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Robert Halmi Jr. Inc. & FR3

Robert Halmi (Sr.) (1924–2014) was a Hungarian-born producer (Halmi Róbert ) of movies and mini-series for television. 

Robert Halmi (Jr.) Founder of the Hallmark Channel and Emmy; Award winner Robert Halmi Jr. currently serves as Chairman of Great Point Media Ltd., which provides financing and financial services to the television industry.  In 1984, at age 26, Halmi Jr. became President of RHI Entertainment Inc. (RHI) a publicly traded entertainment company founded by his father. In 1994, RHI was sold to Hallmark Cards Inc. and Halmi Jr. became President and CEO of Hallmark Entertainment, the successor to RHI. Info


Created by

Anthony Horowitz

Producer and writer


Anthony Horowitz, (born 5 April 1955) is an English novelist and screenwriter specialising in mystery and suspense. In between writing many novels, you can see these novels and tv series here,

Horowitz turned his attention to legendary characters, working with Richard Carpenter on the Robin of Sherwood television series, writing five episodes of the third season. He also novelised three of

Carpenter's episodes as a children's book under the title Robin Sherwood: The Hooded Man (1986). In addition, he created Crossbow (1987), a half-hour action adventure series loosely based on William Tell.

Born in North London, he attended Orley Farm Prep School. Then, he attended Rugby School and he graduated from York University. He wrote his first book when he was only 23 years old. Not only is he a

talented screenwriter, he has written over 20 books for children. He continues to write and a list of his books is below. His most recent film project has been from 2002-2005 as the creator and screenwriter of

Foyle's War (2002) series 1, 2, and 3. His wife, Jill Green joins him as producer on this series. He and Jill have two sons, Nicholas and Cassian.


Anthony Horowitz to write new James Bond novel

Anthony Horowitz, author of the Alex Rider teenage spy novels, will pen a new James Bond adventure following an invite from the Ian Fleming estate.

 Bond is back, again - author Anthony Horowitz is writing a new 007 novel based on an idea by the secret agent's creator Ian Fleming. The story, dubbed Project One, is inspired by Fleming's work for a proposed TV series

about the secret agent that was never made. It is the latest in a long line of books written after Fleming's death and will see Bond enter the glamorous world of 1950s motor racing. Most of the television plot outlines were turned

into short stories by Fleming but this one, called Murder on Wheels, was previously unknown. Fleming's great-niece Jessie Grimond said: "There are a few plot outlines which he never used and which, till now, have never

been published, or aired. Given that Anthony is as brilliant a screenwriter as he is a novelist, we thought it would be exciting to see what he would do with one of them."


Horowitz, whose screenwriting career includes Midsomer Murders and Foyle's War, is no stranger to thriller writing and has sold more than 19 million copies of his Alex Rider series about a teenage spy. And he recently

penned a new adventure for the master detective Sherlock Holmes. He said: "It's no secret that Ian Fleming's extraordinary character has had a profound influence on my life, so when the estate approached me to write a new

James Bond novel how could I possibly refuse? It's a huge challenge - more difficult even than Sherlock Holmes in some ways - but having original, unpublished material by Fleming has been an inspiration. This is a book I had

to write." The new book, which includes familiar characters M and Miss Moneypenny, is due for release next September and is the latest instalment of a series that began more than 50 years ago when Fleming wrote Dr No.

Horowitz follows in the footsteps of authors including Kingsley Amis, William Boyd and Sebastian Faulks who have all written new Bond books since Fleming's death in 1964.Boyd's book, Solo, was published last year

and featured Bond embroiled in a civil war in 1969 Africa. The Bond books, which have inspired one of Hollywood's most successful film franchises, have sold more than 100 million titles.


Horowitz v Fleming - spot the difference

When the doorbell rings at three in the morning, it's never good news. Alex Rider was woken by the first chime. His eyes flickered open but for a moment he stayed completely still in his bed, lying on his back with head resting on

the pillow. He heard a bedroom door open and a creak of wood as somebody went downstairs. The bell rang a second time and he looked at the alarm clock glowing beside him. 3.02 a.m. There was a rattle as someone slide the

security chain of the front door.

- Openings lines of Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

The scent and smoke and sweat of a casino are nauseating at three in the morning. Then the soul-erosion produced by high gambling - a compost of greed and fear and nervous tension - becomes unbearable and the senses awake

and revolt from it. James Bond suddenly knew he was tired. He always knew when his body or his mind had had enough and he always acted on the knowledge. This helped him to avoid staleness and he sensual bluntness that

breeds mistakes.

- Openings lines of Casino Royale by Ian Fleming
, 2014 Source.



Second James Bond novel (2018)


Anthony Horowitz’s second James Bond novel using original material by Ian Fleming will be published on Thursday 31 May 2018, it is announced today. Forever and a Day is a prequel to Casino Royale,

Fleming’s first 007 novel, and will explore the origins of the world’s most famous secret agent.



