Lavaudieu sanctuary

Lavaudieu is a commune in the Haute-Loire department in south-central France. The buildings include the Romanesque Lavaudieu Abbey, otherwise Lavaudieu Priory (Abbaye Saint-André de Lavaudieu), built by St. Robert, the first abbot of La Chaise-Dieu, in the 11th century, which was at first a Benedictine priory, and later a house of secular canonesses from the Auvergnat nobility. It was raised to the status of abbey in 1719.

Tell leaves his shattered hometown and meets brother Gregory in the tavern at 'Albion' (both Chateau Epierre).


                Episode 6 Albion is ending with a shot of a very angry Dantes who shoots at Tell but Tell doesn't fall off'. Then the episode ends. It's hard to say Tell is hit or not.


Then episode 7 'Sanctuary' starts



Lavaudieu on the map

The abbey is attached to a field next to the Senouire river. The river Dante's men follows to find a trace of Tell.



Episode 7

   Well.. episode 7 started with quite a shock effect. Who is buried here? You might think this could be the grave of her husband, William Tell

1986                                                                                                 2015


But there is no Crossbow without William Tell and thankfully non of them are dead and buried.

Katrina believes Matthew is buried here. Gessler told her Tell missed the apple. He makes the soldiers bring in an empty coffin and Katrina believes Matthew is in it.

The stairs to the garden

           1986                                                                                                     2015                     


The beginning and the goodbye scene is also here (Above the intro scene and below the goodbye scene). This stairs leading to the garden with a view over the river.

1986                                                                     2015                                                       2015


Nothing's changed

                           1986 The goodbye scene. Tell went away looking for Matthew and he promised to bring him back to her, but unfortunately that moment never comes.

And this is the last time Tell sees Katrina.                                                      2015                      


 Senouire river

1986 Tell goes through the Senouire river. Then you witness Tell is hit. (the last episode Dantes shoots Tell in episode Albion, there could be doubt about if he is hit of not). Tell on his way' to the Abbey of Lavaudieu. But he is still in the saddle of Guitano.  When I was the age of 10 I thought it was the end of Tell and the series would stop. (No idea there were many episodes to come).

1986 For the environment: Look at the small house next to the Senouire river, the angle is a little bit different  2015                                                                     


The riverside Dantes and his men travel in search of Tell. Tell crosses this river to find help. He falls off his horse between the monastery and the riverside (north side of the river). You can see the bridge of Lavaudieu behind him.

Right picture taken in 2015 looking to the west side of the Senouire river.


The non in the garden hears something. Lavaudieu bridge is in the back, there was a clear edge over the top of the bridge, nowadays It's changed a bit.


Behind the abbey are many small gardens nowadays.



The bridge of Lavaudieu has been reconstructed. But taking a good look you can still see the line of the edge.



Tell is unconscious. 



The reunion scene

These rooms are no longer accessible to the public. But the monastery church (with many fresco's), garden and courtyard are open to the public. You can admire it via a guided tour.


While mother superior taking care of the wounded, she asked where he came from. When she hears the name and the town, she asked his name. Then she realizes this must be Katrina's husband. She makes Katrina bring him the food. Katrina hardly believe she sees Tell again.


They finally see each other again.


Katrina wants to hear Tell's side of the story. What happened to him and their son during and after the apple incident.

   Dantes is held up by an injured mate. He said 'he would take good care of him.' That means no good..... His wounded man is too badly injured and is suffering a lot and the main thing is they are traveling too slow....


 He gives him some water, says goodbye and dropps the wounded mercenary. And kills him out of sight of his mates.


   Tell's horse is found at the riverside. Dantes is on Tell's track. The mercenaries want Gessler's reward for handing over Tell.


Katrina is happy to see her husband but she is still confused about Matthew's fate. 'You killed my baby,' she says emotional and she takes William to Matthew's grave.


The trick

Mother superior told to Katrina, some time ago, the soldiers brought in a coffin to the abbey, they told them it was Matthew. Tell doesn't believe it and he thinks they hide him somewhere.

(We are now in episode 7. Matthew is in the citadel at the moment, but Tell doesn't know that yet. Tell finds out in ep. 9 from the Governor of Ursen (he was at the Banquet too). And Stefan told Tell in ep. 5: "Don't you know that yet? When the rebellion started Clermont was the first town Gessler destroyed."



Tell doesn't believe it. He asks if someone has seen Matthew when they brought him in.


Mother superior did not look in the coffin while they brought it in. Tell is convinced Matthew is alive.


The danger is approaching

1986                                            There they come..                                        2015


In front of the abbey

                                                1986                                                              2015                                                                     2015                                                    


They enter the door with the iron fence. And behind this fence is a beautiful alley that leads to the cloister garden. See below.


    One of the nuns comes back after fetching fresh water. While she opens the gate Dantes gets in. Above the alley with the iron gate, while walking through the alley you pass the lattice door.


                               1986              2014 You can't watch through these door nowadays...perhaps it was too easy to get in the monastery with only a half open door of wood.



   Everything seems peaceful...  Tell is just saying goodbye while the mercenary gang walks in. Dantes spreads out his men.



                                                            1986                                  Almost identical!                                                    2015                                                                        



The attack of the monastery


 You are free to visit the courtyard, the eglise and cloister, but unfortunately the interior is private. I have no photos of it and they can't be found on the internet.








There comes another one (Dantes team is a mix of actors and stuntmen, in this case you see stuntman L'abbaye).


When the second man is defeated, suddenly Dantes showed up, they went outside for a swordfight duel.



   After two attacks they have almost escaped but then Dantes threatens mother superior. Tell has no choice and has to fight the huge Dantes with only one arm.




Unfortunately I don't have photos from the interior and stairs nowadays

Nothing could stop Dantes, (this dangerous kick seems to be made by Yannick Derrien).



                                     1986                                                              Nowadays



Finally Tell is enclosed by two dangerous weapons, then Katrina gives a helping hand.



                                                                                                           1986                                                             Nowadays, the door they went through   



Katrina is thrown off Dante's back but then she grabs his weapon.



1986                                                                                     Nowadays still the same



                                                                                   2015                                                                                                     1986                                           



With special thanks to Anne Lonnberg who provided the left photo and Mr. Lyman who sent us the right photo..      1986 fight choreography          


The last goodbye





         1986             Tell leaves to find Matthew                        2015



They walk in the monastery gardens (1 or 2 levels up behind the windows you can see in the wall)


Extra Photos

Located at the heart of the village of Lavaudieu and founded in 1057 by St. Robert, the founder of the Chair-God, the abbey St. Andrew of Comps received (welcomed) nuns Benedictines up to Revolution. There remains (subsists) principally the unique (only), Romanic cloister in Auvergne, and the refectory, adorned with a big (great) fresco of Byzantine influence there of the XIIth century, and sheltering a Romanic Christ of a moving beauty. The church St Andrew receives remarkable set from the wall paintings of the Italian School (XIVth century): stages of Passion, unique and only curious allegory of Black Death.


The only one in Auvergne to have escaped destruction. Admire its small columns, either single or twinned, wreathed, cylindrical or polygonal, their capitals adorned with sculpted foliage and animals. The canopy on the upper floor is supported by oak posts. In the refectory, a 12C mural covers the entire back wall. The abbey church, its nave decorated with fine 14C frescoes, is also worth a visit.





The church of Lavaudieu



The internal Cloister garden.





The abbey seen from the riverside










                                                                                                                      The streets of Lavaudieu



The small museum in the hall

















                                                                                        An angel giving the peace sign from the cloister of Abbaye Saint-André de Lavaudieu,