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Horse Stunts


Mario Luraschi is known for his work on Le pacte des loups (2001), The Brothers Grimm (2005) and Mr. Nobody (2009).

Mario Luraschi provided horses and stuntmenfilms in films like: Bandidas, Jeanne D’Arc, Lucky Luck, Black Beauty and James Bond and many more. His horses were in shows in Las Vegas

(Excalibur) en Disneyland Parijs (Buffalo Bill Show). His work brought him in contact with Pénélope Cruz, Sylvester Stallone, Salma Hayek en Leonardo di Caprio and many more, you can click here


Around the end of the 80 ties                            The almost impossible jump into a full boat. This stunt went well and safely.         







Mario Luraschi and his stunt horses, It looks spectacular but he always makes sure his horses can't get insured or harmed. Most of them are Andalusian horses. Tell's main horse was

a beautiful Lipizzan gelding named Napolitano. In the first 10 episodes, season 1 he rode a tall brown horse named Guitano and during the third season a short part on a little Arabic horse.

Horst rides a Frisian Horse and all the other blackknights black Andalusian horses. Crossbow is a treat for everyone that loves these stunning horses!

I was lucky to visit, just before Corona, a show in Paris. It was stunning!!



As a horse trainer, stuntman and stuntrider, riding master, driver, trick rider, but also saddle-maker, stable manager, etc, Mario Luraschi is a real equestrian master.
He accumulates observations, knowledge and experience and goes to the utmost of his reflection concerning the horses.
His eagerness to learn and his persistence made him to be nominated ‘Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres’ (Knight in the Arts and Literature) and receive, in 2016, the medal of honour of Knight

in the French Order of the Légion d’Honneur, out of the hands of Robert Hossein.

A beautiful video about horsestunts. And here A French article about him, you can click here


Mario Luraschi collaborated on films such as Bandidas, Jeanne D'Arc, Lucky Luck, Black Beauty and James Bond. In addition, his horses were shown at shows in Las Vegas (Excalibur)

and Disneyland Paris (Buffalo Bill Show). His work brought Luraschi into contact with stars like Pénélope Cruz, Sylvester Stallone, Salma Hayek and Leonardo di Caprio.


The Iberian horse

The Iberian horse is a title given to a number of horse breeds native to the Iberian peninsula. At present, no fewer than 18 horse breeds are officially recognized  

Iberian horses are thought to be among the oldest types of domesticated horses. Modern Iberian broads tend to be a Baroque horse type that resemble their most famous member, the

Andalusian horse, in conformation. 


The Lusitano, Sorraia and Garrano are of Portuguese origin, and the remaining are of Spanish. These include the Asturcón, Burguete, Caballo de Monte del País Vasco, Pura Raza Gallega,

Pura Raza Española (Andalusian horse), Hispano-Árabe, Hispano-Bretón, Jaca Navarra, Losino, Monchino and Pottoka, as well as the Cavall Mallorquí, Mallorquín and Menorquín (subsets

of the Balearic broad  Outside the FAO list, but in the Spanish catalog, a spinoff from the Sorraia, the Marismeño, has also been identified living in the environs of the Doñana National Park  

In 2005, a distinctive primitive, feral wide was identified inside the same National Park, the Retuerta horse (Caballo de las retuertas)


This picture is very old. when I was about 12 It was on a little documentation series book at my school.

I didn't know then It was about Mario Luraschi. It was about stunts in movies.


Here you see mario making his own horse harnesses. He has a own saddlery.

It's amazing what harnesses and costumes he has.


                                                                                                                    Right above is a horseshow, the man on the photo isn't Mario


Driving & Harnessing

He equips all sorts of carriages, wagons and chariots with several horses and launches them at full speed, simulates accidents or drives them through the fire. Driving is one of the great specialities

of Mario Luraschi and he created an incredible demonstration for an audience of 298.000 spectators in 2006 in the Stade de France, Paris, for the staging of ‘Ben Hur’, a show directed by Robert Hossein.

