Palhers de Bramonas

Les Palhers de Bramonas is situated in the commune of Balsieges at an altitude of 918 m. It's in the middle of the forest, not easy to find, can only be reached via a country road.

Episodes 61 Lost City and  episode 68 The Amazon

          This petit ville is situated pretty isolated in the forest. A beautiful place.

Lost City 61

 In the beginning of Lost City Tell saves one of the children from barbarian men. To show their gratitude to Tell they invite him to their dinner: a horse.


They fled for war and the plague.  Orphans who live like animals and the dark forest is condemned.


Right picture: left child looks like 'Lucas' of episode 64 Children.


The meeting between Tell and Cassius 

A man with a red cape watches the fight and beckons Tell.

The man is Cassius, he says to Tell: 'This is not a friendly place" Tell; I noticed. Cassius: "It's me they are after. There are more of them..."

While talking he takes William to Flavia.


    He introduces Tell as her new champion. "I've been waiting for you for a long time." She tells William about the ruins of Ataquat and the temple. "On behalf of the Tudan empire we come to bring civilization to the inhabitants. People have lost their faith over time." 




(On the map: Walking from number 2 via number 1 to 3 in front of the main house.) 

The big main house

At location number 3

1986    They built a balcony and stairs. It's been restored very well! They kept the ancient elements!   2016


1986                                                                                              2016


Was the corridor behind this door 30 years back? I'm still not so sure. It looks like a studio one.

Also in front of the mainhouse is the attack.

This episode has beautiful ancient looking statues! They built a a balcony in front and itīs in the same old style. If It has been always there.



To Compare the corridor

Same places, the (studio?) corridor in The Lost City The Amazon

Same places

William and Cassius on their way to Flavia Lost City 61      William is led to Adriana, leader of the Amazons 68 via this corridor


Could be the same place they changed a bit. I start to believe more and more blocks and pillars in season 3 are fake. Look at the pillar at the right...seems parts of stone. They are masters in creating fireplaces, pillars and statues etc. They did that in season two as well. Animals and statues of stone, creating water places, wells. It looks great and It is misleading us. The interior shots of Amazons, Zombies, Bounty Twins, Lost city, Magician are probably all in this studio/farm.

Zombies below...

You see the corridor in the back                                                                                                      


This studio where everything can change or a being adjusted so that it just seems slightly different. Taking another camera position also helps to create a different set

To compare the door

                                               Lost city                              The Amazon, door to Adriana's room, leader of the Amazons                            Zombies                           



Studio Lost City

(can be everywhere like Perigouse, inside an original studio, Boissets, Palhers, Ferme de Sauveterre etc.)

Studio location for at least 4 episodes!

The Magician, Goldilocks, Lost City and the Amazon. Perhaps even a part of Zombies too. I have no idea if this location is inside or outside...


  And the same studio as Magician!

  To Compare

      Magician they're using cool white lights                          Magician                Lost City, using warm lights, that make a total different atmosphere


Invitation for Tell to join their meal.



The dialogue about the Tudan empire between Flavia and William

Tell: "How long have you been here?" Flavia: "This post has been around for centuries and now I am the only one left with my slave Cassius." Tell: "And you have lost contact with the rest of the world?" "The forest is our protector and our enemy." "Why don't you leave?" "I shall never leave. I descend from queen Quana Anne and I have to be manning this post. Until I got another order I shall do my duty." "The Tudan Empire has already been destroyed centuries ago." "You have a sense of humor." "The Tudan Empire does not exist." Flavia is denying: "It exists and you need to help me! You're the man who can help me. I knew that the moment I saw you. We have to stop these barbarians." You ask a quite a lot of one man." "We have a secret weapon they don't know about. Wait until you see it.


The hall of Lost City

 With the treasures and sword of Otta Wapa in the Tudan Empire

Unknown location, while the exterior is in Palhers de Bramonas and parts recorded in a studio, perhaps this hall could be part of ferme de Sauverterre or parts of Bramonas....we don't know... Last update is C petit found photos of this 'sheepfolt' and indications that this is situated in Palhers de Bramonas.


