Ferme de Sauveterre

Episode 70 Forbidden land

We have no idea where this cliff is, somewhere in Lozere on plateau Cause de Sauveterre? Or is it a close-up of the rock at Boissets?


Scene: Tell jumped over a wall to get a sheep back. But the wall seems a mysterious border. The shepherd warned Tell, but he didn't seem to mind. He noticed that something was happening to him. Then the episode started.


In this episode Tell is confronted with his deeds and has to take responsibility

Above the Ferme de Sauveterre, almost the whole episode is recorded here excepted the cave is near the Tarn river at St. Chely




One sheep leaves the herd and jumps over the wall. The dog follows. The sheep falls. Tell wants to be helpful and jumps over the wall to get the dog. While Tell jumps the shepherd shouts: 'Don't go there!' But it's too late now....


Something changed




"Many thanks, many thanks but don't go there don't go over the wall...then... Tell: "Then what?" "There is nothing until a fool goes in there, then everything happens." The sheppard keeps on warning Tell. "If you go in there...you would go mad!" "You just imagine things." "Nobody has ever returned."



Next trial

Tell enters a misty forest. A world of ghosts and shadows of the past


                                                                                                                                                                       Hilary Mason



The woman has a message:

"You are now in the world of your own mind with your memories, your desires and your guilt, your hope..."

Tell responded: "What do you want me to do?" "This is the most uncomfortable of all...to discover who or what you are... You must explore the land inside yourself"

Only there, among the terrible shadows and all it's confusion. You are fighting no one, only this time... It's only yourself to rescue."


The search continues



For Tell the episode is full of shock moments where he is tested.


While laughing about Gessler's faith, but then Gessler starts to speak...


Tell uses his sword against Gessler and then the person changed into Matthew.



Then a mysterious rider approaches and offers Tell a drink



Then he is thrown off and walking through the misty fields, he comes across a farm.

He recognizes the residents and greets them, but they don't respond as Tell expects ....


Nothings is what it seems



Tell comes to the village and nobody recognizes him. It's an episode where he is confronted with his deeds and the choices he made.


1989                                                                                                    2017



1988 during Crossbow                                                                                       2017          



Great view! Far in on this plateau is the 'Jasse', the place Tell is looking for a guide to cross the wasteland in ep. The Shadow and The Wind Wagon.



                           1989                                                                   2017                                                       2017 It seems the second window




A temporary (filmset)

A fake oven was added during the shooting of 'Crossbow.' (Like the film set oven in Arlempdes season 1 episode 5 and 10).

By the way, the place where 'the arrows' pointing to is the place you see below (recognize the bended wall and the stairs)



A deeper path has now been created at the excavator side

At the spot of the path, a wall used to be fixed on the right side of the building, just look at these two pictures below.

                                Between the buildings the wall                                       


          Below: Here is where the wall used to be attached                   Tell has entered the property and the wall is in the back.



Tell's struggle

He has to face it alone


Katrina returned to Ferme de Sauveterre to record a large part of this last episode with Tell (of season 3). We also saw Gessler and the 'new' Matthew back again.



                             1987                                                                     2017



                       1989 the wall arcade was closed and is anno 2017 open en the wall behind tell is broken down and open to the field. It's the entrance nowadays




                         1989                                                                         2017




Totally ignored


Nothing is what it seems


Confusion all over






1989                                                                             2017                                                                          2017



The confrontation with his family

Nothing left of the stairs, the owner is working with a shuffle and removed a wall and probably this stairs too, It's not a natural damage. I'm surprised because this is a monument. This stairs is original. Hope nothing more will be gone.


The broken stairs

The stairs has unfortunately been destroyed

                                2017 the building left of the stairs                                                        1989                                                           2017, the stairs is damaged



                                     1988           just a slightly different angle but hardly changed.      2017               



The confrontation

Tell meets soldiers he killed out of self-defense. These soldiers are telling him they have a family too.