Being a detail fanatic, he can harness a Russian troika or an ancient Spanish equipage. “Where ever I go in the world, I watch, I ask for explanations and I learn.” A thirst for knowledge leads him

to visit museums, to read historical works of the old masters, to collect objects and to fabricate himself the harnesses and saddles that he needs. He owns an extraordinary collection of saddles,

harnesses, bridles, bits and historical equestrian items.


The training

High School & Classical Dressage

As a pupil of the Spanish horse trainer Paco Yanez, Mario Luraschi was schooled in the equestrian tradition of working with Spanish bulls. He learned also very much in the circus,

especially thanks to working with Alexis Gruss senior (father of Lucien) in the world famous Circus Jean Richard Pinder. He schooled more than 300 horses

into high school and classical work.  An absolute record!


Equestrian Vaulting And Trick Riding

He teaches one and the same horse to jump into the flames, to pull a carriage in a breathtaking gallop, to fall, to rear or … to play dead for a movie shoot.

Mario Luraschi started his career in the western theme park ‘La vallée des peaux rouges’ in 1965, in the Oise region near Paris.
As sspecialists in the Cossack vaulting, he and his team of stuntmen are the masters of the action scenes and equestrian tournaments.



He coordinates the most incredible stunts to the last detail and in absolute safety for his horses. For the movie ‘The riders of the storm’, he jumps with a breathtaking gallop into a small and

crowded boat. In the circus of Amiens, he makes his horse disappear into a box. In 2001, he wins the world stunt award for a stunt in ‘A Knight’s Tale’, an American film of Brian Helgeland.

He accomplished nearly 800 ‘rear-and-fall-overs’, a very dangerous equestrian stunt, often seen in battle scenes.

Liberty Work

As real actors, his horses can play everything: attacking, sitting, laying down, playing asleep or arrive at a full gallop as in the 45 episodes of ‘The Black Stallion’.
For a commercial for OPI (‘Instinct of colour’), one of his stallions challenges four dancers, imitating the style of each of them. In ‘The riders of the storm’ ]

of Gerard Vergez, a horse attacks his trainer and in ‘Into the West’ a horse appears in a magnificent way on the beach.


"Stunt riding is the ultimate goal of dressage.

The rider involves himself physically." 


An interview with Mario Luraschi by Charlotte Guyot Horselab 2016


There is something universal about Mario Luraschi’s work. On the same day, a riding instructor colleague, a policeman on horseback, my school riders,

and people fully disconnected from the world of horses, all told me: « Wow, Mario Luraschi, that’s awesome!! ». 



It is probably because we all dream of feeling free on horseback, that we all recognize ourselves in Mario’s work. We would like to be as free as he is, with regard to

our horse’s moves, our own movements, and all the situations that we could ride and live through. The horse stunt performer can do it all!


Master class 

Of course, we will not all become professional stuntmen and women! But The Horse Lab allows you to get a little closer to this perfect

dream of freedom by sharing Mario’s advice and vision of riding. 




 Improve your riding seat. This is the rider’s gymnastics!
The Horse Lab: Mario Luraschi, you were a gymnast before you became a rider. Is this important?

Mario Luraschi: I grew up at the time of Western movies, John Wayne, and the obsession with physical appearance. This was part of my education:

having a muscular and healthy body was important. I was a talented young gymnast. A stuntman’s first quality is his physical condition, maintained through gymnastics.

All stunt performers train on a daily basis. Every physical exercise, every sport, is beneficial to the rider. 

THL: When you are teaching beginner riders, like actors, what is your favourite exercise to improve their seat and position?
ML: Riding without stirrups! 80% of the riders I train are beginners. They all start with six or seven hours of no-stirrups riding, one hour a day, with the vaulting equipment, on the lunge. 



THL: How did you get involved in stunt riding?
ML: Through my passion for Native American culture, including the culture of horses. Gymnastics is not my passion!

