St. Chely du Tarn and Le Villard


Episode 59 Gorian the Spider, 59 in Le Villard


In the town of Chanac, above the valley on a rocky point over the Lot, a beautiful fortress from the Middle Ages dominates. Go for a walk, and discover its charm with the church, the city walls,

the fortified gate, but also the beautiful stone houses, and other remains of the Episcopal fortress, built in the 13th century by the Bishop of Mende.  A wall in front of the chateau and church, probably

of the 14th century, including a fortified gate, delimits an esplanade where are the remains of an older dungeon, a very revamped building, a building dating from the 15th or 16th century, called

"the presbytery" , presenting an off-stair tower, and a Romanesque church recovered in the Gothic period, adorned with murals. The cul-de-four is decorated with a historiated 17th or 18th century decor.

This place completely dominates the Lot Valley ". (Merimee database)


The gate - Now and then

           1988                                                                             Around 2018


Left of this gate is a low wall and a small cemetery. When you entering this porch, you can see the chateau. Photo 2016


From floating down the Tarn river to the forest and finally to this castle.

St. Chely, the Tarn river .The waterfall in front of St. Chely (Tell is rafting in episode The Spider)



The waterfall of episode The Spider at Saint Chely. 


From the forest to the castle

The Crossbow shots. The pine trees made it look like William is just leaving the forest. Crossbow scenes are shot in the forest, unfortunately this castle is

not attached to a forest.  I think it is a pity that the trees have been felled. It gave a somewhat untouched appearance to this place. But the gate is still pretty.


1988                                               The pine trees are cut                                2016


                                                                                          1988  The gate in the last scene. Here we see Gorian with the statue of the girl.



Taken from the outside        Taken from the inside, the cross of the cemetery you see in the back.                                    


                                                            Extra photos of the front                                                         




The village le Villard in Lozere

On a rocky spur, the strengthened fortified Villard, advanced post of the episcopal domain, directly dominates the valley of the Lot (end of XVI ème century). It was renovated in 1984-1985.

Thanks to a school building run by the Office of Culture with the help of the region, the town hall of Chanac-le Villard and the State.


Nice silhouette                                                                                                                                                                                                                  




Scene: Tell meets Mina. Gorian is obsessed with Mina and followes her quietly to protect her.

In his eyes, Tell is a threat. That evening Gorian attacks them with his 'weapon' and kidnaps Mina.



Interior the Spider

The iron fence full of spider silk

It can be the front gate.. but it has a wooden door. There is not a door or window from this size in the chateau.

Then it must be the gate or the farm-studio. Perhaps they put an iron fake door in the gate. I don't hard to find out.

During the shooting there was already the same wooden gate door. Probably this gate door was open and they have made a fence in front. This to show the spider silk and that he enters the plate.


High doors

                                            Around the fireplace.                                                             The door is very high.                            This place has also high doors, slightly different.

We can't be sure the interior of this castle is really in here, we assume it can partly be shot in the studio as well.


The same windows

I can't say the interior is in chateau le Villard. Many things don't seem tot correspond, like the windows. Unfortunately I can't find photos of the interior.

The scene below there the windows do correspond! This scene must have been shot in the castle.   2016


The staircase

The same place above and below?

The windows of this castle don't correspond with the staircase windows. On older photos of this chateau the windows are still the same. It could be possible all is recorded

in the farm - studio or partially in the castle. What we know for sure is they filmed the exterior (Gorian on top of the roof and Tell in front of the chateau and the porch).


Both sides of the castle




The attic or studio?

The question remains, also in this next it partially filmed in the chateau le Villard or not (at all)?

                                                                                                            Some of the walls have a wood construction, see below


Somewhere perhaps in the attic of the castle? It could be the studio we have seen in Bounty Twins, Magician, Zombies, The Amazon etc. The stairs could be in the castle of le Villard.





The Children episode 64 - Shot of Boissets

The chimney of the main house used to be a lot bigger                                                           1988                                                                                                Nowadays                                   


             1988  The Children                                                                                   2016 well renovated                                                                                                                         


     1988 shot from the Children and the building Tell left when he 'woke up.' (The Touch)                        2018                                                                                      Same place with a view on the farm                                     


      Champerboux? Or perhaps St. Chely? I couldn't discover this house with the child on the roof. I don't think it is in Boissets. Not found yet.


Scene: One of the children is distracting the parents. The other is taking the children away.





Chapel St. Chely

Location: In front of the chapel in episode the Children. Scene: A mother finds her lost kid back dead. They blame the stranger Tell, who coincidently rides into the village.

But the priest believes in Tell's innocence. Tell realizes he saw kids on the road to the village and tries to find out where the have gone to.




