On The Other Side Of The Camera

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presented by

Robert Halmi Jr. Inc. & FR3

created by

Anthony Horowitz

in association with

Crossbow Films Limited


Executive Producers

Mark Grenside and Simon Oakes



Robert Halmi Jr.  

Patrick Deschamps



Associate Producers

Richard Schlesinger


David Wilkes


Executives in Charge of Production

Steven North


Robert E. Altman

David Kappes

Irene Litinsky

Mychele Boudrias


Executive in Charge of Post Production

Jean-Marc Vasseur


His daughter Morgan played in "The pit" and "The rock"

Thanks to Jean Marc Vasseur for the pictures on this link!


Production Assistent

Dana Belcastro




George Mihalka 14 first 2


Christian Duguay 14


Dennis Berry 15


John Coles 3 first season

Chris King 2 first season

Paul Stanley 3 first season

Allan Goldstein 3 first season

David Kappes 1

Jacques Methe 2


Richard Schlesinger 3


Paolo Barzman 3

Mai Zetterling  


3 and co-wrote - the renowned Swedish Actress and direeector made a name in Hollywood as a leading actress in such films as Knock on Wood



Edithe Swensen 9 episodes

Steven Bawol 11 first two


Anthony Horowitz 11 first 2

Harold Kappes 2

Mark Princi 3

Michelle Princi 1

Bernard Frangin 1

Ranald Graham 9


John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch 5

Pascal Bancoul and Christian Boyreron 2

David Wilks 9

Claude Harz 7

Mark Lyons 2

Leonard Tuck 1

David Hughes 3 with Mai Zetterling



Philippe Guegan

  Yannick Derrien (Tell's Stunt double)


Horse Stunts 

by Mario Luraschi


Music composer

Stanislas Syrewicz



Sound editor

Ina Palmer



Sound mixer

Jean Baptiste Marisy



Film Editors

Dominique Pouzadou


Josette Roze


Any Goirand


Anne Brotons

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