La Perigouse Lozere


Episodes season 3: Gansari's Zombies (57), Bounty Twins (55) 

Below Copyright of Philippe Lazoore

A zombie also needs a break..


Philippe Lazoore, one of the zombies, comes out of the door.


The places are very close together. Zooming in the map below doesn't make it look sharper. But it gives an impression of the village.

A, B,C and D are big houses where they could have filmed the shot below...but it's also possible that they are in another village, a studio or perhaps Palhers de Bramonas.

I haven't been in the houses. I don't want to trespass. Below fake or real? Is it in la Perigouse or elsewhere? This farm seems to have a kind of flexible roof covering. It looks like a large piece of cloth put over the wooden frame. In this town are many roofless houses. You can see it on the map above. Perhaps they fluttered together a roof.. It's not the first time they've created large projects like: the large fake-stone projects, the entrance gate to the wasteland. They also made wells and statues to decorate scenes.

For me this arcade looks like concrete or fake                                                                                                                                                                             



Episode Gansari's Zombies

The way to Balric (episode 57)


Gansari and his 'children' are heading to Balric right after Tell. In Balric Tell meets Zanthe's sister, she is hiding for Gansari and tries to reach her brother.

Gansari is in love with her. The love does not come from both sides... She desperately wants to get her brother back, but that isn't possible anymore, then she wants him to rest in peace. When she meets Tell, they both get involved. There is hardly time to escape now, the zombies have just arrived......



Northwest of la Perigouse

                The door is replaced by glass, the wooden fence is changed into an iron one. In my opinion it's done pretty well. It still looks nice, I've seen worse ;)                                 1988                                                                                                    2017


Notice the element on the foot of the stairs...I never noticed, only when I made these stills.

The girl is standing on the map between 2 and 3

The girl aims her bow at Tell. When Tell comes from another side than she had expected, she begs not to kill her and tells him her story about the major threat in this village.



I doubt these two buildings (below) are still there. I haven't seen these wooden carriers attached to houses. 

The place below you can find by going upstairs, around the corner. You can see it on the map. Tell walks from nr. 7 to 3



                Bounty twins episode 55 house nr 14                                          Gansari's Zombies episode 57 from nr. 9 top 14



2017 behind Tell you see the corner of the left house (house 12)                1988                                2017   (Looking  from nr 13 to 15. In the back building A)



                                       1988 The impressive porch, still beautiful!                                2017 looking from nr. 6, 4 to 3. The bow on the left is pointed as nr. 5     



This zombie stood in front of the tiny house nr. 2 (left of the 'balcony stairs') On this spot Wanda meets Tell as well. It's a little hotel nowadays. 

1988                                                                                              2017 nr. 2 on the map



Below: the building with the balcony. Here the zombies came out.

            1988                                                                                   2017


The zombies walking on the balcony stairs of the house you see below. It's in opposite of the beautiful arcade porch.

                                                                                                  Number 4 on the map      This building is at the right of Tell, behind the man with the barrel.



The Northern square of La Perigouse

In front of the big ancient house. (Filmed from many angles)  

The Bounty Twins



          1988 You see the hills behind. Now there are trees. In front of building 10           2017   Building 10 and 12 plus the alley in between is 11                     


The cemetery of The Zombies, location: I'm not sure yet, nearby


The alley next to the building attached to the square           To Compare:

The Bounty twins                                                  Zombies  nr. 11 the alley                                               2017            



                                           2017     The alley nr. 11 on the map.                                                             1988  Bounty twins                    


 1988  Bounty twins                                                                             2017  building 10   


Below the ruined attached part of the house made in 2017, you can see behind the Bounty Twins (picture left above).



  From the square to the last house of the village (west part). Later more about this house in the back. Riding from nr. 10, 13 to the house 15.



To Compare:

All in front of building 10 and 12

You see the sign of Balric in episode Zombies, episode 57                                            Bounty twins episode 55                          


A copy of the photos above plus a photo from 2017

                                                2017       It's a pity they made the modern roof                                                           1988 Zombies                                     


2017 same house



Those two pictures are taken in opposite.

Same picture to point the first small house. This house is looking very old with it's original roof (just right of the biggest tree, 8 on the map).

                                                                                                               The scene is shot on the left part of this photo in front of the smallest house in the row.


