Episode 62 The Bridge


David Milner as Gobbo, an inexperienced youth, who calls himself the last of the guardians of the bridge and keeps away tresspassers by shouting, fighting and throwing 'Greek fire' bombs.



The Truc of Chastel-Vieil - The rocks of Cenaret!

In Lozère, the word "Truc" refers to certain promontories or even mountains that stand out in the landscape and dominate the surroundings. Among the best known are the Truc de Fortunio near Rieutort de Randon, the Truc du Midi not far from Marvejols or the Truc de Grèzes ... in Grèzes. 

The Truc de Chastel-Vieil (996m above sea level) faces the Tip of the Cenaret (and its statue of the Virgin) a few kilometers from Barjac. We guess when we pass on the RN88, but it is best discovered on its north-west face with its impressive cliff. It is possible to reach on foot from the village of Cenaret by a wide way because the summit of the Truc is exploited by cultures. Wikipedia indicates that a castle belonging to the Barony of the Cenaret in the seventh century was built at the top of the Trunk, but remains no visible trace either at the top or below.

To compare

Episode Silverrider 63                                        Episode 62 intro of episode Bridge                                          Cenaret 2015                 


The background is from a slightly different angle and zoomed-in. In this episode 'the Bridge' Gobbo is the last guardian of the bridge. He is spotting passengers from the highest point. In fact this high point is Cenaret and not around the bridge of Bruzac. This episode made a lot of switches while you don't really notice. Good job. The ruined house Gobbo is running around and the house where Gobbo is throwing Greek fire bombs are not on this rock and they are also not next to the bridge of Bruzac. The houses are very close to the rock but a little bit lower in the small town of Cenaret. This town lies on foot of the rock.

Below: the left rock is the one Tell climbed (in ep. The Bridge) and he fell off in 'The Silver Rider.'



You can see the village on the right. For me this location was confusing. A friend C petit found the place and finally we found out there were at least two houses around Cenaret. They combined those houses with a shot from the rock (and the bridge of Bruzac) In the beginning of the episode they make you believe the village (of Gobbo) lies high on top of the rock. The village of Cenaret lies high but not on top.

Below the two differences: They were switching locations

      From the high rock (same as above).                           There is a path to the top.  nr. 6                      Another place lower: Cenaret village nr. 6




On the rocks of Cenaret

Great view!

1988                                                                                                2018                    


    Same photos as above but to show the background. This photo is also taken from the rock, these kind of bushes are recognizable and zoomed in and in a slightly different angle.


The story


You see these photos in 1 film in succession but not 1 shot. The first photo is in the village, the other on the rock.

 The episode starts with the first shots of Gobbo, warrior of the bridge and living on a mountain top. He believes strongly in the ancient law; nobody may pass the bridge to the other side of the mountain. Just because it's forbidden. A moment later he finds out he is the only warrior that survived. Horst killed all the others while he was away to stop Tell. When Tell is getting too close he goes on warpath. To put it mildly, he is not entirely harmless :)


Above and below: There are 2 pictures with a wall on it, these ones are shot in the north east village of Cenaret at nr. 6. The rest on the rock of Cenaret.


Two different places

        On the rock plateau (see more 1 extra rowe below) of the smaller rock of Cenaret                        On a lower place in the village of Cenaret nr. 6


Tell listens to his story, but Gobbo doesn't want him to pass.  From the mountain top of Cenaret a switch to the village of Cenaret.

                                                    On top of the plateau                                     The plateau of Cenaret, picture below on the left.                                                              



1988                                                                                                               2016              


Gobbo is on watch at the rock of Cenaret. The shots with the wall in sight is shot on the ridge of the village.  The mountains (right circles) seems higher because the shot of Gobbo is taken lower in the village than this one on the right.


Resume: Gobbo doesn't like people to get across the bridge. He and the other guardians protect the bridge because it's the ancient law. Then he spots Tell climbing the rock. He tries to stop Tell through a trap. But Tell is one step ahead of him. Horst is follows Tell to get his secret, he crosses the bridge and kills all the guardians. Gobbo is in shock. At the end there is a fight between the three of them on the bridge. No one can make Gobbo change his mind, even not Tell.


Dialoque between Tell and Gobbo. Gobbo is very suprised Tell climbs up so fast. 'How did you get up here? Tell: 'By foot, that's the simplest way. There is something about this place...too quiet. It makes me jumpy." Tell spots the trap: "What's all this?" Gobbo responded:  'oil, rocks and things..nothings special"  Tell kicks the hot pan from the rock. That makes Gobbo pretty angry: 'You're in big trouble!' He continuesly raising his voice to Tell: 'These mountains are sealed off..forbidden! Understand?!"  Tell: Forbidden.. why?" 'That always have been. It's the ancient law!'

