St. Crepin de Richemont surroundings

About the town

These four episodes were made in the same town called "Les âgés" ("the aged" in English), in Dordogne, France. And the producers did a really good job to hide this from the viewers. If you watch the episodes separately, you'll find it hard to figure out. "Les âgés" town belongs to a township, a commune called "Saint-Crépin-de-Richemont", which is also a town (where the church used in "Exit the dragon" is). It is 2.4 km from Saint-Crépin-de-Richemont town by the road.

It's hard to find information about this town, except that it's typical of the region. For example, there are houses with ballet stairs, ancient elements. And you can see on the satellite view, the town is rather small, with a dozen of houses and barns. It hasn't changed a lot in 30 years though. So it's still easy to recognize the places they used film. 

The same doors, frames and shutters. Beautiful to see and nice to recognize in real. Not only because of Crossbow but also because you simply imagine yourself back in time and the places are often natural and pleasantly quiet.

C. Petit found this village.

He made a wonderful drawings of the village to make it clearer.

The ancient village was really worth searching for. This is an ancient pearl and was in at least 4 episodes!

       1  Birthright 26 (main part of this episode is filmed in this ancient town)

       2  Trolls 27 (in the village and the unknown cave, see the cave pictures below on this page)

       3  Nemesis 28 (this town again in the beginning when Yanek enters the village looking fo Tell, the hunting shed near the lake, Boschaud where Tell meets Yanek)

       4  Exit the dragon 36 (Boschaud and this village)


William rescues an abandoned baby and brings it back to his mother in town. But the angry villagers threaten to kill it, because they think the mother is a witch and the baby is a devil's child. William will eventually convince the villagers to accept the baby and his mother, and to take care of them, but that's not easy.

Tell and Matthew were hunting but they were out of luck. Matthew had the idea to camouflage. During the hunt, they find a baby that is left in the forest by superstitious villagers. When Tell enters the village with those stripes and they see the baby return, they think the devil is coming to get his child. The turmoil begins.... In the meantime Matthew was looking for milk, he found a cow, but gets arrested by the farmers. He gets stuck on a farm and has a hard job to convince the farmers he had a good reason for taking the milk.


Number 1 of the map


Right below: the south of the village. This wall and the windows are still the same. In Crossbow it looked old and it still does!

It's amazing the old wooden shutters are still the same.


Above and below. The wood is the same after 30 years! And it's not hidden for the rain and wind. It's like the time stood still.

2017                                    Recognizable!                                  1987




   1986/87           Wooden shutters in same state as 30 years back              2018



       The pictures you see below, It's in opposite of the ones above.            It's 1 on the map. The window left of Tell is on the photo the small left window. 


1987 ep. Birthright                                                          2017                                                                       1987



To Compare

The balcony stairs left in the back. Still nr. 2 on the map. Here is a comparison between the two episodes below, with "Birthright" on the left, and "Nemesis" on the right. We can see the same barn on both pictures :

1987 episode 26 Birthright                                            1987 episode 28 Nemesis Intro




Walking to the square (nr.2), and nearby nr 3. We were looking for this village for quite some time. We discovered the curved roof lines. Seen on the pictures below.

1987                                                                           2017


The building (about 40 meters long) is also visible from this place. It has barns and some apartments on the second floor.



The Square

(nr. 2 on the map) Scenes: 3 episodes are shot here Birthright 26, Nemesis 28 (Arrival of Yanek) and Exit the Dragon 36.

(Trolls is shot in this town too but on the other side of the town)

                                                       1987, see the pillar in the back                                              2018



1987                                                                          2018



The house with the balcony stairs 

scenes: Birthright 26 and Exit the Dragon 36

Around the corner the other location; nr. 3 on the map. The right picture is from Birthright and Tell stands on the balcony stairs and looks to the square. More about this on the bottom of this site.


Below: The house with the stairs in the back (the square you read about above is not visible and situated between the two houses left).

Exit the Dragon is shot in opposite of this square, you see the balcony stairs below and above. Same place, different angles.