THL: Your schedule is very busy, with performances for the Hanover horse show, for movies, television, advertising, the opening of your new arena and studio,

collaborations with artists, you have done everything, what keeps you working today?
ML: Every horse is different. No two horses are the same. There is always a new connection to be made.
The last thing you want is for your horse to be bored. I have met a dozen

of extraordinary horses in my life.     


Dressage and horse locomotion

THL: Are you more a horse trainer or a stunt performer?
ML: I am first of all a horse trainer. The main gymnast is the horse. It’s like in all equestrian disciplines. You need a very good horse to perform riding stunts, as you

would need one to perform show jumping. Dressage helps the rider to reveal a horse’s talent.

You have to make horses skillful and adaptable, learn to work with difficult horses, in a relaxed mood. There is no room for violence.

THL: Why did you go into stunt riding?
ML: Stunt riding is the ultimate objective, it’s the ultimate goal of dressage and training. The rider involves himself physically. Stunt performing is like war: it is all about risking your own life

and a matter of pride. When I started performing, all of today’s security measures did not exist, there was no cable to hold you back. You could not crop something out of an image either. 
For pure human stunts you need to be a gymnast first. But for the most difficult horse stunts, like when the horse rears up and falls or jumps in a boat, you first need to be a rider.

THL: What does being a rider mean?
You have to be totally synchronised with your horse’s movements, and perfectly know how a horse moves. The jump in a boat, one of the most difficult stunts, is a flying change. When the horse

rears up and falls, the rider has to fully use the horse’s propulsion and go with it. When the horse is about to touch the ground, the rider is projected further (not under the horse). It is the horse’s

propulsion that gives the rider the correct movement [Horse Lab note: like in show jumping!].

Horse Lab tip: understanding the horse’s locomotion
The Horse Lab recommends the reading of Commandant Licart’s (riding master of the Cadre noir in Saumur, 1935)
Equitation Raisonnée, at Lavauzelle editions (in French, but with many illustrations).

Then train yourself to observe, feel, and move with your horse’s locomotion, until it becomes intuitive to you.



THL: Teach us how to fall off a horse!
ML: To fall off a horse, do not resist. Let yourself go. If you try to cling onto the horse, you are ignoring the reception on the ground. At the contrary, think about the reception! Do not contract

your muscles. If you are contracted, you will hit the ground twice: one part of your body first, then a second. That’s how you break bones. You have to fall in one piece, with a supple body.

 What about mental preparation?

THL: Do you use any mental preparation tips before a stunt?
ML: Never! I have decided to do it, I do it. Do not ask yourself too many questions. Prepare carefully before the stunt, use proper equipment [Horse Lab note: Mario makes his own tack],

train your technique, pay attention to all the details. Then, action is the name of the game!


The horse 

THL: What is a good stunt horse?

ML: A war horse. 



THL: When I came to your training arena, about fifteen horses were warming up, I was immediately struck by the athletic condition and energy of all your horses. 
ML: A stunt horse has to be crafted. This means lots of dressage and gymnastics. For instance, to lay a horse down, the horse must be able to bend from nose to tail, like in the shoulder-in.

But all horses are not stunt horses. To perform a horse stunt, you need a horse that is perfectly trained and ready to go forward with you. Not a horse that is afraid of a bucket of water! 

Horse education

THL: What should one do with a frightened and fearful horse?
ML: All horses are different, more or less “war”-like. But your job is to educate them! Go outside in the forest, show them everything. Get them used to all kinds of situations, to taking your jacket

off in the saddle, to the whip which is an extension to the rider’s arm. One day, I was awarded a dressage prize in Germany, which was given after a competition. Suddenly a pole trailer collapsed.

The horse that won the competition went hysterical and it took her rider five laps around the arena to calm him down. My horse did not move. You have to take the time to educate your horse,

even a fearful horse, so that you make him, not a stunt horse, but just a normal horse!