What can happen tot a man when he ignores the ancient law?" Gobbo doesn't like the question and tries to scare Tell off: 'Then you call on the revenge of the warriors of the road. The guardians of the bridge! And that would be really stupid!!!" Tell: 'But I have to cross these mountains to continue my journey. It's the only way." "Then you have a problem!" "A problem that could be solved with money?" Gobbo: "No!" Tell likes to know what he can expect and asks Gobbo: "Who are the warriors of the way?' "They are horrible! Trained killers, deathmachines! They have swored the sanctity of these mountains. It's the only purpose in their lives. Get the picture?" Tell still thinks about a solution: "I would like to talk to one of them." Gobbo interrupted: 'Then I have bad news for you. You are talking to one of them!" Gobbo grabs a weapon and attacks Tell immediately, but he is one step ahead of him. "I don't like people and especially not you!" He pulls Tell and stumps himself free. He is running away manically laughing. Then he seems gone for a moment.

The ancient house Gobbo Hides

He runs to this house, attached to the rock, north east of Cenaret. More down below.


Below a switch to this ruine, perhaps in Cenaret.


And below: another porch. He walks into it and immediately walks out the same way


Don't blame me on the chaos of different location shots   


The fourth location

This film location is in only 15 seconds of filming! It's the rock of Cenaret (north east of the houses in Cenaret) Great the cameraman has put them all together to a good final impression. You don't realize this while watching it. It's all in the same style and seems just another alley of the same property. Good job.


There are at least 3 important houses in Cenaret

1 is the house north west of Cénaret. Located on the map as nr.7


Gobbo is up to something...

1988 This place below: Gobbo is hidden here. This house lies on the foot of the rock. 2018

Unfortunately the wall is plastered....I won't say anything about the car...


The first floor (left of the house) is partly disappeared. It's no longer attached to the building left. the building was built in a square shape, but it seems a single house nowadays...

By the way... behind this house there is a small forest that is the beginning of the rock.

The wall on the far left probably used to be a shed or house. It's gone now.

The grassy gravel road is now an road of asphalt. It might be handy but not very beautiful.

The hidden right part (behind the big wall, around the corner) you see more of it below.



Below extra photos of the entrance

Above: The white plastered house used to be attched to the house. The house left of Tell is unfortunately gone. Only remains a wall, with nothing behind it. It's also possible that this wall was during Crossbow a house too. Right of this wall is nowadays a parking place, see below.


This building has changed completely.



The house behind Gobbo is probably the white plastered one and not the vanished one or the one behind Tell. Take a look at the position of the hay wagon.


It's C. Petit who showed me the place. He found it via a hiker's blog. The hikers came on the most beautiful places not many tourists come. I'm sure won't have recognized it myself, It has such a modern touch nowdays. It has the same marks, but the building in the left is almost vanished. It's loses a bit the ancient exciting appearance that we used to see in Crossbow locations. No plants, no places left who invites me to take a look, too modern. One of the best restored places i've seen of Crossbow locations is Palhers de Bramonas. But I'm glad they don't plaster the whole house.


The front of the house

If you are standing in front of this house, you can't see the left and right well, in Crossbow you can, see the photo's below.

You see also the left side of this house. Look at the huge stones behind the rain pipe. Still the same! 2017 (see left and middle photo's)

Middle photo: You see a part of a car. Right you can see (next Tell) the 'hidden' place around the corner (where the car is parked on the middle photo                           



               No windows no rain pipes yet             2015  middle of the house, you see a white car on the right                   This photo the car is parked                     


Below: This is 100 percent the place. They have placed modern doors and windows and then they have to change the blocks around it too.

The bush (in front of Gobbo) is where the back of the car lies. Gobbo is walking to the huge wall. Above you saw a photo of 2015 where the car was parked...this time in 2018 there is no longer a car parked but only the back of it ;)  There is a lot more space left in that corner, than you at first sight can imagine.



1988                                                                                               2015



                                                1988                                                                   1988                                 2015 I don't like white plaster on this beautiful old stones




2. The unknown location

 I have thought about the ancient part of the village le Poulet (picture on the right) but no real similairities only the same atmosphere.


In fact Gobbo walks the same path, through the porch and back. Perhaps the ruins of an old house next to the other place? The stones are almost the same as the place with the Greek fire bombs. You don't see more than a stairs and this gate or alley...


And below: another porch in and back


   Gobbo switches places. Perhaps around the corner of this building below? (the building where the white car was parked).


The switch to the other house

Above is another place than below! One street close to each other. Tell enters the property twice via an old wall. This is not the same place as above (the stones, the old wall with the house behind it almost look like each other, but then (below) a different house shows up almost in the same style).

3. House north east in Cenaret, on the map nr. 7



Tell askes Gobbo to climb down the roof but he has other plans and is very suspicious.