1988                                  The door to the chapel                                      2016


                                  1988                   The interior of the chapel                     2016              


                                                                 2016                                                                                                                 2019                                                                                                       2019                                               


The spring of St. Chely

You can see the spring source streaming through the shop. This water flows to the larger waterfall outside which opens into the Tarn. There raft Tell along.


The shop


The little church


The secret lake behind

The door to the 'secret' lake behind the church, hidden under a huge rock. A gate on the side of the church prevents people from going there.

Probably this small lake is part of the source that runs through the shop and goes down as a waterfall.   2019


Scene: In the meantime Tell finds the children and he sends a message to the village. Location priest: St. chely chapel. Location children: Cave


St. Chely beach

Here the children are playing and hunting.

Location: The Tarn riverside, the children playground. The place they bake bread and catch fish.




Tell goes 'undercover.'




High river level

A local woman, who was present there as a child during the filming, is almost certain that the path along St. Chely has been used by the children and a

piece of front of a cave was filmed there. The real cave is not here in St Chely.  'The village, on the beach is St. Chely beach (north of the bridge). This

shot below is south of the bridge. My shot was take from a mountaintop, much higher. I couldn't get at this spot because the river was too high.


The children arrived by buss in St. Chely, I heard most kids were Australian? children.

I've heard from some locals that local kids were a bit disappointed why they haven't been asked...


The camera operator managed to keep the huge bridge in the back out of sight..





Higher up

Location: This seems not St. Chely beach, but higher up. We are not sure about the exact place.


Tell's faith

Scene: The children believe that adults are no good. They better get rid of them. If Tell shows up again they "arrest" him

and start walking around him, it's like a kind of spell. Tell gets dizzy and they throw him into the river. Hitting a rock. 


One of the children is shocked, she follows the river in search of Tell and takes care of him.



At the Tarn river. Can be the same place, rivers do change in 30 years. Not sure.


This little girl is now a grown-up, she wrote the guestbook and contacted us.


St. Chely, the village with the wooden bridges.

Story: After they found the missing child back dead, a rider is coming into the town. Everyone is afraid. They think the devil has come to get his child.

They think Tell has something to do with the missing child. The parents of episode the Children are in so many places. First of all ferme des Boissets, than the

little church of St. Chely and a while later the parents run through St. Chely village.  The shot we see is taken from the village site.


A triptych of a street

Here we see the bridge above the street again. This time from the other side. From this shots we are looking towards the village.


Below the same street around 2019


Above and below, the same place.


See the iron gate 1988 and 2018. It still looks the same. A new part has been added to the building. Above the square block seems new constructed. The right windows are changed.


Tell rides through St Chely

The balcony stairs alley.  Seen from the wooden bridge.



Tell is being spied

Every stranger is a potential suspect...

                           1988                                                                                                                    2019                                                                                         2019             

           He looks from under the stairs sees a rider passing by. Is scared to death he has something to do with the dead child. Then he comes out from under the stairs and runs away

the opposite way Tell goes. During Crossbow this stairs had a banister of wood, to hide a modern banister elements like a plastic gutter. You can see it below.


1988 The wooden bridge in front of Tell                                         Wooden bridge nowadays 2019 Unrecognizable



1988                     The wooden bridge in the back now almost unrecognizable.               2018





Parents in the street of St. Chely

I've heard the whole village heard the crying of the people.



Extra photos of St. Chely




One of the other bridges                                                                                                                                                  



Plus one second of a shot taken in Boissets! Noticed by C. Petit.



Cirque de St. Chely

Spot where Tell is watching the children

Looking at the photo of Tell on the horse in Children, I recognize the hazy place as Cirque de St. Chely, the plateau at farm Boissets.

                                 1988                                                                                       2017                             


Boissets at number 1. Tell follows the Children and nr. 3 is on the background (episode (Insurrection) is shot at spot 2.

To Compare

Episode Insurrection                                                                 Episode The Children



Look at the rock behind Tell and the formation on the photo left of P. Guegan.



The cave is known since 2020. I'm not allowed to tell where the cave is. The locals like to keep it secret, so it won't be damaged.


I don't recognize this path and mountains. Unknown path. Perhaps next to the tarn? William visits the children in the cave. This secret cave has no path like this. Or perhaps one of the St. Chely terrases?



The Children's path

The path of St. Chely 2019. A local woman, who was there on the shoot as a child, told me they took this path too...



The secret Cave

 In 2018 we had not yet found the location, only 1 photo made by cavers. Some cavers keep it secret, also for us. 2020 Yes! We found this caves by old coordinates.

 My friend C. decrypted old coordinates from a map. Here the cave had another name. Lyman couldn't remember the exact location, but his stories contributed to it, so that we knew how the actors got there.

