Saddles and bridles

        Austrailian stock saddle                                        Wester saddle                                                  English saddle                                     Bareback pad (no stirrups)    



English riding style saddles

1. Dressage saddle  2. All purpose saddle: most riding schools do have this saddle for all sports.   

3. (Right) Jumping saddle (wide knee pads to support the knee while getting out of the saddle when thge horse jumps)


          Wester saddle                                              Icelandic saddle                                            Australia stock saddle is avaiable with horn and without


                                                                     The Icelandic saddle is to distribute the weight slightly backwards from the rider, so that the gaits can be better made.
Traditional Mongolian saddle                                        and an Arabic saddle



Varieties in baroque saddles

          Looks like Tell's Saddle, is nicer on a white horse than the black saddle (left)   These ones they've used in Crossbow (Blackknights).



Baroque saddlepads



Graceful medieval ornate (Baroque) bridles




1. (left) an example of  a sidesaddle. 2. Impressive performance of Mrs. Esther Stace, from Yarrowitch, riding sidesaddle and clearing a record 6'6" at the Sydney Royal

Show 1915 source Walcha Historical society. 3. Greta Swedisch American actress born in 1905.

  Almost all kind of saddles in one picture except the Spanish, Portuguese saddles.