To go further 

THL: What if someone wants to become a stunt rider?
ML: Well, first, learn gymnastics, learn to ride. And then, join a serious team that performs stunts outdoors, for the film industry! 
THL: And about cinema, what if someone wants to shoot a movie? You have just inaugurated a new training arena, in the Ermenonville forest, in Oise,

a 45-minute drive from Paris, France. This arena is also a real photo and cinema studio, and a place to host events. We wish you the best!
ML: Yes, well, I was looking for a way to go broke! (laughs)  


Mario Luraschi, Cavalcade, Cinema and horse shows 
Ferme de la Chapelle,  France 

 Click here for his most recent imdb list. Impressive!

I read he worked in 400 movies.

Stunts (90 credits)

Emperor 2022

Capitaine Marlaux 2021

Emperor (horse stunt director)

 2017-2018 Versailles (TV Series) (stunt coordinator - 20 episodes)

- Episode #3.10 (2018) ... (stunt coordinator: horse stunts)

- Episode #3.9 (2018) ... (stunt coordinator: horse stunts)

- Episode #3.8 (2018) ... (stunt coordinator: horse stunts)

- Episode #3.7 (2018) ... (stunt coordinator: horse stunts)

- Episode #3.6 (2018) ... (stunt coordinator: horse stunts)

Show all 20 episodes see link at imdb

 2018 Le retour du héros (stunt coordinator: horse stunts)

 2017 Carbone (equestrian stunt advisor)

 2015 L'odeur de la mandarine (equestrian stunt advisor)

 2013 Jappeloup (stunt coordinator: horse stunts)

 2013 Turf (stunt coordinator: horse stunts)

 2011 Commissaire Magellan (TV Series) (horse stunt coordinator - 1 episode)

- Pur sang (2011) ... (horse stunt coordinator)

 2010 Arthur 3: la guerre des deux mondes (horse stunt coordinator)

 2010 La princesse de Montpensier (stunt coordinator: horse stunts)

 2009 Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard (horse stunt coordinator)

 2009 Lucky Luke (horse stunt coordinator)

 2009 Merlin (TV Series) (horse stunt coordinator - 1 episode)

- The Once and Future Queen (2009) ... (horse stunt coordinator)

 2009 Coco avant Chanel (horses stunts supervisor)

 2007 Une vieille maîtresse (horses stunts supervisor)

 2007 Jacquou le croquant (stunt coordinator)

 2006 Comme des voleurs (à l'est) (stunt coordinator)

 2006 Paris, je t'aime (animal wrangler: Cavalcade)

 2006 Les brigades du Tigre (horse stunts)

 2006 Henry Dunant: Du rouge sur la croix (TV Movie) (stunt coordinator)

 2006 Bandidas (horses stunts supervisor)

 2005 The Brothers Grimm (stunt coordinator)

 2004 Blueberry (stunt coordinator)

 2003 Les liaisons dangereuses (TV Mini-Series) (horse stunts - 3 episodes)

- Episode #1.3 (2003) ... (horse stunts)

- Episode #1.2 (2003) ... (horse stunts)

- Episode #1.1 (2003) ... (horse stunts)

 2003 Fanfan (horses stunts supervisor)

 2003 Monsieur N. (horse stunt)

 2002 Napoléon (TV Mini-Series) (stunt coordinator - 4 episodes)

- 1812-1821 (2002) ... (stunt coordinator)

- 1807-1812 (2002) ... (stunt coordinator)

- 1800-1807 (2002) ... (stunt coordinator)

- 1795-1800 (2002) ... (stunt coordinator)

 2002 Blanche (stunt advisor: horse stunts)

 2002 The Good Thief (stunt horse advisor)

 2001 The Mists of Avalon (TV Mini-Series) (stunt coordinator - 2 episodes)

- Episode #1.2 (2001) ... (stunt coordinator)

- Episode #1.1 (2001) ... (stunt coordinator)

 2001 Un couple modèle (TV Movie) (stunts)

 2001 Just Visiting (stunts - uncredited)

  Brigade spéciale (TV Series) (stunt advisor - 1 episode, 2001) (stunt coordinator - 1 episode, 1999)

