Château l 'Évêque

l' Eveque surrounded with autumn colours


As far as we know there was no filming in the chateau. Just a short (of the exterior) intro shot of episode 'The taking of castle Tanner ep. 31.'

And they made another shot (ep. The Rock, 30). It's a shot of enemy horsemen on their way to the town (Pit+Rock) via this castle gardens.  The castle looks majestic, it has

beautiful gardens and the castle sits high on a steep hill opposite a river. Most rooms must be maintained. The windows are broken. But the entrance with the stairs is beautiful!


The village of Château-l'Évêque is a small French village located south west of France. The town of Château-l'Évêque is located in the department of Dordogne of the French region Aquitaine. The town of

Château-l'Évêque is in the township of Périgueux-Nord-Est part of the district of Périgueux.  7 km from Périgueux on the road of Angouleme, the old Castle of Castle - Bishop who was the summer palace of Bishops of

 Périgueux until the revolutionary period, was built from the 14th to the 16th century. Two polygonal towers ornate beautiful sculptures contain stairs to screw. A corbelled turret contains an oratory.


This elegant building is surrounded by a park in the English River. And a pond makes it a romantic place to perfection. It's new owner decided to wake up this beautiful asleep

until then closed to thepublic by opening it to visitors. From 1 July and until September 30 from 10: 00 to 12: 00 and from 14:30 to 18:30. I'm not sure it's still open in 2019.


Below: Some of the tilting of the tower is broken (right picture) and doves stay in the roof.



The boy has fled to the castle. Since the death of his father, Lord Tanner, he is no longer safe at home.

                    1987                                                                              The river is where the poplar trees line up 2016



Location: Nothing changed much, only the trees have grown. Walking around feels peaceful and quiet.


Below: Riders in the gardens of Eveque on their way to the village of the Rock.

This fields in front of this castle could have been a decor for shots in episode the Rock (30) The shot is combined to the meadows of Paussac et Vivien.

The left picture is taken by me in 2016. At that moment I had not idea this field was decor of Crossbow so I took a photo by coincidence of one of the fields.

Today the castle is almost hidden behind the tall trees.


Below we've drawn a map of the route next to the water.



Houses of wood 

 The 'wood houses' are in episode 31: 'The taking of castle Tanner.' It's still an unknown location.

 Perhaps somewhere around Chateau Faucher or chateau L' eveque? The interior looks like stone. It could be one of the houses in front of Chateau Faucher, near the river. Perhaps they changed the exterior

into wood. We don't know so far. It can be on the edge of the ancient own 'Les Ages' as well. The first photo is seen from the interior (with the open door). I'm not sure if this is in the wooden shed. In Crossbow you can never be sure...




It is a beautiful little town and capital of a canton of about 7,000 people. Slightly less than half of this area consists of forest. Brantome is a tourist attraction thanks to the Benedictine abbey

(founded by Charlemagne in the 9th century), the accompanying Gothic church (originally from the 12th century, but in the 19th century heavily handled by a student of the illustrious architect

Viollet le Duc) , the sterster complex, the surrounding city and the beautiful location in the protective green and the nourishing river. In many tourist guides, Brantome is 'worth a detour'.

Besides the woods, there are many fruit trees and nut trees in this area. The river Dronne, is the largest river in this area.


The Celts, that were the first inhabitants of this beautiful place: a protective rock and a bend in the river. They lived there simply and satisfied. When the place grew, it was time for a name. The then

ruler  called a council of sages together to find a name. A night meeting did not yield anything. In despair, the Lord called in the help of the gods at dawn. And immediately a fairy appeared in the azure

sky and said: Dear ones - you have found a beautiful place on earth - it deserves a name worthy of eternity - the rock and the water, the source - call it Brantome and take good care of your paradise.


Brantome caves - Episode 32 'Fear'

Magnifique place! It's close to the abbaye of Brantome, just around the corner. East of it, the camera angle made it look like you're in the middle of rocky woods!


This rough area with nice views, trees and rocks (east of the abbaye) is a complete discovery on the outskirts of the village.


This is a very low camera angle! The photo on the right is mine and taken around 2017. I took it standing at eye level. On my photo you can see the small stone in front

(right side, just below the rounded rock) Tou can see the made this small stone looking like a giant. It's all depending on the angle and heigth of the camera.



                                                                                                                            1988     2015 The picture below (right) is in opposite of what you have seen above (entering the cave).



There it is! The most surreal setting I ever saw.

The good news is it really excists! The bad news is that it no longer looks special today.

We almost thought It must have been filmed in a studio. It was on a promotion folder either. It's just near the abbaye of Brantome. There are a lot of caves behind the abbey but not this one.