To compare this location to another episode

                  Lost city 61 the entrance                                              Lost city 61                                                                  Amazons 68                       


Above and below you see the same place, perhaps in opposite?

The Amazon 68, Adriana's room, the leader of the Amazons            Lost City 61  Flavia's room                                                                                               


Vlavia continues about the lost Empire she protects:   

"This is from the emperor of Tuda! This is the sword of Otta wapa." Tell seems skeptic: "This is your secret weapon??" Flavia wants to convince him: "feel the sword...touch it! Take it, feel it!" When William is not immediately ready to catch it.. she puts it into his hands. "Do you feel it? Do you feel it's strength?? Tell holds it and tests it. "It is a nice piece of craftsmanship." She also has a message and continues: "The one who carries this sword can't be defeated."

Tell puts down the sword and speaks firmly to her: "Flavia, this is madness! There is an army of barbarians there they will kill you, would you understand?!" Flavia raises her voice and is determined: "We can beat them!" Tell: "face the facts!!" Flavia: "No." Tell tries it again: "I don't want to see them kill you for a senseless dream, see it as a tactical withdrawal." Flavia: "It's my duty." Tell: "The empire is gone, you only have obligations to yourself." Flavia: "You just say that because you are a coward!" Tell: "Why would I lie? You are fighting for an empire that no longer exists." Flavia emotional: "Gone? How can that be? They still have the rituals, the games......The games. Otta Wapa shall return and we shall march in triumph again!"


The rocks Lost City

Their exhausting battle in search of gold, gives a lot of mutual tension.

In the meantime groups are searching for the treasure and fight each other. Men oppose their leader because they continue to search without result and get not paid for it yet. They are exhausted. The leader abuses the men for his one purpose and has other plans with the group after the discovery.


To compare the rocks

     The rocks, unknown location, It probably will be close to Palhers de Bramonas

         Lost city                                     Goldilocks.. is this rock real or the same rocks or studio?                        Amazons



To compare

The attack by the Barbarians

Here the men of the Amazons coming back -

                          The Amazon                                                       Same place: Lost city                          2017 number 2 looking to the north and north west.



To compare

Amazon                                                                           The lost city 1988



 Lost City 1988                                                   The same place 2017



The Amazon                  Same house, roof covered up with straw. Left lower camera view               Lost City


This house on the corner, the attached rounded shed is gone nowadays. The one behind is still there

         This rounded building used to be attached                                  The building with a rood again                                 roofless in The Amazon                        


The house between number 2 and 3. This house has a ruined roof, nowadays It's fixed well! The attached rounded shed is gone.. In lost city the hole in the roof is covered with straw and In the Amazon you can see the damaged roof.


Studio Lost City

(and The Amazon, Magician and perhaps parts of Bounty twins and Zombies too)

A built studio around Bramonas or elsewhere

                                                                      The attack of the empire                                                          David Prowse



The barbarians attack and they are after the gold.


The coronation in the studio

   Then the boys bring the sword of Otta Wapa. Tell apprehends the sword to the queen of Tudian Emipre.



left: Amazons                              right: Lost City



Zombies                                                  Lost City


The end of Lost City




The Amazon 68

A mysterious beginning; William enters the forest where he hears something...

Mysterious flutes, shadows in the distance, they are running through the mist and then disappear. Someone is trying to mislead Tell.


Then he clearly sees someone


It scares the horse. He canīt locate it. And finds a piece of clothing.



To find out what is going on, Tell sets a trap. While Tell tries to find out who the unknown person is, they suddenly are attacked by barbarian men.


Tell rescues Kristel.

She starts to trust him and finds him interesting. A while later the other amazons are coming and they have had bad experience with men.

Kristel can't convince the rest of the Amazons and he is kidnapped and taken to Adriane, she is the leader of the Amazons.


The escape


The Amazon village is hidden well in the forest. They are protecting themselves against barbarian men. Long ago all men were slaughtered and taken away. The Amazons have taught themselves to defend and fight. All Amazons believe that men are evil and this attack seems to prove it again.