1986/87                                                                                                  2017           



The same places as above, just a slightly different angle. The next four photos you're looking from Nr. 2 to 1,

Scenes: Tell enters the village with the baby (Birthright) and in Nemesis Yanek enters this town in on his horse and Matthew searches for his father in Birthright. (photos above)




The shed

(see above, photos made in 2018) Scene: The place the people discuss about the 'devil's' baby (Birthright). It's in the shed with the huge door. Inside the building...It hasn't changed much!

1987                                                                           2018



The next scene on the same place: Matthew sees his father back. Here they stand in front of the shed, nr.1

     2017                                                                            1987                                                                  1987         


Covering a building

Below you can see a place that is hidden by straw roofs...The building almost collapsed. Once the rain comes in, the woodwork quickly deteriorates, the wall is almost bent through. I wish they had made a new roof on it sooner. During Crossbow this building probably was no eye catcher at all, that's why they kept it hidden. I'm sure it was in a better state than it is nowadays. The rest of the buildings in this village are in still the same state. Some even better than 1987. When they are restored you see It's done with so much care to keep the ancient atmosphere.


The diamond window on the photo below, more about this down on this page                                             Opposite of above.                                  


Place 4.

1987                                                                               2017


The opposite side, the house with the stairs is tidy and in good state. This house has the diamond window in it's wall. I always thought it was a door but it's a diamond shape in the wall. I think the place was in bad state either during Crossbow because it was covered by strew roofs (middle photo above). But I can't believe it was in such a bad that the cameraman risked his life getting in there for a shot.


Side wall of the ruined building

Behind Tell the blocks of the window frame, you can see on both photos.

This wall is the side wall of that damaged place.... Tell is walking to the square to the mother of the baby. Below right photo: see the front is almost collapsing (left photo and left of Tell no signs of a brick yet).

No brick in the wall during Crossbow. The roof of the building behind Tell is in a very bad state so the wood construction is damaged and almost collapsed. Left of Tell you see the stones of the corner of this building and no brick yet. I hope this building can be saved. It's the building that stands with the damaged front to the square (map 2)



This diamond window is in the front of the damaged building. This is a small part of the front wall that is still in a good state.



Place 2 - The main square

There are many fake sets here: a fake wooden wall and fake fountain (scene: next to the tied up mother of the baby in episode 26 "Birthright").

And a fake well in episode 28 "Nemesis", scene: where the Yanek goes off his horse and enters an inn.

The well is fake and changed in both scenes. Nowadays, at almost the same place, stands a well again. The huge wooden door is changed in a different new one. You can see below.

To compare at the square:

                                       2017            Birthright 26  1987 remarkable: fake wall and well         Nemesis 28, Yanek mounted off, fake wall and different fake well


All the fake elements didn't help us on our search. The square was renovated and the door too. It looks very good!

The building on the left is still an open barn (left above and left under) that can be seen in the episode 26 "Birthright" and a little bit in the episode 36 "Exit the dragon".

  You can see the open barn                                                 Birthright 26                                                       Exit the Dragon 36        



                                                                1987  Birthright                                   2017 The building on the left is out of sight, see another photo of it, 1 row below.            


It is almost collapsed, a very sad sight.

In front of the damaged building you have a view on the open shed



Some extra photos again


This is a special ancient town with so many 'faces.' It is small but very special to be there. It seems a peaceful village...It looks like the old part is abandoned but when you stay a little longer you hear and see people are really living here. On photos above, I showed the state of one particular building. During the filming that building was neglected and if It was quickly filmed It was hidden by straw roofing. If It was not in good state the 30 years made it worse...if the roof leaks then the wood became affected more. In this case the building can almost collapse. While in front of the building were important shoots....


3 - The mother's house

I call it the mother's house, because it's where the mother of the abandoned baby lives in the episode 26 "Birthright". But it's also where the lady was imprisoned by the black knights in episode 36 "Exit the dragon". It has an external staircase.

In the opposite of the square is the building with the diamond window.



                                                  1987                                              2017  Birthright       Nice shot through the diamond/ruite window 1987 episode Nemesis with Yanek



1987  Scene 'Birthright': Tell is followed by the villagers (the brick in the upper doorpost is restored)  2017



The villagers are dangerous




        Matthew and the farmers have arrived



         2017                                                                    1987                                                            1987




 (episode 27 on the map number 4,6 and 7)

Location: North west side of the village

On the drawing below you see this is the main place of episode Trolls.

