The cave dwellings

     The cave dwellings form a separate district, which was entered in 16th century land registries as the “Baume de Roucas”. In the Occitan language, “Baume” means cave and “rouca”

means rock. It was therefore a district of cave dwellings, which must have resembled those in the second outer courtyard. In the first house, you can see the shaft of a chimney worked into the

thick rock, stairs dug in the wall and cavities where a floor would have been fixed. The house would have had a ground floor and a loft with a fairly low ceiling. On the ceiling of the second house,

there are handles dug out of the rock where items could be hung and herbs or hams could be dried. This house has two chimneys, to the left and right of the entrance, and two carefully worked

windows. One looks onto the château façade and the other onto the village.