While they were fleeing from the barbarians, they jumped off a rock and Kristel did not come down softly


Tell becomes a problem to them because he already knows their hiding place. He will be locked up and Adriana needs time to think


The old little barn

The shed lies south east of Palhers. Tell and Kristel sitting in front of it at the north side.

It still hasn't changed much. It was overgrown and still is. The picture of 2017 is made a little more to the east.

1987                                                                     1987                                                                     2017   



To compare

 2017                                                                 1986 

Pointed by C. Petit

These Amazons has found a shelter and have learned to fight and defend themselves against the enemy. They are told all men are evil, which is a big disadvantage for Tell.


The kidnap

Exact spot but new forest in front


Number 2 on the map -  William finds his horse back, but not without danger, more Amazons arrive


Kristel recognizes them at once. The fellow group of Amazons arrive and arrest Tell.


Not the exact same spot but must be around here just behind the old shed in the forest. May 2017


The crossing

I call it 'the crossing' because it's central and it's in front of the biggest house of Palhers. Lots of scenes are here. Number 1, 3, 5. It would be a lot easier when I had a (360 degrees) photo to show you, but I haven't.

The building between the trees is still the same. The old trees are still there, see the picture one row below. The middle picture is the same angle but zoomed in. The right picture: Taken from a slightly different angle  2017. The camera of Crossbow stood more to the left  

opposite ways...the attached oven shed is gone nowadays                                               They are running from number 5 to 1


This house below is south west at number 5, you van see it right of the Amazons in the back. It isn't changed in 30 years. It still has the great medieval look.


Part of the crossing. Unfortunately I have no photos of the left field (to private to enter). Perhaps the new owner has photos. Before I met them they visited my site coincidently and pointed me the place to the left.

They filmed between the big trees, they were there already during Crossbow.

Photo below is what I call 'the crossing' 

Below a clear photo. Alomst everything is shot here or around the corner of the small house (on the left)

1986  on the field left of photo 2017                      2017 taken from position number 5 looking to 1                                                                            


1987 almost same position                                 2017 left of the excavator is the house, tree and wall                                  


Left of number 2 you see two houses disappeared...I have no idea this was 30 years ago the same...that was just the angle Crossbow didn't film.

On this panorama you see this place on the field in the left (number 1 left, number 3 right and 5 in the back)


Same place

                                   Amazon                                                              Lost City                                                                 2017                                     

Lost City the roof is damaged and nowadays built up. This building has no longer a round bended shed attached, the other still has. Look at the right picture...two buildings both a rounded shed attached. The huge main building still has but this one is gone.                                   



1986 The Amazon, the village is attacked by men. The building between the trees is still the same. The old trees are still there, see the picture one row below. Taken from a different angle  2017

                       1988 Amazon                               2017 look at this barn in on the right of Kristel   They came from this direction to the building in the back



This farm is south of the main house, see below



The Mainhouse

Same angle, the shot in Crossbow is made a few steps back. Number 3 on the map

The only change is a respectful restoration of this building, a rain pipe and a new built wall. The small tree in the very back has grown...the other trees are still there but out of sight.

 1988  Lost City                                                                                            2017          


The back of the main house in 2017


Lost city                                                      Lost City                                                        The Amazon


The field (location 1) the fight practice, below they walk from 1 to location 2

The Amazon camp, where they live and practice sword fighting



These photos were sent by the owner of Bramonas. He sent both photos and told me the roof tiles above the door are still in the same position as 1988.

1986                                                                                  2017




I haven't been inside.

Tell doesn't know what he sees when he enters a room where two woman having a tough fight. Not exactly a gentle one.

To Compare: Same place as Bounty Twins and inside shots of Zombies is recorded. Walls look fake and they used different fake parts. Like in the middle photo behind the zombie that grey wall is fake and in another episode open. It makes It very hard to track down.

The same place, same door, stairs and plateau

Amazons 68 (William looks to the fighting women on the plateau)  Bounty Twins 55 (in front of Alana, William enters this door in Amazon at the left picture) Gansari's Amazons                                                      Bounty Twins                                                     Zombies           


   William passes a fight between the 2 women, the surprise on Tell's face about how rough it goes, when one woman is thrown roughly to the ground.