- Meutre ultime (2001) ... (stunt advisor)

- La 7ème victime (1999) ... (stunt coordinator)

 2001 Le pacte des loups (horse stunts)

 2000 Les misérables (TV Mini-Series) (horse stunt coordinator - 4 episodes)

- Quatrième épisode (2000) ... (horse stunt coordinator)

- Troisième épisode (2000) ... (horse stunt coordinator)

- Episode #1.2 (2000) ... (horse stunt coordinator)

- Episode #1.1 (2000) ... (horse stunt coordinator)

 2000 Vatel (horseman)

 1999 Joan of Arc (TV Mini-Series) (stunt coordinator - 3 episodes)

- Episode #1.3 (1999) ... (stunt coordinator)

- Episode #1.2 (1999) ... (stunt coordinator)

- Episode #1.1 (1999) ... (stunt coordinator)

 1999 Joan of Arc (horses stunts supervisor)

 1999 Astérix & Obélix contre César (horse stunt coordinator) / (stunts)

 1998 Il cuore e la spada (TV Movie) (stunt coordinator)

 1998 Drôle de père (TV Movie) (stunts)

 1998 Les couloirs du temps: Les visiteurs II (horse stunt coordinator) / (stunt double: horse stunts - uncredited)

 1998 Winnetous Rückkehr (TV Movie) (stunt coordinator)

 1997 Julie Lescaut (TV Series) (stunt coordinator - 2 episodes)

- Mort d'un petit soldat (1997) ... (stunt coordinator)

- Cellules mortelles (1997) ... (stunt coordinator)

 1997 La bastide blanche (TV Mini-Series) (stunts - 2 episodes)

- Episode #1.2 (1997) ... (stunts)

- Episode #1.1 (1997) ... (stunts)

 1997 Les soeurs Soleil (stunts)

 1997 Maître Da Costa (TV Series) (stunt coordinator - 1 episode)

- Le doigt de Dieu (1997) ... (stunt coordinator)

 1996 Bernie (stunt double: horse stunts)

 1996 Les caprices d'un fleuve (stunts)

 1995 Le nouveau monde (equestrian stunt advisor)

 1995 Un si bel orage (TV Movie) (stunt coordinator: horse stunts)

 1994 Farinelli (horse stunts)

 1994 Giorgino (stunt coordinator: horse stunts)

 1994 Les cinq dernières minutes (TV Series) (horse stunts - 1 episode)

- L'assassin fait du cinéma (1994) ... (horse stunts)

 1993 The Hour of the Pig (stunt coordinator)

 1993 Justinien Trouvé, ou le bâtard de Dieu (horse stunts)

 1993 Les visiteurs (stunt coordinator) / (stunts - uncredited)

 1992 Le souper (stunt coordinator)

 1992 La belle histoire (stunt coordinator)

 1992 Il segno del comando (TV Movie) (stunts)

 1991 Impromptu (stunt coordinator)

 1991 Le brasier (stunts)

 1990 Le gorille (TV Series) (stunts - 1 episode)

- Le Gorille compte ses abattis (1990) ... (stunts)

  Le Retour d'Arsène Lupin (TV Series) (stunts - 1 episode, 1989) (stunt advisor - 1 episode, 1989)

- Le triangle d'or (1989) ... (stunts)

- La camarade Tatiana (1989) ... (stunt advisor)

 1989 Haute tension (TV Series) (stunts - 1 episode)

- Le bois de justice (1989) ... (stunts)