Friedrich Schiller (I) (1759–1805)

Friedrich Schiller was born on Nov. 10, 1759, in Marbach, Germany. His father was an army doctor. Growing up in a very poor environment, Schiller eventually managed to get the support of a wealthy duke that

enabled him to study medicine. He served as a military doctor first, but through the efforts of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe he finally went to Jena and Weimar, where he died on the May 9, 1805.

Schiller is an important German author of his time, most famous for his stage plays. They were highly acclaimed--and mostly forbidden, because of their contents. His first big work, "Die Räuber", dealt with the revolt

of sons against their parents and environment, a very modern topic for the time and one that was not accepted in many regions of Germany. Overall, though, he is underrated as an author due to the fact that he lived

and wrote in the same time as Goethe: Schiller is considered to be a good writer, but not as brilliant as Goethe.



Crossbow (TV Series) (creator - 8 episodes)

- The Four Horsemen, Possessed! Misalliance The Pass, The Impostor, The Dukes of Zharinghen, The Little Soldier - The Prisoner (1987) 


In association with  Crossbow Films Limited

Executive Producers

Mark Grenside  

Mark Grenside has been involved in media for over 35 years and in virtually every aspect of it. In 1979 he started his career working for Jim Henson as a founder member of HIT TV and worked in co production

and distribution of television shows The Muppet Show,  Fraggle Rock, Jim Henson Presents, Muppet Babies, and feature films The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.


In 1984 he started his own company and was Executive Producer of 72 live half-hour action episodes of Crossbow, The Adventures of William Tell with US

Producer Robert Halmi. At the same time he launched the career of recording artist Neneh Cherry. He went on to produce a number of US/ European co productions for worldwide broadcast. When Robert Halmi

Productions was bought by Hallmark Cards, he began  the International distribution of the Hallmark Channel. Click here for more here



 Simon Oakes

Simon Oakes is the CEO and President of Hammer Films.

He was appointed chairman on May 2007 when the company was revived. The Hammer Films is a company known for its popular horror films during

the 1950s-70s. Since then he has worked on many Hammer projects, such as The Resident and The Woman in Black.



Patrick Deschamps

(TV Series) (executive producer - 23 episodes, 1987 - 1988) (producer - 1 episode, 1987)

- The Rebirth (1988) ... (executive producer)

- The Handmaiden (1988) ... (executive producer)

- The Physician (1988) ... (executive producer)

- Lotus (1988) ... (executive producer)

- The Princess (1988) ... (executive producer)

- The Citadel (1988) ... (executive producer)

- The Four Horsemen (1987) ... (executive producer)

- The Moor: Part 2 (1987) ... (executive producer)

- The Moor: Part 1 (1987) ... (executive producer)

- Possessed! (1987) ... (executive producer)

- Vogel (1987) ... (executive producer)

- Misalliance (1987) ... (executive producer)


- The Pass (1987) ... (executive producer)

- The Impostor (1987) ... (executive producer)

- The Stallion (1987) ... (executive producer)

- The Bet (1987) ... (executive producer)

- The Dukes of Zharinghen (1987) ... (executive producer)

- Sanctuary (1987) ... (executive producer)

- Albion (1987) ... (executive producer)

- Reunion (1987) ... (executive producer)

- The Scavengers (1987) ... (executive producer)

- The Little Soldier (1987) ... (executive producer)

- The Prisoner (1987) ... (executive producer)

- The Banquet (1987) ... (producer)


Associate Producers

Richard Schlesinger

14 episodes, 1988 (imdb)

is an American-born screenwriter, director, and producer of feature films and television. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, he was graduated

from Brown University and studied at the University of Paris. Below: Richard Schlesinger in front of Senanque!

Richard Schlesinger is a producer and assistant director. Known for The Adventures of the black stallion (co producer 1990)

Traitor (2008), Music, War and Love (2019) and Djihad! (2006).


Career: Often drawn to political subjects, Schlesinger conceived and wrote the two-part Iraq War mini-series Djihad for Canal Plus,[1] in France, along with director Felix Olivier. The pair also collaborated on the

gritty social drama, All Night Bodega, which won multiple prizes at festivals in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Lyon. 


Schlesinger went to Macedonia during the Kosovo War to produce the award-winning children’s television series, Nashe Maalo (Our Neighborhood). Created by Sesame Workshop, the half-hour drama used

stories showing non-violent conflict resolution to help bridge ethnic divides among the youth of the Balkans. Schlesinger also directed the pilot episode.  In 2008, Schlesinger co-produced the political thriller Traitor,

directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff, shot in France, Morocco and Canada. He also produced three sci-fi movies in Toronto. Titles include Descent, Swarmed, and Solar Attack. 

