I have split Cénarèt into two pages  1. episode 63 The Silver Rider and 2. episode 62 The Bridge.

This page is about episode 63 The Silver Rider and some short extra's of episode 62 The Bridge to compare it.


Cenaret is situated in Lozere.


                                       1987  Autumn, the rock at nr. 1                            The Crossbow shot is taken on the crossing above the white car at nr. 2



A shot of a tower

Left you see a tower. This must be elsewhere, we think not in Cenaret. Unknown location.                                                       





William is a little lower. 1988                                                                                  C. Petit made this photo in the summer of  2020


Photo below by C. Petit, 2020



Tell meets the Silver Rider

Location: The small village of Cenaret lies behind this rock. 

Scene: The sudden attack of an agressive rider... Tell falls off his horse and has to fight for his life.


  1987 Tell enters the place                                                     1987 The Silver Rider                                                               2017                      


Scene: Tell is attacked by 'The Silver Rider.' A man helmed by two men gambling addicted, they have no conscience. At nr 3 on the map. Tell is thrown off his horse

Location: There are two rocks. A small one and the big one in opposite with the Maria statue on top. Truc (hill) du Cenaret.


2017 the right rock 


      Scene: The gambling brothers scare the Silver Rider away with sword-rattling.


                                                              The camp                                                                                       Thank to C. Petit for this map.



1988 low angle                                                                                                2018                


Same angle, a bit lower than the plateau, the camp is on a hill next to the big rock of Cenaret  2017


Scene: Tell is caught and they gamble for his destiny. They try to influence 'the game' to their own adventange.


The rocks of Cenaret

To compare

  Episode Silver Rider 63 Tell is thrown off the rock       Episode 62 intro of episode Bridge, the cameraman just turned the angle a bit      Cenaret 2015                             

Tell falls twice, one time in the grey gravel and one time from the rock (a tree breaks his fall), in fact the stuntdouble's fall.



Below a photo from C. Petit, Summer 2020


Cenaret gravel fields

The fall from the gravel hills 1988                                                                          2017                  

To compare: This gravel field they also recorded the intro of episode The Magician. Tell saddles off his horse and lets it go free (below). Shot is taken low in the gray gravelfield. 2018


I assumed this was Ispagnac, close to the bridge of Quezac, but it was Mr. Petit who pointed at Cenaret.

I think we can conclude that these gambling addicts are quite merciless to Tell...time after time ;)


    On the plateau

Episode 62 The Bridge is also filmed on this plateau. I think it was Horst's camp.



Seen from the plateau, the scene of the camp of these gamblers, is a little bit lower shot.  


                         Shot from Crossbow 1988                                                                            2018                                               


Brothers in arms

After the Silver rider attacks Tell finds out there is another man helmed. They start to operate together. 



At the camp



2018         Scene: They manage to reach the camp of the gamblers.                  1988 



1987 here you see James Cosmo (Braveheart '95, The 10th Kingdom, Game of Thrones Tjernobyl mini series 2019) You can click here for his imdb and here for his bio.



Extra photos


The Maria statue on top of Cenaret rock.



 Late in the evening, in the back no lake, but the lights in the distance.



                                                                                                                        Here you can see the village behind the rock.