 1988 Un coupable (TV Movie) (stunts)

 1988 L'ours (horse stunts)

 1988 Mylène Farmer: Pourvu qu'elles soient douces (Libertine II) (Video short) (stunt coordinator)

 1988 Chouans! (stunts)  1988 Il y a maldonne (stunts)

 1987 Champ d'honneur (stunts)   1987 Crossbow (TV Series) (stunt Horses Furnished By)

 1987 Grand Larceny (TV Movie) (stunt coordinator: horse scene)

 1986 Twist again à Moscou (horse stunts)   1986 Le débutant (stunts) 

 1986 L'Exécutrice (stunts)

 1985 A View to a Kill (horse stunts - uncredited)   1985 Hors-la-loi (stunts)  1985 Didi und die Rache der Enterbten (stunts - as Mario Lurashi)

 1984 Le tueur triste (TV Movie) (stunts)   1984 Raison perdue (TV Movie) (stunt fight coordinator)  1984 La vengeance du serpent à plumes (stunts)  

 1984 Les cavaliers de l'orage (stunt coordinator: horse stunts)

1983 Zig Zag Story (stunt performer)  1983 Ça va pas être triste (stunts)

 1979-1982 Les enquêtes du commissaire Maigret (TV Series) (stunts - 2 episodes)

- Maigret et le clochard (1982) ... (stunts)

- Maigret et l'indicateur (1979) ... (stunts)

1982 Une chambre en ville (stunt coordinator)   1982 Commissaire Moulin (TV Series) (horse stunts - 1 episode)

- Une promenade en forêt (1982) ... (horse stunts)

1979 The Concorde... Airport '79 (stunts)  

1978 Quand flambait le bocage (TV Movie) (stunt coordinator)

Show  Miscellaneous Crew (42 credits)

Instruments of Darkness (horse master) (completed)

 2013 Mylène Farmer: Je te dis tout (Video short) (horse trainer)

 2010 Merlin (TV Series) (horse trainer - 1 episode)   

- Gwaine (2010) ... (horse trainer)

 2009 Mr. Nobody (equestrian advisor: Belgium)

 2006 Bandidas (horse master)

 2005 The Brothers Grimm (horse master)

 2005 Une vie (TV Movie) (horse wrangler)

 2003 Les liaisons dangereuses (TV Mini-Series) (horse master - 3 episodes)

- Episode #1.3 (2003) ... (horse master)

- Episode #1.2 (2003) ... (horse master)

- Episode #1.1 (2003) ... (horse master)

 2003 Les égarés (horse master)

 2002 Une Ferrari pour deux (TV Movie) (horse advisor)

 2002 Le frère du guerrier (horse master)

 2001 The Musketeer (horse master)

 2001 Young Blades (horse master)

 2001 Just Visiting (wrangler: UK)

 2001 Un pique-nique chez Osiris (TV Movie) (wrangler)

 2000 Le roi danse (animals)

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- Episode #1.4 (1998) ... (technical advisor: horses) , - Episode #1.3 (1998) ... (technical advisor: horses)

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 1998/I The Man in the Iron Mask (horse master)

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Episode #1.2 (1996) ... (horses)

- Episode #1.1 (1996) ... (horses)

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- Episode #1.3 (1987) ... (horse coordinator)  - Episode #1.2 (1987) ... (horse coordinator) - Episode #1.1 (1987) ... (horse coordinator)

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- Episode #1.7 ... (horses) - Episode #1.6 ... (horses) - Episode #1.5 ... (horses) - Episode #1.4 ... (horses)

- Episode #1.3 ... (horses)  Show all 7 episodes




Show Actor (27 credits)

Actor (27 credits)

 1999 Astérix & Obélix contre César
Le cavalier Malosinus

 1998 Il cuore e la spada (TV Movie)
Capoguardie Hoel

 1997 Julie Lescaut (TV Series)
Homme moto

- Cellules mortelles (1997) ... Homme moto

 1997 Passages (Short)

 1997 Maître Da Costa (TV Series)

 1994 Les cinq dernières minutes (TV Series)

- L'assassin fait du cinéma (1994) ... Nino

 1994 La fille de d'Artagnan

 1994 Jeanne la Pucelle II - Les prisons
Barthélémy Baretta

 1993 Mayrig (TV Mini-Series)

Episode #1.2 (1993)