Schlesinger’s other producing credits include Captive, Outlaws: The Legend of O.B. Taggart, Clover and four TV movies for Hallmark Entertainment. He also produced the television series The Black Stallion

and Crossbow in France. Schlesinger directed four episodes of the series Crossbow, then went on to direct Terence Hill in Lucky Luke, based on the French comic book character, produced for Berlusconi’s

ReteItalia and shot in Santa Fe, NM. 


Schlesinger also spent a number of years writing youth-oriented family films for Canadian producer Rock Demers’ La Fête Productions, including Daniel and the Superdogs, Regina and Summer with the Ghosts.




David Wilkes


Associate Producer

Executives in Charge of Production

Steven North



Robert E. Altman

He is a producer, director and writer. Producer of nine episodes. The  source: imdb


The Stallion, The Bet, The Dukes of ZharinghenSanctuary, AlbionReunion, The Scavengers, The Little Soldier, The Prisoner (all these produced in 1987)


David Kappes

David R. Kappes is a producer and production manager, known for Jaws 3-D (1983), Anne Frank: The Whole Story (2001) and Boxing Helena (1993).

Producer of episodes Scarvengers 4, Reunion 5, Santuary 7, The Stallion 10, All produced in 1987.



Irene Litinsky    

President of Production, Quebec

 Irene Litinsky joined Muse in 2000 as President of Production, Quebec. She has more than 30 years of experience producing high quality film and television for international networks and major American

studios, such as Warner Brothers, MGM, Disney, Sony Pictures, Fox and Dreamworks. Irene is an Emmy Award nominated and DGC and Canadian Screen Award winning producer.

Throughout her career, Irene has collaborated with some of the media industry’s top producers and directors, including Jodi Foster, Ivan Reitman, Robert Altman, Darren Aronofsky, Steven Spielberg and

Roger Birnbaum. She has forged long term relationships with major studios as well as industry executives, which, coupled with her reputation for delivering top quality projects on time and within budgetary

parameters, drives Muse’s production service business. Irene holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia University.




Mychele Boudrias




Executive in Charge of Post Production


Jean-Marc Vasseur                        Jean Marc Vasseur and Conrad Phillips           


His daughter Morgan played in "The pit" and "The rock" Thanks to Jean Marc Vasseur for the pictures on this link!

Jean-Marc and Conrad Phillips during Crossbow.



Production Assistent

Dana Belcastro



George Mihalka


13 episodes, 1987-1988 (source imdb)

George Mihalka (born 1953) is a Hungarian-born Canadian filmmaker. He is known for his 1981 slasher film My Bloody Valentine which was remade in 2009 

since 1963, George Mihalka studied film at Concordia University in Montreal. In 1981, he directed My Bloody Valentine, a low-budget ‘slasher’ for Paramount that was a modest

box office hit. He has since directed in Quebec, Europe and the U.S., moving with ease from French to English, comedy to drama, theatrical features to episodic television. His 1993

satirical feature, La Florida, about Quebec snowbirds, was a huge hit in that province and the Golden Reel Award winner for the highest-grossing Canadian film of the year.




The 2 photos below provided by Jean-Marc Vasseur. On the left photo: George Mihalka, Stanislas Syrewicz.


In between season 2 and 3 Will Lyman went to canada for the film, “Hostile Takeover with George Mihalka. (starring with David Warner, was in Crossbow episode The Alchemist) and started

with season three with blond hair because of this movie. I asked in the interview to interview Mr. Lyman about the remarkable color change of his hair: Quote:

Probably because of a film I did in Canada with George Mihalka, “Hostile Takeover.” I had lightened it just a bit, but when I went back to France for Crossbow, they liked the colour and then

I depended on French hair colour products. They were a little bit different from the ones in the USA. That’s a long story made short."


Christian Duguay


16 episodes, 1988-1989 (source imdb)

Christian Duguay (with the steady cam) and Will Lyman on the bridge of Bruzac.


This shot unfortunately was never brought out. Tell only got by foot on this bridge.                                                                                                                                                       




3 Photo's above provided by Mr. Lyman, copyright of photographer.

Below Christian Duguay recently



Jean-Marc Vasseur and his daugther Morgan plus Christian Duguay on location. Look at the (80-ties) computer.




The writers

Steven Bawol

(head writer - 45 episodes, 1987 - 1989) (written by - 12 episodes, 1987)


Steven Bawol chilling, these two photos are provided by Jean-Marc Vasseur

Steven Bawol is an American show runner working in Europe. He is co-creator of the top-rated French police series "Section de Recherches", and was an executive producer on the Canal + series "Borgia".