This one is on the outside. And I don't think they know how beautiful and mysterious you can make this cave with this great pillar, a bit mist and good lights. Turning on some spotlight and put away

the storage and you can open this to the public! It's a waste! I'm sorry to say; they don't seem to realize the value of this beauty! It's almost hiden away with an ugly fence in front of it. 2017.

I wouldsay rent it out for shooting/film recordings or make it an extra place to visit. They can also make beautiful photo cards of it and promote this place.


   My photo is taken on the right. Long we thought It was a surrealistic studio location, but this place really excists and is very underestimate place..

The circle in the attic almost seems a real hole with a ray of licht through it. They may have closed it but I'm not sure about that. Or It was once was open of they put a good spot on it.

It's hard to see that they now only using it as a storage room. Unfortunately a forgotten place while It can look so great!

1987                                                                                             2017                                                                                                         2017



The caves behind the abbey. Accessible via the Monastery.

Many of the tourist guides does not matter whether Brantome belongs to the Perigord Blanc or Vert - it is very green here - in the green of Brantome lie dolmens hidden (here also called pierre levéé, raised stones)

- of the Roman times nothing is left. The rock of Brantome must have had the necessary attraction in the early Christian period to the faithful who devoted their lives as a hermit to god. The concentration of the hermits

and the great popularity of the Benedictine monastic order led to the foundation of the monastery in Brantome. Fight back and forth, the hundred-year war - only after a while the monastery gets the allure it has

today. That the French court called Brantome one of its support points certainly contributed to this. 


Brantome is also the entrance to the Parc Naturel Régional Périgord-Limousin and to the valley of the Dronne - except for culture you will find the necessary nature and relaxation in it. Brantome has several

hotels and in the immediate vicinity you will find plenty of chambres d'hotes, of course there are also campsites. The town has a flourishing middle class thanks to the tourists.


  Brantome staircase

Amazing staircase!

So beautiful and there are two of them, slightly different from each other

1987 Godrill on her way to Calibar to give him back what she had stolen.                                                          2017                                               


Tell enters the same location, different building

Brantome church                                                                          Brantome monastery                                                                                                            


To make it more complicated; in fact Tell is wouneded by Calibar. He sat at the river bank of Faucher castle in the evening. Suddenly he hears a

scream of Godrill. There is a light burning in one of the many rooms of Faucher castle. Then the scene switches to two buildingsa in Brantome.


1987    Tell hears Godrill's screaming and takes the stairs to find her      2017



The room of episode 'Fear' - Unknown location!

Same kind of door as the quarters of 'The Seekers of The Soul' (which was shot in Faucher). On the photo (middle) I can see round pillars. I've seen them in Faucher garden. I'm not

sure about this location.  Inside chateau Brantome or chateau Faucher? Both pictures below has two different recognizable windows.. I'm not sure where this room could be...



Faucher has those shaped doors..but take a look at the windows.... (right photo below and the right photo above).

                                      Round pillars or both?                                                       Square pillars?                          Looking through the window it seems you see part of a balcony?    


Here a close shot of the background

The room inside Brantome of chateau Faucher?

To me this looks like Faucher, same doors as the soulseekers, same stones, recognizable windows. Not sure yet. But this is probably not that high in the castle

than they make you believe.  You see a nightshot of Faucher castle, then Tell is taking the stairs up (of Brantome), then he arrives in a room on ground level ;) 



The courtyard of Brantome - The fight against Excalibar

Below you can see the door to the church of Brantome. The huge spot prevends you from discovering the interior of the church. Great shot!


 Above in 1987 and below I made photos in 2017       Dominique Hulin plays (a double) role Calibar (he plays the role of Dantes too)



Something is heading Tell's way                                                                                                                                                                                                                    





                                             1987                                                                                        2017                                                                                       



                                                                                                                                                                                               Into the church of Brantome




It's officially classified as one of the most beautiful villages of France, although it is more a town than a village. The old town itself is built on an island, surrounded by waterways, crossed with

ancient bridges and bordered by quaint, stone houses. The streets are narrow and lined with traditional French shops and cafés and the whole town is covered with flowers. Brantôme is picturesque.


The Caves

But it is so much more than picturesque. Historically it has its origins in neolithic times when humans first inhabited its extensive caves. This was a

time of the troglodytes, the cave-dwellers, but as time went on people emerged from the caves and began to build monuments to the sky gods.


An abbey rose from the rocks; the rocks themselves became the foundations. From the earth the people came into the air and began to build a town surrounded by water.


Dwellings were made from earth fired into clay tiles, metals smelted from the stones and glass made from earth and fire. Brantome was born.


The cave habitation in the area                                                                                                                                                                                       



Behind the abbey are large Brantome caves.                                                                                                Right picture: a well inside the abbey garden.          



Brantome Staircase

There are two of these staircases in this building, just slightly different and not next to each other. The one close to the cloister is the Crossbow staircase.

The beautiful staircase!!



              Extra photos Brantome