- Episode #1.1 (1993)

 1991 Mayrig

 1991 The Adventures of Black Stallion (TV Series)

- Killer Stallion (1991)

 1989 La révolution française
Un hussard (segment "Années Lumière, Les")

 1988 Mylène Farmer: Pourvu qu'elles soient douces (Libertine II) (Video short)
2nd French Officer

 1988 Chouans!

 1985-1986 Les colonnes du ciel (TV Mini-Series)
Germain le Huron / Un homme de Jontais

- Compagnons du Nouveau Monde (1986) ... Germain le Huron

- La femme de guerre (1985) ... Un homme de Jontais

1985 Diesel (as Mario Lurashi)  1985 Hors-la-loi
L'homme à la carabine au dancing

 1985 Signé Charlotte
Le CRS (uncredited)

 1984 Quidam (TV Movie)  1984 Le joli coeur

 1982 Les misérables
Le cavalier noir

 1982 Le féminin pluriel (TV Movie)

 1980 Winnetou le mescalero (TV Series)
Magic Man

 1979 Écoute voir...
Un homme de main

 1975 Saint-Just ou La force des choses (TV Movie)
Augustin Robespierre


Show Second Unit Director or Assistant Director (5 credits)

The Brothers Grimm (second unit action director)

 2002 Napoléon (TV Mini-Series) (second unit director - 4 episodes)

- 1812-1821 (2002) ... (second unit director)

- 1807-1812 (2002) ... (second unit director)

- 1800-1807 (2002) ... (second unit director)

- 1795-1800 (2002) ... (second unit director)

 2001 The Mists of Avalon (TV Mini-Series) (second unit director - 2 episodes)

- Episode #1.2 (2001) ... (second unit director)

- Episode #1.1 (2001) ... (second unit director)

 1999 Joan of Arc (TV Mini-Series) (second unit director - 3 episodes)

- Episode #1.3 (1999) ... (second unit director)

- Episode #1.2 (1999) ... (second unit director)

- Episode #1.1 (1999) ... (second unit director)

 1998 Il cuore e la spada (TV Movie) (second unit director)

Show Director (1 credit)

Aphrodisia (TV Series) (1 episode)

- Vente particulière (1996)

Show Special effects (1 credit)

The Musketeer (special effects) 2001

Show Self (15 credits)

Les Recettes Pompettes (TV Series) Himself

 Guillaume Canet (2017) ... Himself

 2016 C à vous (TV Series) Himself

- Episode dated 23 November 2016 (2016) ... Himself

 2013 Rémy Julienne: 50 ans de cascades (TV Movie documentary) Himself

 2010 Ben Hur: The Hollywood Legend Comes Alive (TV Movie) Himself

 2006 93 Faubourg Saint-Honoré (TV Series) Himself

- Dîner 'Équitation' (2006) ... Himself

 2005 Le plus grand cabaret du monde (TV Series) Himself

- Le grand cabaret sur son 31 (2005) (2005) ... Himself

- Episode #7.9 (2005) ... Himself

 2005 Bêtes de scène... le concours (TV Movie documentary) Himself

 2002 Recto verso (TV Series) Himself

 1999-2001 Vivement dimanche (TV Series) Himself

- Véronique Jannot (2001) ... Himself

- Charlotte de Turckheim (2000) ... Himself

- Gérard Klein (1999) ... Himself

 2000 Vendredi, c'est Julie (TV Series) Himself

- Episode dated 30 June 2000 (2000) ... Himself

 1999 Thé ou café (TV Series) Himself

- Episode dated 17 October 1999 (1999) ... Himself

 1998 Le cercle du cinéma (TV Series) Himself

- Episode dated 18 March 1998 (1998) ... Himself

 1996 Magic Horses (Documentary) Himself

 1995 Vincent à l'heure (TV Series) Himself

- Episode dated 12 June 1995 (1995) ... Himself

 1988 Dans les coulisses de 'Pourvu qu'elle soient douces' (Short) Himself