He directed and produced the Discovery series "Hors Piste: Chamonix", and co-produced the Skyvision series "Le Battalion: Marseille". He created and produced the interactive series "Nudlar & 08ers"

("Boy meets Girl") for Swedish broadcaster SVT, which ran on two channels simultaneously, SVT1 showing the story from the boy's point of view, while SVT2 showed the girl's. For Nickelodeon UK

he co-created and produced the live action series "Renford Rejects" and "Genie in the House", and executive produced "Life with Boys" which ran on Teen Nick in the US. He created, co-directed and

produced the travel comedy "Wish You Were Here" for CBS, and produced and directed the UK version of the show, "One for the Road", produced and co-directed "l'Annexe" for France 2, co-produced

and co-directed the ground breaking Amercian police series "The Street" and was head writer on the first international drama co-production, "Crossbow: The Adventures of William Tell".

He started his career as a location scout on "Miami Vice".


TV Series (head writer - 45 episodes, 1987 - 1989) (written by - 12 episodes, 1987)  (source imdb)


Dennis Berry 15


Dennis Berry was born on August 11, 1944 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA as Dennis Charles Berry. He is a director and actor, known for Last Song (1987),

Highlander (1992) and Stargate SG-1 (1997). He has been married to Anna Karina since 1982. He was previously married to Jean Seberg. He did The Magician (1989),

The Bounty Twins (1989), Forbidden Fruit (1989), Insurrection (1989), The Mission (1989, The Touch (1989)  - The Lost City (1989) Goldilocks (1989) Gansari's Zombies (1989)

  Betrayal (1989) The Inquisitor (1988)  Seekers of the Soul (1988) Actors (1988)  Exit the Dragon (1988) The Physician (1988) Lotus (1988)  Possessed! (1987).



John Coles

4 episodes, 1987 (imdb)

John David Coles is an American film and television director, most recently served as the executive producer and director of the Emmy Award winning Netlfix series House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey.

In 2015 he was nominated for an Ammy Award and PGA award. His feature directorial debut, Signs Of Life, starring Vincent D'Onofrio and Mary Louise Parker won the International Critics Prize at Deauville.

Other long form credits include Rising Son with Matt Damon and Brian Dennehy, Darrow with Kevin Spacey, and The Good Fight with Christine Lahti. He directed five episodes of the HBO sitcom Sex and

the City, as well as episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order, The West Wing, Desperate Housewives, Homeland, and 11.22.63. Coles served as a producer on Wonderland, Elementary, and Songs in

Ordinary Time. Before these movies and TV series, John Coles directed a documentary about Amherst while in college, which later aired on PBS. He also worked as an assistant editor to Francis Ford

Coppola, and also directed industrial films for AT&T and Pepsi-Cola. He also made his television debut with shorts for NBC's Saturday Night Live.



Chris King

Christopher King is a director and producer, known for Bugs (1995), Bodyguards (1996) and The Professionals (1977).

Crossbow Director 1987  (TV Series) (2 episodes) - The Stallion (1987) - Reunion (1987) source: imdb



Paul Stanley

Producer and director Crossbow was the last project he did. 1922 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA Died: 2002 (age 80)

Director of 3 Crossbow episodes)  - The Bet (1987),  The Dukes of Zharinghen (1987),  Sanctuary (1987)

 Known from MacGyver (TV Series) (1 episode 1985) - The Golden Triangle (1985)  knight rider (2 episodes (Trust Doesn't Rust (1982) - Deadly Maneuvers (1982) Charlies angels 5 episodes

1977-1979) Dallas: 1 episode double wedding, The Love Boat (TV Series) (2 episodes) - Marooned/The Search/Isaac's Holiday: Part 2 (1978) - Marooned/The Search/Isaac's Holiday: Part 1 (1978)  

The Six Million Dollar Man (TV Series) (1 episode)  - The Ultimate Imposter (1977).  And many more click here


Allan Goldstein

in Brooklyn, New York, USA

Allan A. Goldstein was born on May 23, 1949 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. He is a director and writer, known for The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick (1988), Death Wish V: The Face of Death

1994) and When Justice Fails (1999). Crossbow (TV Series) (3 episodes) - Misalliance (1987) - The Pass (1987) - The Impostor (1987)


Paolo Barzman

Born May 9, 1957 in Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes, France. Son of blacklisted screenwriters Ben Barzman and Norma Barzman. Paulo Barzman grew up in France while his parents and siblings were in exile in Europe.

Their exile was due to the parents' blacklisting during the McCarthy Era in the US. They returned to the US in the early 70's -- see Norma's autobiography "The Red and the Blacklist" (2004).

Highlander (TV Series) (13 episodes)1993 1996 1992 the adventuyres of the black stallion the Deadzone tv series 2007

3 crossbow episodes Trailbreal, Spirit of Rebellion and Dopperlgangers. Click here for more. more.


Jacques Methe

Jacques Méthé is a producer and assistant director, known for The Hitchhiker TV Series) (executive producer - 45 episodes) 1988-1991

The Adventures of Black Stallion (TV Series 1990) (executive producer - 2 episodes)

-Vigil (1990) ... (executive producer), Where There's a Will (1990) (executive producer)

 Capote (2005), The Witness Files (1999) and No Alibi (2000). Click here for more.