The centre of the old town of Perigouse

                                  1988                                                        2017 the house left of Tell, not visible next to Tell, but the wall is


The same photo to compare; here the house at the right side. In Crossbow It had already a huge crack


2017 Amazing to discover small indications of modern times in this old town (the guesthouse for instance, it's situated on the left) sure will have internet access and the range of the mobile phone will be fine as well. Behind me some cars.... but this feels amazing. Oke can disagree about it, some will say it's messy, perhaps a bit neglected...the buildings have been affected by time and weather but it looks in a certain way authentic old to me. I appreciate those villages. It has so many beauty things in it!

If you like photography, nature, culture and discovery, these are beautiful places to wander for hours.

(While visiting please have respect for the residents, private places and their properties!) 


  1988                                                                                 2017



The last house

In the western part of the old town

On the map: alley 13 to house 15

                  1988                                                                                           2017                       



            1988  building 12 in the back                                            1988   and walking back with building 15 in the back





                                                                                                  1988                                                                                     2017, house nr. 15                                                                     




It was an old building but nowadays nature is almost taking over. Made in May.      During the summer it looks much better



1988                                                                                                     2017



                                           2017                                                                1988 Bounty twins                                                           1988  Zombies                                    



The ancient centre of la Perigouse

                                                  1988                                                                                                 2017                     



The girl is hunted down through the town.

The zombies appear everywhere, they even come through the floor and demolish wooden doors!




There seems no escape




Will she succeed in reaching her brother? 



This Zombie's interior could be shot in La Perigouse, like the exterior is, but also Palhers de Bramonas. We don't know.


While scrolling through my la Perigouse folder, I found a hidden overgrown shed behind the cross I photographed. I don't think it can be the studio. C. Petit has directions from photos that it can be shot in Palhers. More about this in the future... C. Petit will try to go there.

While looking at this ruined farm below.. it's kind of interesting...take a look at the photo below. Is this ruin the place in crossbow they put a large piece of cloth over the beams of the roof? And is the place now collapsed? The same place as in the spider, Bounty twins and Zombies? It's still guessing...






The Cemetery of the Zombies

(unknown location in Lozere, to me it seems around La Perigouse, It can be around nr. 9)


Finally Zanté finds rest again and the girl peace.



Studio shots in Perigouse of Palhers?

To Compare:

 (also same episodes combined on a different location, perhaps a shed in Perigouse or a studio).

Parts of the Amazon, episode 69, is also shot on this spot!

                                                          Zombies episode 57                                                               Bounty twins episode 55                                             



                    Zombies   The same place/stairs below (middle and left) but one of them has a fake background.                           Bounty twins              


       Above most of the photos from Bounty Twins and below Zombies.

The corridor the zombies are walking is also in the Amazon 69

                  Zombies                                           Bounty Twins so this is changed and (partly) fake.                                                                     



The wasteland in Bounty Twins

(a mix of Causse Sauveterre and La Perigouse in Lozere)

An impression of the episode. The village is known to us but the field isn't

In this episode, William is captured by a Siamese twin and retained as a prisoner in the unknown place. It is supposed to be in a hamlet called "La Périgouse", where the "Gansari's Zombies" episode also took place. The twins are taking care for a girl 'Alana' and protect her and she cares for them. Her father is looking for her, but they won't let her be taken away.






A dry and sandy wasteland. A large dust cloud is approaching. The Bounty twins are coming. Tell takes cover in a blanket behind a rock and observe them.


The twins ride on and the dust clouds disappears. Tell notices he is followed by a man.

Tell walks around the rock, then suddenly appears from the other side. He sees the man standing by his stuff and seems to be looking for Tell.

Tell first thinks he is a thief. "Found what your looking for?"

The brothers are coming

                                                                                      I think a small town behind, perhaps a town I already know.. I see roofs and cypresses. But I can't place it yet..


"Doolan is the name: hunter, tracker, Guide! You're going into the wasteland?" Tell: "Across"

Doolan: "Not many people try that." Tell: "Is there anything that would stop them?" Doolan: "sand and sun."

Tell: For what brings you here? Doolan is silent and looks in the distance doubting about what to tell.

Tell: "What is the best way? Straight through or around? I will pay you of course."

alright: "Follow me."

Dolan is on the outlook. Tell: "What's the matter Dolan? Like you have said yourself there is nobody around here for miles around." Dolan: "It's all right." Tell sees the man worrying and repeat: "it's alright?!" Tell realizes the man is worried but he won't share it with him. Tell: "What do you hunt down, Dolan? You don't have a weapon nor horse..." I'm running like a horse." "Yeah I can't keep up with you."


The brothers see their fire and ride straight to Doolan and Tell. Doolan is suddenly gone and Tell is a bit overwhelmed and runs as fast as he can. Then the brothers throw a boomerang to Tell and hit him.