To Compare

This place is the same cave as in Forbidden Land.

The Children, ep. 64 cave                                          Forbidden land, ep. 70 cave


(where most of the parents on the left side enter is on the right picture the rocky arcade above Tell)


To Compare

Both caves of episode Forbidden land and Children are the same. On some photos you can see they are both corresponding

The Children                                                                                      2018      



Interior        It wasn't difficult to get there if the children and the parents can do it.       Exterior



The cave in episode 70 Forbidden Land. They almost got killed by carbon monixide.



Cave interior

Scene: Tell and the child are almost sacrificed....






It's a kind of riddle how the parents and children got here...nowadays it's a risky path.


The cave Paintings 

The Lascaux caves are located in the Vézère valley on the territory of the municipality of Montignac in the French department of Dordogne (Nouvelle-Aquitaine region). In 1940, a large number of rock wall

paintings were discovered in a cave. Experts date the oldest rock paintings from the Lascaux cave to 15.000 BC, the youngest on 10.000 BC. It is the richest painted prehistoric cave that has been discovered

so far. The 'Lascaux cave' continues for the 'Sistine Chapel of Paleolithic Art' and in 1979, as part of the Prehistoric sites and painted caves in the Vézère valley, it was placed on the World Heritage list of UNESCO.


On September 8, 1940, Marcel Ravidat (1923-1995) did not have to work in a garage in Montignac and went with and went with three friends, Jacques Marsal, Georges Agnel, Simon Coencas and his dog named

Robot to a forest on the left bank of the Vézère. A pine tree had been blown down there some time ago, and they knew that a hole had been exposed through it that had been overgrown with blackberry bushes. They

made the hole slightly larger and found a vertical shaft. Marcel crawled through the hole and lost his grip. He advanced to the end of the corridor and then called his friends. Together they stood in a cave of 20 by

8 with a height of 7 meters and saw images in red, yellow, brown and black colors with the help of a small oil lamp on the walls. They realized that they had a special discovery

They made the hole slightly larger and found a vertical shaft. Marcel crawled through the hole and lost his grip. He advanced to the end of the corridor and then called his friends. Together they stood in a cave

of 20 by 8 with a height of 7 meters and saw images in red, yellow, brown and black colors with the help of a small oil lamp on the walls. They realized that they had made a special discovery and came back

the next day with stronger lamps and found another shaft. After three days they informed their former teacher Léon Laval. The researcher Henri Breuil published a report the same year. The news spread quickly

and the cave was equipped to receive visitors.


Paintings on the wall of the cave in Crossbow 1987. They look very real, but they are probably not..



Nearby in Lascaux

The paintings mainly have animals as subject: bison, deer, rhinoceroses, cattle, horses, reindeer and bulls. The drawings and the (nature) colors have been well preserved. Many paintings have entirely

colored surfaces, others are executed as powerful line drawings and engravings. The paintings in the cave are threatened by bacteria and fungi. Scientists have discovered fungi - small white downy hairs -

on the bottom and side walls. The Fusarium solani is called a rather strong and harmful species of the species. In 1963, the general public had to be denied access because of the formation of green algae

and fungi, which were due to an incessant influx. Since then, the cave is no longer accessible to the public. In the immediate vicinity, however, a replica (Lascaux II) has been made that is accessible to the public.

This replica is better suited for the reception of large streams of visitors and also adapted for disabled people. The construction started in 1972 at 200 meters from the original cave and was finished in 1984.



Cave exterior

This cave was very hard to find!



2021         The horse is behind Tell                                                                       1988                   

                            In 2018, I thought I found the place. It looks like it the most. St. Pierre, sentier des arcs is not the place of the cave. We 2020 we finally found it. It had also a handmade wall underneath.



Children playground at St. Chely


The cave is on a different place. Found in 2020. Photo's made in 2021


2021                                                                                                   2021




This cave is on a secret place. So it will be protected.




Exit of the cave

The exit of the cave is NOT on top of this rock.


This is not the exit of a cave. This is near St. Chely. Christophe found the rocks and made some photos. They want you to believe that he is coming out of the cave here.

The photo below shows something else ...


Rocks near Saint Chely - The jump

                                                1988                                                                    2018 Rocks at the Tarn near St. Chely - Episode Forbidden land


Found by C. Petit


Tarn riverside

Found in 2021 near the cave.



The woman appears in the forest at the beginning of episode 70                And also at the end, at the riverside stands the woman.              






The lady (Hillary Mason, double role Gessler's mother in ep. Actors) says the magical words: "You've came through..."


This is the last we see from Tell....


     People on the beach                                                                                                                                                       Bon Voyage...Tell.. 




This was the very last episode of William Tell




Extra photos

On our way back, beautiful St. Enimie!