This one where Tell and Gobbo arrive first I call: '1. Maison of mirror and the Greek fire, (north east in Cenaret and located on the map at nr. 6) And the first scene is this one below at this house

        First scenes. The scene with the Greek fire, see the wall behind tell, that's the wall you see on the left photo (low angle). Oke the mountains doesn't corresponded at all but they do. This is a different angle so the edge of the rock in front of Gobbo is the same one, but behind Tell you see the middle of it. You can recognize it when if you really be there yourself.


So the shot of Gobbo (in the beginning of the episode) is on the same spot as below (but then the camera turned 180 degrees. It's in opposite)


Gobbo climbed the roof and he shouts at Tell: "It's the worst day of your life!!!" Gobbo is becoming increasingly manic. Tell tries to get him down: "Listen Gobbo...before this is going out of hands...." Gobbo "Haha It's already out of hands! I pull your lever out and stamp on it, you birdface! Soo you want to cross the mountain? hahaha. I will take you there I can not garantee what part of you will get there first."


The differences between the two houses:

Above the shots changing quickly from the rock to this house. And the house where Gobbo hides. You think they are still on the rock in a kind of ruine and you are in another part of the ruine. In fact you are no longer on the rock and no longer in front of the first house. While you are studying the stills...in my case you are getting really confused. They cameraman changed a lot of places and angles. I am surprised the director and cameraman did not get confused themselves. The scenes are recorded a chronological so all the more difficult with so many switches .....

Nowadays these houses changed. During Crossbow you can see clearly many roofs were in bad state. For instance (the right picture above) there is a wavy effect in it)

The wavy effect can also be seen on the roof Gobbo stands on.


Gobbo gets crazy and is throwing Greek fire bombs around.

     Perhaps It's hard to believe but I'm almost convinced this must is the place. When you look closely, you can see the window is moved to the right. The door used to be a huge stable door and the window leaned on the door. After changing the door, I think they had to move the window.



The first bomb Gobbo throws.

  Tell has never seen this 'Greek fire phenomenon' and tries to get away on time. After the huge explosion Tell uses the mirror in his favour.


That works. Gobbo is blinded by the light and falls off the roof. The middle photo is there to compare both houses, the middle house is nr. 7


Still place 6 on the map


  After the explosions Tell pushed Gobbo against the wall but he shouted there is another shell fire in it and he points to the bag that lies further on the ground. He lost the shell fire when he fell off the roof. Tell can just prevent the bomb from exploding and threw it away as far as he can. Gobbo kept on laughing hysterically. "You met me on a bad off day!" Tell eventually lost his temper: "Trained killer..? You have almost got us both killed!" "Wait I will get you," Gobbo shouted and ran away again. Tell: 'On this way every one will comes here.' Then suddenly Gobbo's head arised from behind the hay wagon "I already have warned the others!!" Tell:  'I know.'



Bomb nr. 2


No rock next to the house so probably 1 km further to the ridge. There are a lot of such rocks.



Left below is definitley Cenaret village (I recognize these mountains behind Tell and the height is the same as the photo's taken from the village of Cenaret)     

1988                   The Greek fire house on the north west side of Cenaret         2018



About this beautiful house there is still a little doubt. Though many things correspondent

camera angle: more to the right. The house Gobbo stands on has a new roof. The house in the back in renovated as well and the right house too.



1987                                                                                2018 Same door. The tree has grown!



The door and wall on the right of Tell ..




The door is still the same though the rest has been rebuilt. The old house on the right is changed completly. It has another traditional shaped roof and panorama windows.



Next to the house.

  I think there has been a part attached..see the stone colors..when you look a bit to the left (you can't see on this photo) the white rocks disappear.


Extra photo's of this bended wall on the nort east side of the town, next to the house nr. 6




The unknown location

The exterior of the house I never saw

Gobbo and Tell do have lunch but Gobbo thinks he is getting poisened by Tell.

Location: Though It looks like It's the same style...I don't know exact where this could be..Perhaps around the other houses in Cenaret. Perhaps it doesn't excist anymore...

Middle and right picture: This can be the same porch from another direction


I can't say for sure above and below are the same places. But both we haven't found yet.

The story goes on; Tell shares his bread with him. But Gobbo looks suspiously to the bread and doubts whether he would eat it. Tell: "why should I poison?" I don't know..It might be amusing? Tell grabs the bread out of Gobbo's hands and eats first. Then Gobbo relaxes and says: "You've saved my life once, it's my life that I saved I'm in dept by you anyway..." Then they hear a sound of a sudden slamming door or hatch. Tell takes his Crossbow and commands Gobbo to stay there.

