Eline and Laurel


Youghiogheny river white water rafting


Around 1998  USA                                                                                    2000 London                                                          



Eline and her frst horse                                                              Meeting in Harlingen, the Netherlands



My name is Eline and I'm from the Netherlands. I've always been a fan of Crossbow since the day I watched it. A friend of mine showed me the series and it was love at first sight. I met Laurel  around 1997 on a forum and we discovered we had the same interests. One of them was longing to see Crossbow back on television again. But it regrettably never came back. Laurel lived at that time in the USA and I was living in Holland. We met up a few times. We traveled through east America for weeks. We spent a few days together during the Millenium in London, had a nice few days together in Boston've had nice weeks together and the last time was a few years ago in Alphen, Zaandam and Harlingen, The Netherlands. Together we've started this site and we hope you enjoy it as well as we do.

I'm 40 years old. A busy family takes almost all of my time. I studied occupation therapy and worked in the healthcare and later with children. I also started painting and illustrating.



Joan with shaved socks, she is too sensitive for wet grounds so she has no longer socks that kept her feet dampy



Messiage photo. on Friesian Melle at Vlieland


Our horse Hidalgo



Me in South Spain '98 with my friend Jacqueline


The Andalusian white mare I used to ride


At Carcassonne (not in Crossbow) Biggest castle of Europe!


A long hike to the ruins of las Tours, here we sit on one of the towers


A walk to tour le Merle


Hiking in Lozere







The pink lake with a great castle! In the south


Epierre Albion and Clermont


The red rocks



Next to the Mont Blanc



Les Baux late in the evening









Below not my photo