Also a scene of Exit the Dragon 36, the house Tell entered in the village, while arriving by horse he shot a soldier off the roof.

Later he escaped this town from the same house as the 'Birthright' scene and galloped to this place on the photo northward. The path you see the photo is made from the Westside going northward and leaves the village. Turn around 180 grades and you walk to the birthright shot.. a little further the shot Yanek entered the village and stopped and mounted off at the square of the 'birthright episode' house. Even tell enters with the baby south of the village

Matthew is badly injured by a trap that the farmers have made to kill the "trolls". First the farmers refuse to help them because they have too much problems, like when the local bailiff on decides to take all what they've got. The trolls, who are in fact religious cave dwellers, will eventually save Matthew and help the farmers to get rid of the filthy bailiff


7 - The farm in "The trolls"


Exit the Dragon                                                                                     Trolls              


              When placing this photo I found out that both trees are as old as Crossbow exists. They doesn't look like trees of 30 years. I thought they were younger.  

                                                 Right picture is shot during Trolls in the early morning that why It's so dark                                             


The same angle. This spot hasn't changed! The right door is closed by another wooden door.. that's all. And the same trees grew back then... During Crossbow they were so small. (photo middle below. This shot was early that's why It's so pitch dark) Strange to walk into a place that hasn't changed in 30 years! As a kid I watched Trolls and it's great to visit this place. No trolls around but I was eager to see how the rest of the villages was looking like.. I could hardly believe The village is almost the same. If I was walking into the Crossbow scene and walking back in time 500 years back.. It's worth visiting! Time stands still, life seems to slow down here and I even doubt if there is internet nowadays...

1987                                                                        1987                                                                           2017


Nowadays anno 2017



1986/1987 Trolls                                                                            2017                          



Here you can see a part of the left building


                   1986/87 Trolls                                                                                                  2017                                 



The bailiff takes all they have and there is another problem...the trolls. Under left Georgia Lyman and below perhaps another family member, not sure.



The Trolls and the people in the village realize they have to work together, they have only one enemy. They start to work together and they find a way to scare them off soon.




North northwest side of the village, number 6 on the map

Changes? The electricity pole is new in front of the shed.

                                   1987                                                                                             2017                                    




Compare different episodes:

Leaving the village in the end of Trolls and entering the village in Exit the dragon on the same spot



\ 3 Nemesis

Episode 28 (S2 EP 4) Nemesis

Yanek, a dangerous mercenary, arrives in town to find and kill William. He thinks that William betrayed the mercenaries by leaving them some years before, just after they looted a monastery.
Mix of Boschaud and St. Crepin the Richemont environment Dordogne.

See the electricity pole and you can see the electricity cables.





Yanek rides to the square number 2

Almost the same place but different camera angle, both sides of the alley typically curved roofs. 

                                                                                      Birthright  and  Nemesis                                                                                         

The south west side of the ancient part of the village



The square

West side of the village

There is built a fake wall between these buildings.

1987 the fake crossbow well                                              2017                                                                           2017                        


It's most likely Yanek enters the wooden door behind the legs of the horse (left above)


The diamond window and unfortunately the bad part of the town. Episode Nemesis, Yanek enters the square. This is opposite of the place Tell hold the baby (birthright),


Beginning and perhaps the interior of the house  next to the lake


Perhaps this town could be the interior nemesis. because this is the woman who shut the windows when Yanek rides in in the village Les Ages. She is again in the house of the lake a few km-er's further, but this interior doesn't look like the lake house (for instance the shot that there must be a building in opposite of the lake house and that's not). The lake house interior shots must have been shot in the villages les Ages too.






The beautiful ancient village with the curled roofs we were focused on. You don't see that often.



