The Jasse of Sauveterre and stone chaos at truc de Fortunio in Lozere


Episode 58 (S3 EP 10) The Shadow (plus the stone chaos near truc Fortunio)
Episode 66 (S3 EP 18) The Wind Wagon

We start with The Shadow 58 (S3 EP 10)

"I too have suffered Basai. The wasteland is the land of the damned." (Horst, episode 58 "The shadow")

Horst and his fellow Basaï, a champion archer, kill everyone who tries to cross the wasteland. But William can count on a guide who lives there, and who perfectly knows the region.

Above a compilation of Jasse

If he wants a guide to help him cross the wasteland, he has to proof he is quick (as quick as the devil (Basaȉ) counts, between his bowshots).

Tell needs a guide to lead him through this place


                                 1988                                                                          2018  The shape of the wall, left, is still the same      


The guide wants something in exchange. Fortunately for Tell, the amulet does not seem of much value to him.

Guide: "Crossing the wasteland is madness, you have to be quick and sharp to survive." He seems to admire Tell’s determination.



Tell kept the arrow that just landed at his feet, it has a message and his name is known by somebody he hasn't met yet.


Basai shot an arrow to Tell with a message: "Beware of the shadow William Tell."



The base of Benzai and Horst.

This rock is the first rock formation we found, called rock 1 (This is the main rock of episode the Touch)



Below: they switch to the area around truc Fortunio (the place where the Touch and Trailbreak is shot too).   



To compare: The rock of Horst and Basai is rock 1 (of the Touch)

1988                                                                                         2019


To Compare: This is also the place in the Touch


Look, it´s in the centre where the trees grow now..




Rock formation 3

The rock has many faces, it depends on which side you are. This rock can change into a turtle,a hawk or a even a face.

An impressive rock!

Seen from the west side it has a kind of turtle shape.


This rock is surrounded by forest, below seen from the opposite. From the east side the rock looks like the head of a hawk.


And here another side of it: like a head and it is impressive tall!


The east side

Seen from the opposite




The south side




The north side of the rock


Drought is effecting the country and the people. And there is a mystery going on.

                                                                     1988         North of the rock. Where the shot is made there is now a border of pine trees           2019           


The field around this rock




The field

Nice shots with the snakes, probably set out in front of the camera but I'm convinced there are living a lot on the Causse de Sauveterre. Warmth, stones and grass is perfect for snakes. I've been attacked by one myself by a year back, thankfully I was wearing boots so it wasn't able to bite through.

A compilation of the area (2 photos, below).


The guide who leads Tell through the field, knows the route on the back of his hand. But he suddenly discovered Horst and Basai moved a huge rock changed in the route...then they lost cover and both get shot. Horst spares Tell's life because he is desperate to to find out his secret . 


The field around rock 2

(gate of the wasteland field)

1988                                                                                                        2019 



Above and below the same field



The field around Rock 6

I call this rock 'the massive block'


Tell is standing in front of a new forest. These new forests are all around and make it harder to find all the rock formations. And you don't wanna get lost. The advantage is that we have learned to recognize the area well. Landmarks such as the three mountains, the lake and truc Fortunio, can we can keep an eye on these landmarks.





                            1988                                                                             2019                             



Look at the tower of truc Fortunio (on the right).


To compare:

Episode Trail break is also shot here on this spot                                                                                                     



This rock 6 is also visible in Trail break                                                                                                                                     


In between the shots


1988                                                                     2019 Crossbow shot a little bit more to the right



zoomed out 1988                                                                                             zoomed in 2019        



The Elephant Rock (rock 5)

Seen from the shelter rock, (rock 4, Tell hides inside this rock in episode Trail break). They are walking towards the 'Elephant rock' (5) and the 'Massive Block,' rock (6)


Below: Behind this rock 5 (Elephant) the rock 6 (The Massive block)

1988 Shot from Crossbow.                                                                                       A high shot 2019                              



This is a triangle of rocks. One in my back (behind me, is Shelter rock), the left one is Massive block and right the Elephant rock.        


It's split

Below: The view in opposite

Seen from the east it seems no longer an elephant. It looks like a different rock, but it's the same.


This rock is changing shapes all the time



The field with the Shelter rock in my back (rock 3) and Massive rock (6) in front of me and on the right (hidden between the trees) Elephant rock (5) A triangle of rock formation on one field.



They are hiding between Shelter rock (4)  and the Elephant rock (5) See the pillar behind the guide, that's the Elephant rock. So they are situated in the middle of the triangle of  3 rock formation.



Rock 1 (seen in the Touch)

Closer to the base of Horst (rock 1, main rock in The Touch)

I guess the shots below are close to rock 1 (Touch) and 2 (gate of the wasteland). This is because the massive block and other recognizable stones are not visible. A glimpse of rock 1 was visible in some of the shots.

Here a field compilation



                                                                                              Low angle shots



Field 2




This shot is not merged well. Horst and Basai are on the first rock. (Rock one of the Touch). Tell and the guide are getting closer to this rock.