Gobbo: "You are a bag of nerves."             Look who is talking.....  ;)




The interior of the unknown location

Here Tell enters a door that is turning inside and on the right pictures he is inside and you can see other doors. This looks like the westside of the town, but it's only guessing,


Probably a restaurated house in Cenaret. I've seen one, almost next to the house nr.6,  But this place was restored and had high fences around it. See the photo below.

Below: Compare the left and right photo and the way the door opens.                       Below: Here shots get merged while entering                 


Below: is this the same house they merged in one shot? It doesn't look like it, but you never know...


This house above is in really bad state, the shots are merged. To show diffent area's in the house in a short time or to hide Tell is entering another house....We will not know...


Merged shots

The entry (left photo) is changing while Tell walks inside...the floor and surrounding is sophicicated changing into elsewhere... I'm not sure but It stroke me while I made the stills. It can also be that Tell entered another room in the same building and the shots put together.. Same building of changing into a 'caussenard farm'?


Here I see a ruined house and archy shaped roof below you see a total differend roof structure.


Then Gobbo comes out of nowhere and attacks Tell with an axe. Tell tries to get through him.

Gobbo didn't stay on the same spot as Tell asked him and he suddenly attacks Tell with an axe. "Are you completely insane?? What's the matter with you??" Gobo stand up and answers: "I'm a trained killer!" Tell: : "You ever killed anybody?" "I could have killed you! But I wouldn't, now we are even. Now I don't owe you anything!" Tell: "What a logic. You got a unique perspective on the world, Gobbo.


The interior above makes me think of the ferme de Sauverterre style (also Boissets), same kind of arcades, doorporches, roofs and the same kind of stones. The house above can be changed in time...

I like the characterisics of such houses.


The view is exact the place of the Gobbo house to it must be the one almost next to Gobbo's place. But if this place is devided into two places is not sure. It's very hard to say because this place is not easy to see nowadays.

Right above: looking to the entrance of house nr. 6.



I believe the whole place was on top of a mountain as one whole property or farm. I found out it's total different. Left too is nr. 7, right is 6, the mountain is next to the village and there are some unknown places...probably in the same village in Cenaret.


1988                                                                                                   2018


Above 7 and below 6

This hidden corner  below is where the white car is (the right car on the right photo behind the big wall)                   


This place is left of Tell and the haywagon (Middle photo above)



Camp of Horst

Sorry it can be everywhere...perhaps the same place where the two men (of the Silverrider) have their tent in opposite of Cenaret Rock



The house of wood, next to the bridge of Quezac

Before entering the bridge, Tell warns Gobbo: 'No tricks!'

           The house of wood probably was just made for Crossbow.




1988                                                                      2017                                                                          


Here they realize a terrible thing happenend to the warriors of the bridge.


                                                                                                               1988                                                                                   2015                                                                        




            The Bridge of Quezac

Next to village Ispagnac     


In fact in Crossbow Tell never rides up the bridge by horse...

These two photos below are copyright of the photographer.

On the bridge with Christian Duguay and the steady cam. I don't think they used these shots because Tell always walked on the bridge.


Through the fog suddenly a silhouette appears on the other side of the bridge. He is approaching Tell with a huge 'machete.'

It's Horst, now Prince of the wasteland. He has followed Tell to find out more about Tell's secret.




Above and below the same background.

Note that the house (you see in the back) is not the house of Gobbo next to the bridge (it stood left of the photographer and on the side of the village of Ispagnac).


There used to be a gap in the wall of the bridge

                                                                                                       1988                                          2015  The whole in the bridge is filled up



                                                                                                 1988                                                                             2018



                                                                                           1988                                                                       2018


And at the end Tell still may not pass. Tell pushes him a little bit aside and wants to enter and that results in a fight. Tell needs to defend himself and Gobbo goes knock out.


Will he finally be able to pass the bridge?

The end.


The fields in episode the Headhunters

(The Headhunters is filmed on different locations like Chateau la Caze and the fields of ferme de Boissets)

Is here, in front of the bridge and next to the river, the third location? Or behind la Caza?

This is most likely the location, a bit east of chateau La Caze (and next to the Tarn river).


fields Ispagnac/Quezac near the river

The Crossbow shot is taken about a mile further so the shapes Mine is zoomed in so the left mountain is not there. That's what we assume and we are not 100 percent sure of it.

While taking this screenshots I realized they only filmed the left and right parts probably they try to hide the bridge of  Bruzac far in the back. I'm convinced these shots are not made in front of the bridge but about a 500 yards back to the south.

1987/88                               Just where the tree is in the middle                                2018




The meadow next to the bridge where the Headhunters was filmed. With "Mad Morris" he believed horses are bad luck. In his case he was right because he died in the saddle.

Headhunters is filmed at La Caze, Boissets and here next to the bridge of Quezac (I think about 500 yards left of the bridge).