We can't trace this room. It's perfectly hidden behind a lot of wood


The soldiers are chasing Tell with horrific wounds, they are constantly complaining.


                                                       It could be this room with the wooden poles (who are still there). I think it will be refurbished soon.




Or above is the place Tell descents the stairs, see below



                                   2017                                                                                                           1988 /1989                       




Below: Same room as above but this time seen half an level higher up.


The place still excists. Photo is from 2017.  On the right of Tell is the window (you can also see on the right photo). Between the window and the door you still see the vertical line in the wall


Above: The stairs, door and the window is still the same! Hope the owner doesn't change much anymore.

They shot probably in different rooms. In any case the room with the open side and the old staircase is a fact. If you see how open that room is (see below) then it must have been shot in the dark or they made it dark. For the rest, It's guessing. Ferm de Sauveterre is in any case recognizable in certain places.



Extra photos of  Ferme de Sauveterre



Not exactly safe to enter all...









The room to the basement


Could be a shot of this place

The left door



Shots of the enormous fields north of Ferme de Sauveterre in May

This photos are taken in the end of May and the grass is already coloured. Lots of flowers and orchids in the spring. In July and August the fields are yellow and dry, like in Crossbow.




Causse de Sauveterre


On and behind this huge plateau is Jasse de Sauveterre. Hard to discover because all rocks look like each other. There are a lot of 'jasses', sheepshelter from small to large.

Above windmills in the back


Photo above and below taken from the hill of Ferme the Sauveterre.


      The front                                                                                             From the inside                                                   





In the beginning I thought it was a deserted ruin, later I found out there might live people up in the back but it was not sure. No signs. The back was a bit modernized. This place was too private to enter. But there were no private property warnings/signs.





I believe rock Fortunio in the back.

















Cave scenes of The Forbidden land

At the end, there is a scene in a cave. There are lots of caves around. We did not know which cave until recently. We think C. Petit has located the cave around St. Chely, but we first have to look to make sure of it, when one of us is around.

The same cave as in episode the Children!


Then the voice of Gessler suddenly says: "Tell!" 

Tell responds immediately: "Gessler!"  and he turns around to spot him. "I'm waiting for you behind your back, always waiting for you.. I'm your dead, Tell!

Tell: "Your evil never win." "I'm your evil. Come on let us be friends, It's nonsense to face each other.

Tell: "Your ...cruel, selfish, vain! You are everything that I detest! Gessler: "Then it's yourself you hate, fool!" They start to fight, they look each other in the eye. Then Tell says: "You are the devil!"


Tell throws Gessler over his shoulder almost into the fire but he didn't succeed, then Gessler comes from the back again and tries to strangle Tell.

"I'm your dead, a soft dead for your loved ones. Isn't that what you actually want that? Isn't that what you want?"

Then Katrina appears, stand behind him: "William....please stop, my love.  Stop the fighting and come home to me, come on..." Just when Tell turns towards her to see her ...she seems gone ...

Though Tell acted in self-defence, he just threw Gessler into the fire......then he hears his wife calling..she and his son ask him to come home


Then he hears his son talking

"father, please don't leave us. I'm lost without you! I need you to show me how to win." "Do you really want to know how to win?" Matthew nods Yes. "Give me the torch." Tell catches the torch and suddenly he throws the burning torch against him very hard. Matthew: "What have I've done?" "You have won. But It's not enough. You must go further find out more stress yourself, there is always more in this life than your think." The evil seems to be destroyed.

The woman: "You have come through."


Above near St. Chely (village of Children) Both photo's below you can see the recognizable rocks of St. Chely in the back of Lucas the oldest child.

The cave of the Children and the scene with Gessler (More up on this link in episode: Forbidden Land) must be nearby St. Chely too.


The left photo: we think it's not the same place as the middle and right picture (here Tell left the cave and on the other two he jumped of the rock on another spot.)



She tells him he came through



  The last time we see Tell... where is he going to?? We will never know..