Richard Schlesinger 3

In this list his name and photo are present because next to be the

associate producer of Crossbow, he wrote episodes of Crossbow.



Mai Zetterling


Crossbow (TV Series) (3 episodes) The Children (1989), Forbidden Land (1989), Wind Wagon (1989)



Zetterling was born in Västerås, Västmanland, Sweden, to a working class family. She started her career as an actress at the age of 17 at Dramaten, the Swedish national theatre,

appearing in war-era films.


Career: Zetterling appeared in film and television productions spanning six decades from the 1940s to the 1990s. Her breakthrough came in the 1944 film Torment written by Ingmar Bergman,

in which she played a controversial role as a tormented shopgirl. Shortly afterwards she moved to England and gained instant success there with her title role in Basil Dearden's Frieda (1947)

playing opposite David Farrar. After a brief return to Sweden in which she worked with Bergman again in his film Music in Darkness (1948), she returned to England and starred in a number

of English films, playing against such leading men as Tyrone Power, Dirk Bogarde, Richard Widmark, Laurence Harvey, Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Richard Attenborough, Keenan Wynn,

Stanley Baker, and Dennis Price.


Some of her notable films as an actress include Quartet (1948), a film based on some of W. Somerset Maugham's short stories, The Romantic Age (1949) directed by Edmond T. Gréville,

Only Two Can Play (1962) co-starring Peter Sellers and directed by Sidney Gilliat, and The Witches (1990), an adaptation of Roald Dahl's book directed by Nicolas Roeg. Having gained a

reputation as a sex symbol in dramas and thrillers, she was equally effective in comedies, and also was very active in British television in the 50s and 60s. She died in London, from cancer on 17 March

1994, at the age of 68, a year after her final role on television. 3 and co-wrote - the renowned Swedish Actress and direeector made a name in Hollywood

as a leading actress in such films as Knock on Wood



Edithe Swensen 9 episodes

At imdb I found these 2: The Banquet (1987) (writer) The Impostor (1987). She has written episodes Xena and Startrack's imaginary friend 1992. More at imdb.



Anthony Horowitz

11 episodes

In this list his photo and name show up again because next to producing he also wrote. More about him on top of this link.



Harold Kappes

(TV Series) (written by - 1 episode) - Vogel (1987) ... (written by)



Mark Princi

(written by - 3 episodes)  The Moor: Part 2 (87) ... (written by)  The Moor: Part 1 (1987) ... (written by),  Possessed! (1987) ... (written by)



Bernard Frangin

Bernard Frangin is a writer and actor, known for Crossbow (1987), The Adventures of William Tell (1989) and Puissance 4 (1992)



Ranald Graham

Ranald Graham was born on January 3, 1941 in Sandokan, to Scottish parents, where his father was a businessman. In 1942, shortly after Graham's first birthday, the Japanese invaded and interned him,

with his parents and elder sister, in a PoW camp in Kuching. Although almost 2,000 died there, the family survived and Australian troops liberated the camp more than three years later. 

He was a writer and producer, known for Dempsey and Makepeace (1985) (TV Series) (written by - 6 episodes, 1985 - 1986 and produces 10) , The Sweeney (1974) and Sweeney! (1977).

He was married to Carolyn Trayler and Judy Monahan. He died on August 29, 2010. (motor neurone disease, aged 69)


Ranald Graham made his name as a writer of the gritty television crime dramas The Sweeney and The Professionals. When it was decided to make a feature-film spin-off Sweeney! (1977),

Graham was chosen as the screenwriter. "I felt that he had a cinematic understanding that not all television writers had," recalled the producer, Ted Childs. "It was better than life quality,

which Ranald was able to bring to it." When his parents eventually returned to Sandokan, Graham was educated at Gordonstoun school in Scotland, then graduated in English from Trinity College Dublin,

where he enjoyed acting with the theatre group, before gaining an MA in contemporary literature from Birmingham University. 


Graham decided that he wanted to write and had a play about the 1966 Aberfan colliery disaster performed at the Edinburgh festival fringe. A keen sports enthusiast, who for many years ran round Hyde Park daily,

in 1968 he became a researcher and writer for the ITV documentary series Sports Arena, presented by Michael Parkinson. From there, Graham progressed to writing for the big screen. He brought his very

individual qualities to Shanks (1974), the final film made by the American B-movie director William Castle. This macabre horror picture was promoted as "a grim fairytale." 

But a new career as a writer of crime dramas followed. After the success of The Professionals, Graham wrote episodes of an Australian version, Special Squad (1984-85). Then, he became series consultant,

a writer and, eventually, producer on Dempsey and Makepeace (1985-86).

