portal.

                                 Physician episode 22                                               Lotus episode 21 the slanted portal                  2014 Nothing changed at all! It's like walking in a medieval filmset 



To compare the interior:

                                       Physician 22, The inn.                                                    2021 Chazey castle.                              Lotus 21 leaves (the exterior of the) inn.                    



                      Physician 22                                                                               Physician 22 Look at the arches.                                           2021                                      2021 Chazey castle



Matthew can only find a drunk doctor.                                         







Extra photos to compare the route of both episodes

           Lotus came from this street, turned left and entered the door            Matthew came from the right and thid door.   2014                    



The last scene of Ambrose and Weevil

We see these two men several times in season 1. They are always in trouble and pretty clumsy. They're in episode 4 The Little soldier (They try to rob Tell), episode 4 'The Scarvengers'

(Tyroll interrogates while hanging them upside down), episode 6 'Albion' (as barkeepers, one dressed like a woman And Dantes is using one of them as a target to check if the man they

have caught is as good as Tell with a crossbow). They are in Lotus again!


'Where is this traveler from? And what is it Ambrose?' 'Spices?' 'Now you try' Not knowing he is just tasting gunpowder.


They are curious to the rider? Ambrose and Weevil offering protection for money. "A woman alone is dangerous especially when she carries no weapons."

No weapons does not automatically mean no protection. They underestimate her martial arts.

 Lotus: 'I need no protection and I carry no weapon.' Ambrose and Weevil look at each other and smelling the victory: 'that's very dangerous.' They try to rob her.

They had no idea, they were at the wrong address. This is unfortunately the last scene with them. They were not that succesfull this time (not because of eating the black powder ;) Right photo.


Brey de Vent


Great intro! They got followed by a stranger. Music by Stanislaw Syrewicsz. I remember this mysterious scene very well as a kid.

                               This meadow, seems to have remains of arabal farming.                                                                                                                                                                                                 


 I have not seen it near Pérouges, perhaps a flat piece of land around Brey de vent? But Brey de Vent is mountainous. I have no idea.

There they are! Meanwhile in Pérouges.



Switching again to Brey de Vent

Riding over the field to the stable

                 1987 Via this misty meadow to the stable. See the ribbing in the field                               2017                                                                       



The stable in Brey de Vent - Lotus


The stable is still there. The house is in almost the same state (2018) as it was during Crossbow. It has a remarkle roof which gives an amazing view over the mountain meadows!

Here you can see the first wooden floor ....on the other side of the building the first floor became ground floor (the hill is built against the house. You don't see this in a Crossbow shot).


The window is still the same (here in oppossite). Crossbow is filmed inside and this photo is taken from outside. 



Sometimes I choose to place the dialogues because they are of value in the common thread of the Tell story.

After almost 20 episodes, father and son are reunited in freedom. The dialoque between Tell and Matthew; about their reunion, their lost village, the emperor and family.

Matthew: 'just can't believe it'  Tell: 'What?'  Matthew: 'You!'  Tell: Me?  Matthew: 'When I was first in the citadel, I didn't want to live, but then by then I got to hear about you...and what you are doing..."

Tell: what was I doing?'  Matthew: I didn't believe it first but the more I heard....I knew you joined the fight but I never thought you were the leader.. Do you have any idea how proud I was?!' 

Then the convensation quit a while and Tell thinks. Later Matthew comes again with difficult questions.

Matthew: 'Where is mother?' Tell: 'your mother is safe.'  Matthew: 'Safe?? Where is she, is she in Clermont?' Tell: 'No.... but she is safe.' Matthew, a bit more annoyed by getting no clear answer:

'What do you mean?'  Tell (after a sigh..realizing he has to tell his son all about their village) 'Clermont is been destroyed, they burned it down, It doesn't excist anymore. It's gone and destroyed...




Next dialoque scene: at the roof of Brey du Vent stable. Matthew: 'Why did you came?'  Tell: 'I couldn't do anything else.'  Matthew: 'I can't go on like this. All you know is running and hiding and that all you

know how to do! I can't live my life that way! I'm gonna stay/stand and fight!' Tell: 'The only thing you were talking about when we are reunited is: war, killing, revenge..... that have put a mark on you, haven't it?