On the cell door they put a blanket or a piece of wood on the lower part and a made in Bounty Twins they made a fake doorpost.

This prison cell in 'Bounty Twins' is also Adriana's room (and Flavia's room in Lost city)         'Gansari's Zombies' is the same place as we see above.


Bounty twins                                                        Gansari's zombies

        A shot of Gansari's zombies with a second of the prison cell in the back          Alana in Bounty Twins, they changed subtle little things                        



The corridor

Perhaps the same corridor of the very last shot of Crossbow final episode 72, where Gessler thinks he is free and walks through a tunnel of light...



Back to the Amazon storyline

Adriana doesn't know what to do with Tell. They put William in prison. Adriana is worried he knows their hiding place. But Adriana also realizes that he seems no harm. So they decide to lock him up for one night and tomorrow he has to fight against their strongest woman 'Cynthia,' If he wins he can go free. There will be a trick to it of course. Tell finds out that's not that easy.



Kristel is not happy with the situation, she is bored and likes to drink beer. Then she and Diana have a chat about men.


Tell almost escapes but Kristel interrupts, she bribes the guard. After all the bad stories about men and the strict rules, she begins to like Tell and she is looking for some excitement. Kristel is drunk and Tell confronts her with it.


Kristel: "I never, ever been kissed by a man and I think It's time.' Tell raises the tension a bit but does not respond directly to it, to the annoyance of Kristel.


                  She insists and starts to scold. She tells him she has not bribed the guard for nothing.

   Then Adriana walks in.



 Tell versus Cynthia.

Tell is sputtering, he doesn't want to fight against a woman. Then he sees Cynthia and is impressed. He doesn't have time to refuse, she kicks his sword away and cuts his chair into  pieces. Though it's funny: Tell has to fight for his life!

It has something like a James Bond scene.. a funny scene, William gets involved in a tricky situation, almost gets killed by the female enemy, but remains a gentleman.


People gamble who will win this duel.                           Some have familiar faces I've seen several times before.


                                                                                                                                                                Kristel is worried



Amazon     To compare: Gansari's zombies same place but a bit different plateau         Amazon


To compare

Gansari's zombies in the same studio?




The attack

There is a dispute about his fate. He must fight against their strongest girl Cynthia to be released. Well, that's easier said than done. At the moment they are fighting, the village is attacked again. Great chaos arises; women walking out and get on their positions. The Amazons have been followed to their shelter. But a pleasant surprise awaits

                                                                                          Men riding into the village. Woman on the lookout warns others by sound signals.



The path to the barn, east of Palhers de Bramonas.


The men riding from the north side into the village.

 To compare

The Amazon                                                                               Lost City


                                                                                     Between number 1 and 2   Opposite: Seen from the side of the riders Looking from North to South. 2 to 1



                                      They are looking into the alley. North of number 2                                            


Tell noticed: 'they look peaceful' but he is not allowed to say a thing.    

filmed on the field behind the right 2 houses

The panorama taken from the north side of the village. Men riding in!


The field

number 1 and 2

                                                                                                          1986                                                                  2017                                  


    Same place to compare

                                   Amazon                                                             LostCity                          Lost City the roof is damaged and nowadays build up


The place left is changed and private. I think it wasn't appropriate to take pictures. Most of the parts of Amazon and Lost City are filmed in a triangle just behind the left main house. Maybe owner can send us a good picture of this place behind. I think much changed. The houses in the Amazon were in very bad condition during Crossbow.




The recognition

At location 2 (on the map)                                                                                                                                      At location 1 (on the map)


Adrustus is back and some other men that long ago disappeared after an attack on their village.


Finally freed


The Amazon ends




Extra Photos of Palhers

North of the small houses







Front of the barn                                                                                             



Chateau in Balsiege


North of the small houses


Another old barn in the north of the village



                                           Looking to the north                                                    


  Looking to the south


Entering south








          They didn't use plastic and clear white window frames. In my opinion you need frames that are deeper hidden in de window as make it look like there is no window frame at all. I see many ancient houses with plastic frame doors, that suits in a modern house well but not in such old building. This is so well done!