   He scripted the opening episode, which established the characters of a streetwise cop from Manhattan (Dempsey, played by Michael Brandon) and a hard-centred, plummy British detective (Makepeace,

played by Glynis Barber), who teamed up in a crack undercover unit. Critics found the stories implausible. Similar criticism stung Yellowthread Street (1990), a big-budget police series set and filmed

in Hong Kong, again produced by Graham, with Ray Lonnen in the starring role of Ch Insp Alex Vale. It was the writer's last TV work.


Graham enjoyed watching boxing, Scottish rugby and English cricket. He was also famed for the annual Burns Night suppers that he organised for more than 30 years, when he was joined by TV industry

stalwarts such as Ian Stuttard and Andy Allan (contemporaries of his at Dublin and Birmingham universities respectively), Childs and the director Tom Clegg. Guests flew in from Dublin, Los Angeles or Australia. 

Both of Graham's marriages ended in divorce. He had a son with Judy Monahan (She had a guest appearance in Crossbow episode The Emperor part two as non) and two daughters with Carolyn Trayler.

His children survive him. Source: The Guardian.


• Ranald Ian Mackenzie Graham, writer and producer, born 3 January 1941; died 29 August 2010


John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch, Pascal Bancoul and Christian Boyreron, David Wilks, Claude Harz, Mark Lyons, Leonard Tuck, David Hughes with Mai Zetterling



Philippe Guegan

He is an actor and stunt coordinator on more than 300 films. Cable specialist.

Philippe Guégan is known for his work on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015), The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (2014) Highlander series (stunt and acting as swordmaster),

The man in the iron mask and Kiss of the Dragon (2001). Mylène Farmer: Libertine (Video short) (stunt coordinator) You can click here for more information.

                                                                                                                                                    In episode The Rock



Phillips Guagan on locataion for Crossbow. At Boissets Lozere (provided by Mr. copyright photographer)



Yannick Derrien (Tell's Stunt double)




Yannick Derrien is known for his work on The Transporter (2002), The Man in the Iron Mask (1998) and House on Haunted Hill (1999). North and South (TV Series) (stunts - 6 episodes) Before

Crossbow he did work for Dynasty (TV Series 1985) (stunts - 1 episode) and Married with Children (TV Series 1985) (stunt performer - 1 episode) and in 1993 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

(TV Series) (stunts - 4 episodes) 1994 Highlander (TV Series) (stunts - 3 episodes)



André Cagnard

1 episode, 1988 Rejection (1988) ... (as Andre Cagnard)

André Cagnard is known for his work on The Ninth Gate (1999), The Burglars (1971) and Het recht van het Zwaard (1961).

episode 51, 'Insurrection' - as Gerhard a guide and fellow rebel of Tell's.




William Cagnard

1 episode, 1988

William Cagnard is known for his work on The Bourne Identity (2002), Unleashed (2005) and 3 Days to Kill (2014)

Crossbow (TV Series) (stunts - 1 episode) - Gansari's Zombies (1989) ... (stunts)


They have 50 years of experience producing live shows and have been credited on over 250 films.

The father-and-son Cagnard team design equestrian shows. They have been working in Paris at the Lido and the Moulin Rouge since 1964.

Their know-how has stood out in the production of more than 75,000 performances of over 20 different revues.


We have had the good fortune of working with Mr. André Cagnard and his son William, both of them experts in high-level equestrian performers.

The undisputed specialists in equestrian productions, they have worked on numerous projects: King Arthur, The Three Musketeers, Cyrano de Bergerac, Buffalo Bill, Zorro, Napoléon;

from the cabaret to the theatre, from television to film, from the stage to magnificent living frescoes.


In 1967, André Cagnard started the world’s very first “Medieval Tournament Show,” which took place on the outskirts of the Ferté-Milon château.


His son, William Cagnard, is a highly qualified jouster. He began his career as a performer in 1976, as part of the reenactment of the Battle of Yorktown during the celebration of the U.S. Bicentennial in Paris,

organized by André. Since then, he has been working with his father on writing and directing equestrian shows. William co-manages historical reenactments and reenactments of epic battles for the film industry.


He has also been in charge of live shows and led the French cavalry for the performance of “Waterloo 2015,” which involved over 300 horses and 5000 men in period costume.

Their experience, combined with ours here at Fantasmagorie, leads to spectacular results!   More infomation and the source you can click here



The stuntmen team


                  Alain Barbier                                         Pascal Lopez          



    Pascal Madura                                  Marcel L Abbaye                          Philippe Guégan



                                                         Jeff Demange                                    Pascal Lopez again



       Fabrice nadal Horseman, no stunts         I don't know his name, short shot                                                                




Marcel Labbaye

Plays Flamingo, 3 episodes, 1987

The Mission as actor plus stunt and in Albion and Sanctuary


Marcel Labbaye is known for his work on Zorro 1975 stunts, Highlander 1 episode stunts,

The Transporter (2002), The City of Lost Children (1995) and Joan of Arc (1999)


                                                                                                Christian 'l Abbaye  first Marcel 'l Abbaye then Christian l abbaye, Will MC Phlillips Lazoore









Philippe Lazoore

2 episodes, 1988







Philippe Lazoore in a 'fight' with Tell




Mdlc will



In Highlander                                                                                                                                                                                                                      









Horse Stunts

by Mario Luraschi


Mario Luraschi is known for his work on Le pacte des loups (2001), The Brothers Grimm (2005) and Mr. Nobody (2009).

