Castelbouc Lozere

Episode 56, The Gods

Castelbouc during summer and winter

Part of the village


The bridge of Castlebouc

This bridge is not in front of the village. It's hidden in the back of this small town.


   2017                                                                        1988


After a climb through a rainforest, to warm and dense, Tell encounters a little man who plays with acid, he is startled and flees into the forest. He continues and passes the Castelbouc bridge. There too, a small man comes across who wants to eat a frog. The man's gaze is aggressive, tell tries to put him at ease but that doesn't quite work...                                        

                               1988                                                                        2017                                                                                 1988                            



The Entrance of Castelbouc

   Entering Castelbouc via the parking place to the village. The ruin next to the parking is changed over the's a private parking for villagers.

                  1989  looking to the west side, the entrance and parking place                            2017 looking to the east side (village side, with some old trees)        







1988 Beautiful trees, after 30 years still there. It's the small road to the village of Castelbouc  2017



1989                                                                                         2017


The people are expecting the 'Gods'



Chapelle St. Jean Baptiste in Castelbouc

The only small cave on this path in the village (passing St Jean Baptiste then the left side) is not exact the same, it could have been changed over the years. 


Castelbouc, I needed to make sure there is no entrance to the rock behind the chapel ... a key whole picture.. the right door is a storage and very small too.     




                      1988                                                                  2017                                                                        2017                             



The old castle of Castelbouc on top of the rock




The square of Castelbouc

                                                           Perhaps this scene is shot in the corner on the right of the building or it could be around this rock, there is a square.


The square


It must be around here somewhere in a corner. The cameramen is very smart in choosing the right angles.


In Castelbouc. Georgia Lyman and others background players who looking familiar to us.




The interior of Prades, Cougoussac or elsewhere in Lozere

Looking at the background it looks like a castle next to the Tarn. I presume it's Prades. Not sure, but the exterior is for sure: in opposite of the Temple! With special thanks to C. Petit finally found this place (Cougoussac).



It's almost the same picture but a different background - Not found yet!

Is it the interior of Cougoussac or Chateau Prades (at the Tarn)?


This is not the place Tell really jumps out of the window. He 'landed' in Cougoussac and there are no steep hillsides like the Tarn hillsides you see below.


Below: Or another room in the same castle or another castle in Lozere (compare the bath, windows, fireplace etc. - also the photo's of 2 or 3 rows above)



The mysterious place in Lozere: Chateau Cougoussac!

We just found it recently with thanks to C. Petit's sharp eye.

The very left corner of this chateau. Also the ancient small eglise (in opposite of the chateau) is filmed.



Two locations

The left picture is probably a sight of the Tarn cliffs, perhaps chateau Prades (at the Tarn river).      Here Chateau Cougoussac, east of Mende.


Look at the trees outside and the Tarn ridge, this castle is in the same area and has this view. We've hoped to find the small church here and the garden but that was filmed in chateau Cougoussac. And Chateau Cougoussac has not  a view on the Tarn, such a view as Crossbow make you believe...



Chateau Prades, Lozere 2017



                                                       Around 2017, House in the middle                                                                                                                1987 crossbow shot      


Suddenly a switch from Castlebouc to chateau Cougoussac (the garden with a small chapelle and some ancient houses).


The garden and the walls of stone behind..

This chateau is on the monument list and very hard to find. A hiker's blog finally gave us the answer.. Thank to C. Petit for finding this location finally!


Once used to the divine life, he does not want to give up anymore and decides to eliminate Tell

This garden must be the place below

2018 The right corner                                                                                                     1988


The ancient small chapel of Cougoussac

The small chapel, next to the castle of Cougoussac, almost looks like a small temple. I first thought this couldn't church or chapel in the whole environment has this characteristics. But this one is real!  I like the smart eye of the Crossbow cameraman, he can make such an old church so interesting. Just focusing on the best parts of it, so you really like to know more about these beautiful buildings!


This beautiful old chapel, looks like a little temple, really exists! (But was hidden well)


around 2016                                                                                1988            


The church is in opposite of chateau Cougoussac               



The window caught the sun (or light spots), so it seemed bigger than it really is

Below you see the interior (in opposite) where Gregory is reading.



For the ones who like to see more about this place, more than 'Crossbow' shows you

Extra photos of Goucoussac






The 'forbidden' way out



It can also be the second rock, a but further in the village.


The Aven Armand cave

Aven Armand is a limestone cave located in the Cévennes National Park of France, in the Lozère département, between Meyrueis and Saint Enimie It was first scientifically explored by the French explorers Louis Armand and Édouard-Alfred Martel in 1897. The cave begins as a narrow pit, descending 75 metres (246 ft) before opening up into an enormous vaulted chamber known as the Grand Salle, or "Great Hall". The Grand Salle is close to 100 metres (330 ft) long and 55 metres (180 ft) wide. The floor is covered with a proliferation of fragile limestone speleothems in a variety of shapes and sizes, created by the slow dripping of water through the stone over thousands of years. Some have reached heights of close to 30 metres (98 ft). It has been open to the public since 1927, after a man-made tunnel and walkway paths were created to permit easier viewing of the Grand Salle.


Thanks again to C. Petit to compare caves around and found the details.


                                                                                                                             (In Crossbow) The entrance to the cave.


The house to the cave.


Above Tell enters in Castelbouc at Chapelle St. Jean Baptiste from 1382.

This Chapelle is so small and is not entering a cave like the make you believe Tell does.


                                                                1988                           2017 Not the exact place but almost, the cave is huge!                              



        1988                                                                                      2017



Both captures out of Crossbow 1988. It's hard to see. each camera point shows a different overview of all the pillars.

                      The little light is Tell, a shot (zoomed out) from the top of the cave 1988


  1988                                                                              2017




In Armand Aven cave


This is shot in Armand Aven cave and a film second later another (perhaps studio) place.


There is made a real shot from Armand Aven cave. The scenes you see below and aboves; is not the Armand Aven cave, perhaps studio or small cave turned into a film set.

The Armand Aven cave has paths and bridges, but I think the last scene is recorded in a studio and is inspired Armand Aven (the paths, water and bridges).

Great sculptures! They are also in episodes like the emperor part 2. How funny the bones get attached to each other while everything, around it, is vanished.



Extra photos of beautiful Aven Armand





Aven Armand has nowadays a beautiful lightshow. You first go down with an electric train, then starting in top of the cave. Then a beautiful path with lights take you down. You can walk via the paths and little bridges through the whole cave. It's a guided tour with audiovisual effects and history facts.


Beautiful cave.







Other photos of Castelbouc