Episode 36 Exit the dragon, Gessler tested the canon. It destroyed the next village. The castle 'without walls' is chateau Boschaud. And It's in episode 28 Nemesis. Where Tell meets Yanek in the old monastery.

The ruins of chateau Bruzac, just a shot of the exterior                                                    Monastery Boschaud                


Episode 28  Nemesis: From the peaceful Lakehouse to a fightscene with Yanek in chateau Boschaud



1987                                         Yanek waits                                         2017



Matthew is on edge.

1987                   (The shot with Matthew is taken lower)                  2017


To compare the pictures about, this is the same place 'The Exit The Dragon' is also shot

In search of Yanek Matthew walks around Boschaud, here he is at the back.



And here Matthew walks in from the front straight to the place he meets Yanek.

Matthew arrives before his father does



                                          1987                        In 2015 this door was closed because of falling rocks, 2017 It was open.



The same place from a distance



The door they enter

        1987 Matthew arrives                                                                             2017                              


Below the same place Tel enters in 'Exit The Dragon.'


In front of the monastery

The 'arcade' room


Matthew misjudges the strength of his enemy.

Tell also has big trouble to survive.

1987                                                                                                                     2017



The small stairs

They arrive not in this beautiful ruine (Bruzac) but in chateau Boschaud nearby. Matthew misjudges the strength of his enemy. Later Tell arrives and also has big trouble to survive.

1987 Totally the same! 2017


Above: Yanek is hidden behind the wall.

      Below: Yanek throws Matthew against the wall. 


Behind Yanek are 3 stairs. The same stairs in 'Exit the dragon,' the place Gessler stand high in top of the castle.



Above same photo of episode Nemesis and below Exit The Dragon location   Behind wall with the door is the stairs where Yanek and Tell has a fight.


Exit The Dragon                       The same wall                       Nemesis



                                           1987                                      Tell arrives.                                      2017                                           



The cross on top



        1987                                                     1987                                                                     2015


Above same photo of episode Nemesis and below Exit the dragon location   Behind wall with the door is the stairs where Yanek and Tell has a fight.



The huge windows

The windows with the pillars are in real very large!    


Look at the huge windows


The three stairs

From the small stairs (left picture) to the three bigger ones hidden behind the wall (right picture). See where it's located below.


                                                            Stairs Boschaud  Nemesis   In fact they are on the second stairs, you see another level left down this stairs to a basement. Then there is a third one

From another angle,  Exit the dragon


Below you can see the highest one without a railing 



On the second stairs you see the third up in the left. Unfortunately I have no overview of all three together. 2017


First stairs seen from the basement



The contrast is low, so the highest stairs is hard to see (left above)



The stairs. In fact It's a staircase of three stairs. None has any banister. The highest left behind Tell is really high. It seems an high risk stunt to me. Both dodging and hiting swords, and the lowest stairs (hardly to see, It's left below Yanek, just before the opening. So this place is a lot higher than you see on the photo because the ground has also a stairs one level down).




The jump

                   Nemesis, Tell jumped off the wall to escape from Yanek                'Exit The Dragon' was also shot here                       


1987                                                                                               2017



1987                                                                    2015                                                                 2015


    Inside Boschaud

                                                     1987                                                2015 Tell enters the right door (right picture)


     To compare

            1987     Above and below the same space        2015



Below there are more of these open rooms with a dome, slightly different



The last fight

The opposite, a view on the wall where they have fought and where Tell enters the room


See below the enlarged photo

The left side of this picture you see in the background  




The dome of Boschaud




  1987 Episode Exit The Dragon                                      1987 episode Nemesis                                                              2015                                     




In the beginning op episode Nemesis, there is a forest shot. Yanek meets Stefan. I think it's shot where the yellow circle is.

The end of episode Nemesis

Click here for a beautiful drone shot


Chateau Boschaud

Episode 36 Exit the Dragon

(also filmed in Les Ages)The first view on 'the dragon'

Episode 36 'Exit The Dragon.' Gessler tested the canon. It destroyed the next village. Tell and the villagers gonna take a look.

                                                                              The place in opposite


Caspari has acquired the black powder that Lotus had told Tell and Matthew. Caspari has designed a cannon in the shape of a 'dragon' for the emperor. Due to the many tests, Gessler is left with a castle without walls ... The village near the castle is not being spared and Gessler's patience is running out. At the end, Caspari suspects that his invention falls into the wrong hands ....



One level up, this shot is made from the Crossbow wood construction



Wolf walks the second stairs and is turning to the camera to take the third stairs (and last one up).


One level up (pictures below) on the wood contruction, highest point. With a nice view!





To compare

1987 Wolf took the stairs, episode Exit the Dragon                   Yanek waits for Tell to meet up, episode Nemesis



Tell Captured

                                        This shot (on the right) reminds me of the forest of episode 'Actors.' (We still don't know where it's shot. Chateau Faucher and?)


The little house attached to the wall and the path to the castle





Pride comes before the fall


The explosions



The arcades



1987         Gessler in a panic, episode 36 Exit The Dragon           2015


The arcade right from the large one is in front of the stairs. The right side of the arcade is the same.  I think the left side seems to have had subtle restorations.

4 th. arcade (seen from the right).


After panic, the sense of victory returns



1987                                    Exit The Dragon                        2017, me on the place of the dragon



The last scene



    The end of Episode Exit The Dragon


The town 'Les Ages,' Exit The Dragon, click here.




Extra photos of Boschaud


Aerial photos     






Extra photo's of Boschaud
























Extra photos inside



Below there are more of these open rooms with a dome, slightly different

       Village 'Les Ages' in Exit The Dragon click here

The intro is mysterious. I remember the woman, who describes the dragon, very well. Her story and her gaze made a big impression.



Tell: "What do you mean this is all brought down in two seconds, Stefan, it's not possible."

Then a woman appears and said "It is."

Tell: "How?" The woman: "It was the dragon."  Stefan:"....but there a no such things as dragons..."

"I was in the forest when I saw it!...roaring like a hundred wolves....breathing fire from it's mouth. I saw it's breath set fire to the village...when I got home was uncle was dead..."

Tell: "What can we do?" "Kill the dragon!"