Mario Luraschi provided horses and stuntmenfilms in films like: Bandidas, Jeanne D’Arc, Lucky Luck, Black Beauty and James Bond and many more. His horses were in shows in Las Vegas (Excalibur) en

Disneyland Parijs (Buffalo Bill Show). His work brought him in contact with Pénélope Cruz, Sylvester Stallone, Salma Hayek en Leonardo di Caprio and many more, you can click here

                    Around the end of the 80 ties                            The almost impossible jump into a full boat. This stunt went well and safely.         







                                                                                                                    Right above is a horseshow, the man on the photo isn't Mario


Francois Hardy

François Hardy is known for his work on Le pacte des loups (2001), Astérix & Obélix contre César (1999) and Arsène Lupin (2004).



Philippe Zone

1 episode, 1987 in episode The Bet and assistent horsemaster

Philippe Zone is known for his work on Tristan + Isolde (2006), The Medallion (2003) and Joan of Arc (1999)

PHILIPPE Zone set up the scenes, which were based on Webster murdering first wife Claire in 1994 by crashing their Daihatsu 4x4 and torching

it with her still inside, for upcoming drama The Widower. It left him shaken he says. (daily record)




Jean-François Pignon

Horse handler (2 episodes, 1987-1988)











Music composer


Stanislas Syrewicz


Stanislas Syrewicz (photo on the left below is provided by J-m Vasseur) de rest of him are recently from internet.



Sound editor

Ina Palmer (photo provided by Jean-Marc, copyright)

Series Film Editing by  Patrice Monnet  (2 episodes, 1987) and I. Palmer (1 episode, 1987)

 on a snowy winter day, at the shooting




 Sound mixer

Jean Baptiste Marisy



Film Editors


Dominique Pouzadou


                                   Josette Roze                                                    Josette Roze en Anne Brotons     




Patrice Monnet

Crossbow (TV Series) (2 episodes) - The Prisoner (1987) - The Banquet (1987) ... (as P. Monnet)



Any Goirand




          Actors backstage photos below provided by J-M Vasseur  

Also photos of some actors.


                                  Neil Elliot  Elisabeth Caza



Jeremy Clyde   



Nick Brimble and his wife (this photo is provided by Jean -Marc)      A promotionalshot Horst around Crossbow



Photo privided by Nick Brimble (Horst)



Peter Semler

Promotional photo, Actor                                  Wolf in episode Bloodbrothers in Montmajour



                                                        Ronald Graham                                Ronald Graham and Julius, at the right George Milhalka                                     


These 3 photos provided by J-M Vasseur



Scott Renderer

(left photo provided by J-M Vasseur). Actor. I remember him as the lawyer of episode Inquisitor, a shot in Montmajour


Jean-Marc Vasseu and Jeremy Clyde                                                             Giovanna en Jean-Marc Vasseur



Elizabeth Rodino


Jean-Vasseur and George Mihalka


Series Directed by 

Dennis Berry   (17 episodes, 1987-1989)
Christian Duguay   (16 episodes, 1988-1989)
George Mihalka   (13 episodes, 1987-1988)
John David Coles   (4 episodes, 1987)
Richard Schlesinger   (4 episodes, 1988)
Allan A. Goldstein   (3 episodes, 1987)
Paul Stanley   (3 episodes, 1987)
Paolo Barzman   (3 episodes, 1989)
Mai Zetterling   (3 episodes, 1989)
Chris King   (2 episodes, 1987)
Jacques Méthé   (2 episodes, 1988)
David R. Kappes   (1 episode, 1987)
Alan Goldstein   (unknown episodes)

Series Writing Credits  

Anthony Horowitz   (created by) (72 episodes, 1987-1989)
Steven Bawol   (46 episodes, 1987-1989)
Friedrich Schiller   (creator) (8 episodes, 1987)
Bernard Frangin   (3 episodes, 1987-1988)
Mark Princi   (3 episodes, 1987)
Mai Zetterling   (3 episodes, 1989)
Edithe Swensen   (2 episodes, 1987)
Harry Kappes   (1 episode, 1987)



Series Second Unit Director or Assistant Director 

Christian Duguay


second unit action director (24 episodes, 1987-1988)

Jean Orliac


assistant director (13 episodes, 1987-1988)

Philippe Segard


second assistant director (8 episodes, 1987)

Jacques Méthé


assistant director (6 episodes, 1987-1988)