In the meantime Doolan seems hiding behind a rock and watch the brothers taking Tell away.

Alana visits Tell in prison. "I'm Alana priestess of the noble...of the wasteland  of the illustrious bounty twins who's blood is mingled with the blood of wolves, of the patched earth. This is their land, kingdom. I'm William Tell messenger of the king of.... Alana: "Capricornicus?"  Tell: "Ah, you knew..." Alana asking him: "why are you here?" "I ran into your friend...friends...they invited me back."


Tell: "What are you doing here?" "Having fun...someday I'm a princess, priestess and other day just a servant." Tell tries to force the lock, but then she interrupts: "What are you doing? You can't do that then the bounty twins get you. They beat you up and sell you as a slave!" "Why haven't they sold you?" Then she runs away.




While singing she realizes perhaps she is a bit kept like a slave. Then her father visits her, his sudden appearance lets her scream loudly, which attracts the bounty twins straight away. She looked her dad deep in the eyes and asked him quickly to hide. The brothers come in and know there has been someone and want Alana to speak up.

Alana ignors them carefully. The brothers talk in turn: "Nobody may touch you, nobody may come close to you, who was it?!" Alana tries to calm down the twins: "It was no one..nobody..." But they don't believe her "You're in trouble Alana!!"

When Doolan comes back, the twins appear and get him. Alana is in a panic and shouts to stop it and leave the man. "Why Alana, he is the one who is been tracking us." Alana: "Because he is my father!" The twins are shocked and a big silence takes over the place. Then dad is locked up with William.


In prison

Dolan to Tell: "My own daughter, can you believe it? My own flash and blood." "You should have told me Doolan then I would have done anything." "Murderous hoars, bandits! My precious Alana kidnapped." Tell: "Doolan, what do you mean by that? She is never kidnapped she had run off from you! She is never been so happy as she is now, although she is scared... Scared and happy." Dolan has to laugh loud and his face is suddenly getting in earnest: "Nonsens, they could have been spelled her?" Tell: "Spelled?"

Then Alana appeares to the twins: "Alana, why are you dressed like that?" "I come to be slaugtered!" The brothers look very surprised to each other. "You are going to kill me, I know it." "You are greasier than that stupid old man!" Then the brothers talk in turn: "You lied to us Alana. When we find you, you said to us your were an orphan. We looked after you, we protected you, now what have you done?" "Leave me alone!" The twins shout at her: "Now you have caused us nothing but trouble with your stupid girly fantasies!" Alana feels hurt and upset and cannot suppress. She shouts back: "What about you? You stupid two headed monster!" Immediately she regrets her words. Then they come over and hugg each other carefully. For a moment it seems that the peace has returned.


A moment later they asking her to go. Alana responds: "You didn't give me a change, I said I was sorry." The brothers are confused, they saw Alana as their own daughter and they felt misled but they still do love her. Alana doesn't seem to be fond to go away with dad. She is about to get a story from the twins. Tell feels the tension well and said "Alana, that's enough." Then one of the brother said a last thing to Tell: "Your weapons are that way under the dead tree, you've got until noon."

When Tell, Alana and Dolan are out of sight, the brothers musing to each other: "We should have sold her, we should have killed her." Then they both get very emotional and realize they missing her very much. "Ahh no...we should have kept her. We never find another Alana. But still...we not really going to wait until noon? Do we?" Then they go back immediately and try to find her.


Tell finds his weapon at the dead tree. "Do you make it Doolan? You know the hill?" Doolan: "Don't worry about me..." Tell and Doolan are making a plan to catch up later, then giving Alana to Dolan. So they split up. Alana is a upset and confused, she shouts she is not going

Dolan: "Alana get on the horse!" Alana about the twins: "They don't hurt me." Dolan who realizes asking it friendly again would make no sense at all. "Alana, if you don't get on the horse I will break your neck!" And he drags her to William and put her in front of him on the horse

Dolan reassured to Tell and Alana: "We have a couple of hours. Tell, who doesn't seem to trust the twins at all: "I don't think so."

In front of the hills they should meet but Dolan gets caught by the twins and they tie him up. Twins: "Dolan, what a nice guy you are. We gonna scrap you till the bone." They throw him behind the horse car. Can Alana and Tell arrived on time?

Alana hurries to her father, but then the wagon turns and the twins are coming back and heading their way.



                                                                                              Tell is alone and in disadvantage. The twins are armed with a double axe and heading his way.