Have you forgotten where you came from?'  Matthew: 'Ah where I came from?? Well, it doesn't excists anymore, doesn't it?!   I'm going to Kill Gessler!!    Tell: 'what good will that do?' Matthew: 'It doesn't matter.

I'm gonna kill him and then I'm going to fight! And I will find people to fight with me. And together we finish this rotten empire!'



The chateau of Allymes behind the village.


Pictures from the environment of the house.




The front (south side) where Lotus rides away at the end).



                      North side of the house, behind the white buss, Matthew had a fight with his father.   Behind Matthew is where the buss is.



The Southside of the house                                                         1987                                                                     2017                   




The robbery at the park


Matthew steals food and money from rich merchants in need of his struggle against the Emperor. Tell and son having a quarrel about this. Lotus tells Matthew that his dad is perhaps not the

warrior she thought he was. Matthew convinces her and he decides to accept the black powder gift from Lotus. But Tell is catching Matthew and teaches him a lesson about violence, war and respect.





One side of the park is almost as dark as a real forest (right picture). I think it's shot in the gardens of Chateau Chazey. Larches are present in this garden.



In front of the stables

They're sitting on the spot of the tractor. With the camera turned 90 degrees to the left, looking throught the door with the stables behind them.



About the robbery

Tell: 'Why did you do that? Matthew: 'He could afford it" Tell: 'Yes he can and your self-respect?' Matthew: 'I didn't took it for myself but for the fight.'  Tell: 'The fight for freedom and justice?'

Matthew: That's right.' You can't lead men to justice, Matthew...if you don't know what it is.' (This scene has a great wolf call in the back ;) added? Then Tell switches subject and continues:

'Do you know we got followed for two days?'  Matthew: 'Then we ask what they want.' and he pulls his sword and wants to go war. Tell asks him to just slow down.


The appearance of Lotus

When Matthew takes first watch, suddenly a shape of a woman appears...

Story scene: Tell rejected the present and Matthew didn't like it. When Matthew walked away of his father, Lotus appeared suddenly: 'I came in search of a leader.'

Matthew: 'that's William Tell, that's him!' Lotus: 'Perhaps he is not the figther I first thought....'   Matthew: 'I am!' and he accepts the gift.


Scene: Lotus: 'You want power. I can give it to you. The power to free an empire or make it your own.' Matthew: 'What power?' Lotus: 'It's something like no one has ever seen. ...It can be yours.

And sacrifices must be made. Matthew: Sacrifices?' Lotus: 'You shall find out in time...and you must be prepared to pay the price.' Then she suddenly disappears.


Next morning she appears again to Matthew. Matthew: 'Who are you?'  Lotus: 'A traveler like yourself.'  Matthew: 'Where you're from...? Your eyes....  Lotus: 'I came from a country far from here.

I came in search of a man and boy. Where is your father?' Matthew: 'Where for?' Lotus: 'Take me to him.'


Scene: They're drinking Chinese tea at the campfire.

Lotus: 'Since the day I entered this land I have been hearing about a man called William Tell.' I wanted to find him, to give him something that will help him in his struggle. A Gift.

People speak of him as a hero, a great warrior.' Tell: 'A gift? What is it?' Lotus throws a little bit black powder in the fire. There is an explosion and has a huge impact.

Lotus: 'Yes, but it can be deadly too. Imagine: an arrow that can catch through armer like It's paper. Imagine a arrow that can take down a castle wall. That's the gift I bring. You can use it to free your people.

What do you say?'   Tell: 'Do me a favour take that back where it came from and keep it there.' Matthew: What!? Tell: I don't want it. Lotus: I'm offering you the power to change the world.

Tell: change it? Or destroy it? Tell walks away.


A Chinese cup ;)



    Matthew walks away and is up to something.


