My name is Eline and I'm from the Netherlands. I've always been a fan of Crossbow since the day I watched it. A friend of mine showed me the series and it was love at the first sight. I met Laurel, the other owner of this site around 1997 on a forum and we discovered we had the same interests. One of them was longing to see Crossbow back on television again. But It regrettably never came back. Laurel lived at that time in the USA and I was living in Holland. We met up a few times and the last time was a few months ago. Together we've started this site and we hope you enjoy it as well as we do.

I'm 33 years old and married to Patrick and we do have 4 children. A busy family takes almost all of my time because they are very young. I studied occupation therapy and worked with children. Hobbies: photography, my husband, nature, horse riding and drawing. I can really enjoy taking a hike,  listening to birds and take a good look around me. I love the baroque horses like Knabstrubers with dots on them, Frisian horses, Andalusian and Lipizzan. I also like the small but tough Icelandic horse. And the horse I've had half of my life named Funsy, he was a tall Welsh with Arabic blood. He reached the age of 35 and died in 2010. I will never forget him.

 Left photo above: Laurel (left) and  me. In the middle my children and me. Right: Funsy and me.

Left below: Tell and Napolitano, me and my cat Tjebbe and me on Frisian horse Melle. And on the last photo below my dear husband with our daughter Roos.!





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