Paul Amoyel


assistant director (4 episodes, 1987-1988)

C. Andrei


assistant director (4 episodes, 1987)

Christophe Cheysson


assistant director (4 episodes, 1987)

Daniel Borgeot


assistant director (3 episodes, 1987)

M. Mollion


assistant director (3 episodes, 1987)

Pablo Numez-Soler


assistant director (3 episodes, 1987)

Brice Auboyneau


assistant director (2 episodes, 1987)

Marc Baraduc


assistant director (2 episodes, 1987)

Yanis Combe-Ferrier


assistant director (2 episodes, 1987)



assistant director (1 episode, 1987)

Cathy Chamorey


assistant director (1 episode, 1987)

Olivier Coussemacq


assistant director (1 episode, 1987)

M.J. Pascal


assistant director (1 episode, 1987)

A. Salles


assistant director (1 episode, 1987)

Emmanuel Rondeau du Noyer


second assistant director (1 episode, 1989)


Series Stunts 

Yannick Derrien


stunt double: Tell / stunt double (29 episodes, 1987-1989)

Philippe Guégan


stunt coordinator (29 episodes, 1987-1989)

Pascal Madura


horse stunts (16 episodes, 1987)

Pascal Lopez


stunt performer / stunts (2 episodes, 1987-1989)

Alain Grellier


stunts (1 episode, 1987)

Pascal Guégan


stunts (1 episode, 1987)

Lionel Vitrant


stunts (1 episode, 1987)

William Cagnard


stunts (1 episode, 1989)

Marcel Labbaye


stunts (1 episode, 1989)

Philippe Lazoore


stunts (1 episode, 1989)

Patrick Cauderlier


stunts (unknown episodes)

Mario Luraschi


stunt Horses Furnished By (unknown episodes)


Series Camera and Electrical Department 

Eric Aupetit


grip (1 episode, 1987)

Jean-Claude Bonvallet


operator (1 episode, 1987)

J.C. Brunet


lighting (1 episode, 1987)

Daniel Guinand


operator (1 episode, 1987)

Claude Peugnet


grip (1 episode, 1987)

G. Schnee


lighting (1 episode, 1987)


Series Costume and Wardrobe Department 

Ginette Dalla-Mura


wardrobe (1 episode, 1987)

B. Perez


wardrobe (1 episode, 1987)


Series Editorial Department 

A. Romieux video post-production (1 episode, 1987)


Series Transportation Department 

André Bouvard transportation coordinator (32 episodes, 1987-1989


Series Other crew 

François Hardy


equestrian advisor (12 episodes, 1987)

Jean-François Pignon


horse handler (2 episodes, 1987-1988)

J. Courtois


script supervisor (1 episode, 1987)

Mario Luraschi


stunt horse provider (1 episode, 1987)

Georges Mihalka


title sequence creator (1 episode, 1987)

François Hardy is known for his work on Le pacte des loups (2001), Astérix & Obélix contre César (1999) and Arsène Lupin (2004).

Below what he did in Crossbow and his role in Napoleon. More here

Crossbow (TV Series) (equestrian advisor - 12 episodes)

- The Pass (1987) ... (equestrian advisor - as Francois Hardy)

- The Impostor (1987) ... (equestrian advisor - as Francois Hardy)

- The Stallion (1987) ... (equestrian advisor - as Francois Hardy)

- The Bet (1987) ... (equestrian advisor - as Francois Hardy)

- The Dukes of Zharinghen (1987) ... (equestrian advisor - as Francois Hardy)

- Sanctuary (1987) ... (equestrian advisor - as Francois Hardy)

- Albion (1987) ... (equestrian advisor - as Francois Hardy)

- Reunion (1987) ... (equestrian advisor - as Francois Hardy)

- The Scavengers (1987) ... (equestrian advisor - as Francois Hardy)

- The Little Soldier (1987) ... (equestrian advisor - as Francois Hardy)

- The Prisoner (1987) ... (equestrian advisor - as Francois Hardy)

- The Banquet (1987) ... (equestrian advisor - as Francois Hardy)


Napoléon (TV Mini-Series) (horses and carriages - 4 episodes)

- 1812-1821 (2002) ... (horses and carriages)

- 1807-1812 (2002) ... (horses and carriages)

- 1800-1807 (2002) ... (horses and carriages)

- 1795-1800 (2002) ... (horses and carriages)








Unfortunately I found out (while reading) the IMBD list that, many gueststar appearances and actors doesn't match the number of episodes. It says Conrad Phillips was in 3 episodes but that isn't true.

(Reunion, Stallion, Imposter, Pass, Misalliance, Possessed, The Four Horsemen, The Citadel, The Princess, Ladyship and The promised Land, later in season three in Moment of Truth). This is an example

but there are more of this. I can't really check them all. I think it has to be written correctly in IMDB so if there is information that isn't correctr please feel free to email us.