Here Tell is almost back at rock one, the base of Horst.

It's running and hiding. Cool scenes.



No film trick this time; they are pointing the right way ;) There is base of Horst (and the place Tell is shot in 'The Tough').

 When I made these stills I've learned to recognize the shapes. I can tell by the shape of the rock, where they were...(so the left picture is a shot from field/rock 2, pointing at rock 1).  If I see no rock formation only stones than it's a hard job. In some cases I can't find more.

    I could not take the same shot from this far, because nowadays there is a small forest in between                                                                                 



              1988                                  north west of rock 1,                                           2019  




Above is this rock, a slightly tilted corner and the Crossbow shot is perhaps made with a wide angle lens


                                                               They sabotage the route                                                  This field looks pretty cultivated                                     




The last scene of The Shadow; I can't tell you exactly where this field is. This field has small stones and it's pretty cultivated (many roads and arable land). I guess this is behind all the rocks, when you follow the path going southward and leaving the forest with the rock formation then you will see the cultivated land appear.



The Wind Wagon episode 66

Episode 66 (S3 EP 18) The Wind Wagon

William is trapped in the middle of the wasteland, by Hanka, a lonely goddess of the wind. Thankfully he is helped by Jonas, an eccentric but friendly guy, who has also been trapped here for a while. Jonas has a solution to escape from this madness: a wind wagon that he has built himself. But William first needs to convince Hanka to let them go by blowing on the wagon.

           The Windwagon 66                                                                                2017                  



                                   The Shadow 58                                                             The Windwagon 66                                        2018 below this photo large




   1988                                                                                                    2018


           1989                                                                                          2018



2017                        Dana Gillepie as Godin of the wind named 'Hanka'                  1988


          1988 The Shadow 58                                                                                             2017                             



                                                                                   Tell challenges the Wind Goddess                               Ghost are living from the wind she blows



To Compare the water/wind wheel episodes at Jasse:

- Episode 54 (S3 EP 6) The mission

- Mission 66, The Wind Wagon

Horst, the prince of the wasteland, has bought Gessler on a slave market. After that he has attached him on a waterwheel, see the photos below.

Note that the water wheel is reused in the episode 66 "The wind wagon", but this time as a wind wheel. This proves that this part of the episode 54 really took place at the "Jasse" of Sauveterre.

The Windwagon



Inside Jasse de Sauveterre



                         Under the right cloth you see the big window. The Crossbow shot seems to be made with a wide angle lens.


Finally the wind blows his wind wagon away from that place.


                                                                                                       Below and above the same angle, see 'Jasse' in the background

Unknown location

A final short shot in an unknown place in Lozere, a unreadable weapon in the fireplace can't be decode by me.



Extra photos of Jasse


Above and below the same field






About the place

The place where the guide or Jonas live is called a "jasse" in French. It's a small stone sheepfold typical of the causses in Lozere, France. The "jasses" were used to protect the sheep at night during the transhumance (movement between higher pastures in summer and lower valleys in winter). They have small windows to prevent wolves to attack the sheep. They slightly differ from southern bories which were seasonal homes or barns for farmers in the 19th century.

The jasse used in these two episodes is located in Lozere, not far from Sauveterre town (where the farm in episode 70 is).

The sheep that we see, especially in the episode 70 "Forbidden land" are brebis Lacaune. They are appreciated for their milk, in order to make cheese like Roquefort for example.

In this third season we can also see a small stone sheepfold called "jasse" that was used to protect the sheep at night during the transhumance (movement between higher pastures in summer and lower valleys in winter).

Sheepfolds were used a lot in this third season, like in the episode 68 "The Amazon" or 52 "Doppelganger".

The desert part is well shown in the episode 55 "Bounty twins". The landscape is covered with limestone rocks and yellow grass, except when the grass grows up in little sinkholes where it stays green. However, a large variety of plants, bushes like the boxwood or flowers like the carline (or cardabelle in French) or the aster grow there too.

Note that the carline is also called the "shepherd's barometer" because, like the sunflower, it opens at the sun and closes when the rain is coming. The local farmers use it as a lucky charm that they hang on their door. Moreover, its heart is eatable, like with the artichokes.

The most beautiful flowers everywhere!


Above left and right orchids. In the middle (Adonis vernalis Spring pheasant's eye. The stemless carline thistle is an endangered species and do live on these calcareous 'Causse' soil.

Below one of the huge carlines who were growing everywhere around.

The stem less carline thistle is an endangered species and do live on thes calcareous 'Causse' soil.


Below: Pulsatilla vulgaris var. costeana grows on the Causse    The deer in the middle of a field with small purple orchids (At Boissets)




This roof of Jasse is like a piece of art


Below at Jasse with the crew and Mai Zetterling.


The photo above and below are copyright.

While seeing this photo I was convinced my car could do the same. One tip: always take a 4x4 jeep in the wasteland.



Rocks around the stone formations