Scene: Matthew: 'Why not?'  Tell: 'This kind of power is dangerous, Matthew. It's like fire.'  Matthew: 'but what if we can controll it.'  Tell: 'If you can control it, it won't be so powerfull.'   

Matthew: 'she is only trying to help us.' Tell: 'We don't know nothing about her, where she came from...Why shall she try to help us?'  Matthew: 'Because she said.' Tell: 'This power has no value

to an honest man. It's the power only to destroy.' Matthew: 'But what if the Emperor gets it?  Tell: 'The Emperor has enough power already. And what has it done to him?' Matthew: 'If I had

the power there will be no Empire..' Tell: 'What will there be? You? Holding all the world together with the little black powder?' Matthew walks away.


The roof - father and son

The conversation continues between father and son. It's about the robbery, the blackpowder, power and respect.

  In the background the forest and mountains.


Matthew is furious when he hears about what Gessler did to Tell, his village and family. Now he is determined to kill Gessler.



The acceptance of the gift

Under the roof. Against his father's decision, Matthew decided to accept the gift. Tell caught him red handed.

Matthew dropped it. While Tell picked it up he is attacked by his own son. A fight and a lesson follows.



                                                              1986                                                    2017 Note: The shot with Matthew is taken behind the tractor heading up, filming the roof in the back.                                   

What do we see in the photo above?

Locations: The place of the tractor is: The place where Matthew and Tell sat at the campfire and the place Lotus, Matthew and Tell drunk Chinese tea.


Behind the left door: are the stables where they first arrived with the horses and where Matthew and Tell talked. It's a pretty open place.

The environment is a real mountain village with even in may cold and misty days.


Lotus: 'there is non to give' and as sudden she came, she rides away into the misty fields of Brey de Vent.





                                      1987                                                                                         1987                                                                                                2017                              



1987                                                            She leaves as suddenly as she came..                                                        2017


The weather changes quickly in the mountains. Suddenly it seems as foggy as in Crossbow. No mist machine needed ;)


Matthew's lifeline after he meets his father:

What is Matthew going to do? First he stayed with dad and travels with him almost 8 episodes. He is going through all kind of situations. In episode 24 he realizes his mother is killed by

Gessler, he left his depressed father and later does everything in his power to warn him. In episode 25 'Nightmare' he is brainswashed and almost killed his father. In episode 26 'Birthright'

he and dad found an abandoned baby, in his search for milk he is is caught by the owner of the cow and is kidnapped and has to do the householding for three men. In episode 27 'Trolls'

he is caught in a trap and is dangerously wounded. To be continued in 28 'Nemesis' and then he fought against Yanek to protect his father and met the girl Rosa, the girl he liked to marry. Matthew returns in

episode 70 'Forbidden land' but in this last episode the actor David Barry Gray is not the one playing Matthew.


The black powder story continues

In episode 36 Exit the Dragon, Caspari gets a hold of the blackpowder. Instead of the emperor getting it, the governor tries to be ahead of him,

but if that works out well? Things get out of hands. For Gessler it seems quite difficult to handle such powerfull stuff ;) Gessler's castle lost a lot of walls.


Extra photos

The field Tell and Matthew came and Lotus appeared.



The only thing that moves here are the clouds along the mountains...

Why choosing Brey du Vent? It's a small hameau, hardly to find and they even didn't even shot at nearby castle. It's a pretty unknown village. The parts they shot in medieval Perouges is a clear choice.

Anyway, the location is beautiful and in medieval style. Times stood still and it's wonderfully quiet. Only that moves are the clouds along the mountains, a nice cat, one sheep and two residents.

But if this place wasn't written down in the end titles we would have never found it ourselves. :)


By the way suddenly Tell's horse showed up.....



                                    Left: the back of the 'Lotus' building                                                                         The field in front of the 'Lotus' shed.                                                         



Chateau of Allymes, nearby. Around the corner of the mountain.





On this side of the house the attic simply flows into the mountain. Quite unique.




Chateau Chazey

This impressive castle is also in the next episode 22 Physician.


The last scene, I believe this could be the lower area of Puys des Domes. Still unknown.