When I took some stills I saw a runner in the back. They quickly change camera viewpoint. It could be Alana too. There is a shot she ran to the twins...Perhaps a shot made at the same time? But this seems a little mistake.


During the fight Tell grabs a sword from the wagon and hit them. Coincidently he hits the twins loose. One seems to die at once and the other is calling loudly for Alana. Alana can't deny his call and is heading to the only survivor, although the twins wounded her dad badly.


The photo below is copyright by the photographer of Crossbow.

Behind the Bounty twins.. a road and perhaps a small town?


With Gabrielle Anwar As Alana



Crossbow Season 3

The unknown interior can be seen in at least 5 episodes.

Each time, this place was decorated differently to make it look unrecognizable. And sometimes it required a lot of work, like building a fake roof.


Episode 55: The Bounty Twins

In this episode, William is captured by a Siamese twin and retained as a prisoner in the unknown place. It is supposed to be in a hamlet called "La Périgouse", where the "Gansari's Zombies" episode also took place. The twins have taken care for a girl 'Alana' and protected her and she cared for them. Her father is looking for her, but they won't let them be taken away.

Episode 57: The Gansari's Zombies

In this episode, William saves a woman from a certain death, as she is surrounded by zombies controlled by an evil necromancer. Her home is the unknown place, which is supposed to be in "La Périgouse" like in the episode 55.

Now we can see more details. The place is so ruined that the producers had to build a fake roof with sheets. There's also a corridor with arch pillars that we'll better see in the next episodes. And the prison is still there.

On the third picture below, there's a wooden door which is the entrance of a rounded cellar typical of the Causses. We will see this cellar in the "Amazons" and "The lost city". On the fourth picture, we can see that the place is not isolated, that it is probably in a hamlet or a village. On the fifth picture, we've got a better side view of the corridor. And on the last picture, we can see how ruined is this place.

Episode 61: The lost city  

In this episode, William becomes friends with two people who live likes the ancient romans, in the unknown place that is now supposed to be located in the hamlet called "Les Palhers de Bramonas" (not far from La périgouse).

We can now see the corridor from the inside, with the arch pillars. The place is so decorated with branches and leaves that it's almost unrecognizable. On the fourth picture, we can see the rounded cellar with a little window. On the fifth picture we can distinguish an archway or a bridge. And there's a room with a chimney that we will also see in the Amazons.

Episode 68: The Amazons

William rescues an amazone but is captured by the others and retained as a prisoner in the unknown place. This place is also supposed to be located in the hamlet called "Les Palhers de Bramonas", like in the episode 61.

This time, we've got a better view from inside the corridor and its arch pillars. And the rounded cellar is almost entirely seen, with a little chimney on its left. But we don't see that much of the main room, except that there is another big chimney, fake or not. There's the same wooden structure and the same fake roof as in the other episodes.

Episode 69: The head hunters

It's hard to believe, but the head hunter's headquarter is also in the unknown place. But this time, no indication about its location which is supposed to be somewhere around the castle named "château de La Caze" in the gorges du Tarn.

Not that hard though, with the same Guatemalan stone head and the same vegetation as in the lost city. And of course, the corridor and its arch pillars.

Below: Same place as in the the Bounty Twins, so at least four episodes here (Amazon, Lost city, The Zombies and the Bounty Twins).


Left: Bounty Twins 55 and right 61 Lost City

The same corridor was in episode: Lost city, The Amazon and Zombies. I believe this could be filmed from the right side of the corridor. For the corridor shots see the screenshots below.

Left: The Amazon. Right: Lost City


Zombies                                                  Lost City

Same studio as in episode: Magician, The Amazon, part of Bounty Twins interior.

     Unknow interior place, perhaps arcade gate in Palhers de Bramonas? 




Extra fotos of Perigouse village, an impression of the old town.   

I believe this could be part of the cemetery in Zombies, without the paved road, camera point left and the view over the wall and hills right. Not sure,  
















    There's a school to learn how to ride horses

The Facebook page

The little hotel used in Crossbow

There's an association children who were removed from their family because mistreatment or other

There's a humanitarian association called NISADA


La Périgouse : It's a locality of the Sainte Enimie town dedicated to the horses.  There are farms for horses like this one (above)

A Compilation of Headhunters (Chateau la Caze and the unknown interior) Perhaps a studio.

A compilation of episode 68 The Amazon

A compilation of episode 57 Zombies


You can see similarities of the interiors


A compilation of The Bounty Twins

A compilation of Lost City