The farm

8 on the map - The farm where Matthew gets caught

Matthew tries to find some milk for the abandoned baby (episode 26 "Birthright"), but he is caught by the farmers who make him their slave. This farm was used only once in the four episodes at "Les âgés".
Matthew needed some milk for the baby he found in the forest and took away the milk from the farmers. While looking at the village I realized this could be the back of the farm of the west side. I'm almost convinced but couldn't check it because I found out later.  It's not a path you easily come.. there was route but It seemed to lead nowhere so I didn't walk the path. Seems a private backyard of a farm.





5 Exit the dragon

Episode 36 (S2 EP 12) Exit the dragon

The town is destroyed by something so powerful that people think it is a dragon. But William, who doesn't believe in dragons, will discover that they are attacked from Boschaud by Gessler and his new toy : a canon...

4 - The destroyed place

The destroyed place was not really destroyed, but it was where Gessler bombarded the town in the episode 36 "Exit the dragon". It is between the main place (2), the mother's house (3), the destroyed alley (5) and the farm of episode 27 "The trolls" (7).

5 - The destroyed alley

The destroyed alley was a little bit messy, with tons of debris on the ground. At least it was, for the need of the series of course. Nowadays, this part is rebuilt and not very recognizable.


She saw the dragon and witness the destruction.. she has one mission for Stefan and Tell....Kill the dragon.

         2017                                                                                     1986


 Below to the right: is the wall below in the middle of the village. There is a lot of ancient stones that perhaps were there already while shooting Crossbow and later built up again or were removed. Anyway...there is a concrete floor now and tiny little walls of stones when you enter the garden. Perhaps the stones that lie around in Crossbow. This place has changed a bit nowadays. The place I'm talking about is exact on the spot of the photos above where Stefan is taking care of the frightened child. That picture made me realize he stands on that place and later a row of pictures below this ones, this must be the in between spot.. but changed a little


1987                                                                                                       2016            



Black powder destruction. Never seen so much damages. Tells has seen this before when he received the gift from Lotus (episode Lotus 21). He didn't accept because of the destruction, his fear is that Gessler has it now.

1987                                                                          2017                                                                         1987  



During the visit of the town, I start to realize the beginning of 'Exit The Dragon' took place over here.

Some photos are convincible, but the alley with the yellow text on it (right under) changed a bit. Now there are some open gardens and little paths to different houses. 

                                                                                        There is a concrete floor and a little square that gives entrance to some houses



The pillars (visible on the middle photo) are from the building of the right photo. There are two supporting pillars but they filled the part in between with stones and it is overgrown 1987                                         nowadays.                                   2018          



                                                                                                In the middle of this lane (on the left) is the building they met the woman who saw the dragon.






To compare


Below the door on the left, place 7. Lucio comes to the village and enters the building and then switches the interior to the church below on this site. Lucio enters the door in front of Tell's horse, see below. In fact he enters the church below (scroll some rows down).     


The house of the mother in ep. Birthright and below the last scene of Exit the Dragon, nr.3 op the map





The church 

 The church St. Crepin de Richemont in episode 36 'Exit the Dragon'

The pillar and the window

In episode 36 'Exit the dragon' is also the 'castle without walls' like Gessler called it. The ruins of Boschaud!

1987                                                     2017                                                   1987


The pillars


    1987 See the yellow stained glass window left of Stefan                                                2018                                                            



1987 The baptismal font in Crossbow but on another place                              2018                    



Look above through the door behind Stefan, then you can recognize this impressive portal. Location found by C. Petit.


What changes? The renovation of the church started, parts changed....the ceiling and the blue color is different and the lamp spots of light are new.


After C. petit found the village and church I found this lake house not far from St. Crepin the Richemont,



The unknown locations nearby

If you like to help us. Try for instance Google maps or Google earth by finding the missing ones and tell us about. Especially the caves of Trolls and The Pit are still a mystery.


Trolls cave

The cave of Trolls is an unknown location. It looks like a cave north of Paussac et Vivien, but doesn't seem to match perfectly, only has some characteristics. Maybe during the 30 years things changed or disappeared





Below: I visited many caves in this area. I like to hike and looking for a 'Crossbow connection point' makes it more fun. All caves were beautiful and their environments too. Within 2 miles north of Paussac et Vivien next to the road a little up there was one with the special black and white triangles. But the entrance didn't correspond, the entrance left is another one than the cave right..