Chateau  Tournoël

Episode 8 The Dukes of Zharingen. This castle is in Volvic, Puy-de-Dôme

The medieval castle in Auvergne was abandoned in the nineteenth century and served as a stone quarry. All Volvic

 flagstones were stolen. A storm in 1840 removed the roof of the great hall and the roof of the chatelaine's room.

Beautifully surrounded with fall colors.


The forest path

The start of episode 'The Dukes of Zharingen' started here on this path.

The first filmed episode of Crossbow!

1986                                                                                 2015


                  1986                                                                                     2017             


                        1986                                                                           2015









The Duke's livingroom


1986                              La Grande Salle                               2016


1986                                                                               2016                                                                                  2016



The Dukes of Zharingen

1986                                         The Axe fight                                      2016


Opposite wall of the photo you see above. Tell is led inside and watches a fight. A fight for entertainment. (location: courtyard Tournoel)

                                                                                                                                                                         One man keeps staring at the new prisoner.



Lascal's room

I haven't found this corner of the room yet, but it's almost sure they made this shot in the castle of Tournoel.

Scene: Lascal: "The name? Tell is silent. Have you a family? "No, no family." Lascal: "Good. Now listen and hear me very well.

You are conscripted into the service of your royal highness the Emperor.

For a term of three years, you will mine iron ore, used in the manufactory of arms and weapons for his majesty's armies.

Each man has a quota to make. You have seen how we deal with sluggers.. At the end of your turn, you'll be released."

Tell: "And if I refuse?" "This is a patriotic duty. We labor for the good and the protection of the empire. If you refuse you'll die."


Tell: "Since I can't think anything good to say about your hospitality so far,  I think I'll be just on my way."


                                                                                              Location: In the tower, attached to the balcony.



The escape to the tower

Tell suspects Lascal's false practice, he convinces the duke to use one of his birds.

1986                                                                                    2016?


Change: Below some walls are are white plastered.



The other side of the courtyard

                                               1986 in Crossbow                                  I think 2017   A white plastered wall is the latest version. Personally I miss the stone structure.



The Duke's livingroom

1986 The first episode                                                                           Around 2016

                                                                     During Crossbow this room was roofless! And see the color difference above and below. This room is plastered like the courtyard.                                               


  1986                                                                                           2016

                                                                                                                       During Crossbow there was no 'roof' or 'floor' in this building.


Lascal's room

Not found yet, must be in Tournoel castle.


The balcony at the courtyard


1986                                      First floor                                      2016

Scene: Fleeing for Lascal, Tell climbing this balcony, Then the duke suddenly sees Tell. But he thinks Tell is the king's messenger.

Tell is brought in with a warm welcome, to the horror of Lascal.



You can see the entrance to the prison on the left side. I have no photos from the inside. Still the same iron fence.

1986              I do assume that this is actually the prison place.                2017


Left, middle and right side


The right side


Scene: Right photo: Tell hides a carrier pigeon and gives a push to distract the guards, so he is able to release the pigeon.


The story about the Dukes and Lascal


Dialogue in prison

Conrad: "I'm sorry, my friend, you find it just as bad as me." Tell: "Where are we? Who are they? "In the dungeon of the castle of the dukes of Zahringen. They are mad!" 

"And the entertainment?" "You’ll be given a can work into the mines, William, 16 hours a day, pitch darkness with the whip on your back. Looking for iron ore…

I didn’t wanted it so I ended up here." "Why do madmen need iron ore?" "They don’t"  "it's for the emperor's army and the crazy thing is ... they hate the Emperor.... Lascal

presents himself as English King representative. They think the English are fighting him.  He supposedly ships the iron ore to the invasion army. The dukes suspect nothing.

They deliver to the emperor for free and Lascal entertains them with games. That is what you just saw."  "It sounds like you've been sitting here for a while ...." Three weeks.....

three weeks in the mines, I was on my way to Ursen when they grabbed me. I wanted to participate in the archery tournament...but that opportunity is gone ....

Tell: “a shame to miss it...How many soldiers are there?“ 


            John Otway as Conrad. He is in the next episode 'The Bet as well.'  Pressphotos. I received them from John Otway                  


In the dungeon again

Conrad and Tell are visited by 1 of the Dukes. The duke believes in Tell. Now Tell needs a plan... Conrad: "If one of us will die, I will be it"

Tell: "I'm not going to kill you. I'd rather go to Ursen with you." "I want nothing better, do you have a plan?" "That could be, yes"

With Robert Morley as one of the Dukes.


 The inevitable fight

They promised not to kill each other, but there is hardly a choice... They try to slow the fight and not to touch each other, but the tension increases

greatly. The voltage runs high. It's killing or being killed and if you don't do it yourself, Lascal does. Their agreement is under pressure. Tell hopes

to stretch time so that his pigeon brings the message quickly. But does the message arrive on time?  Tell is almost pushed for the axe and notices

that it is getting serious... Tell: "Hey friend...wasn't it just for the show?" "But it must look realistic!"

Tell: "What are you doing? I'd rather you kill me than one of them. Fight!" How this ends?


The goodbye

Same place as where there was axe fighting.

1986                                                                                   around 2016






Extra photos of Tournoel





Ancient Tournoel



The gate









The interior






The current owners, Mr. and Mrs. Aguttes, bought the Château de Tournoël in 2000 to Mr. de CHABROL who was doing regular work there.

Since then, they have redone all the floors, the plaster of the square tower.

A large slice of work is under way which consists of covering all the rooms that have been discovered since 1840 (the Great Hall of the Bottom, the Chapel Room,

the Guards Tower).  Similarly, the rehabilitation of the insulation of the walkways, very expensive work, invisible to visitors, but essential (consisting of removing all the stones,

give a layer of bitumen, and rest stones). The ceilings and floors that are missing in some rooms will be redone at the same time.

The Miches tower will also be undergoing restoration work. Above the door, a ramp made it possible to roll the guns up on the tower whose roof was

on the terrace in order to allow the smoke of the guns to escape.

                                                                                                                                                            Look at the 3D illusion on the ceiling beam!






           The site of Tournoël is known since the Xéme century, a castle historical monument.

The name of a Bertrand de Tournoël is mentioned in the local archives at this time but we know nothing about the castle that could be there. Can be a watch tower, can be a wooden tower.

 The story of Tournoël really begins around 1200. At that time the castle belongs to the powerful family of Auvergne, and Guy II, count of Auvergne is occupying it.

Proud, independent and warlike, he is at constant war with his brother Robert Bishop of Clermont.

 These quarrels end with a siege of the castle in 1210 by King Philip Augustus who takes advantage of these disputes to attack the strongholds of the region.

 By cunning, because it could not be taken otherwise, the castle becomes royal possession

 and will be preserved by the royal power until Philip the Fair exchange for possessions in Limousin with the family of Maumont.

It then becomes property of the families of Apchon, Roche, Montvallat, Naucaze and Chabrol.

 It is currently the property of Claude and Bernadette Aguttes who made it one of the fabulous tourist sites of Auvergne



Restoration work

From 1920, the owner family Chabrol began to maintain the castle, put a guard constantly there which stopped the wild removal of the stones.

 From 2000, the new owners undertook a restoration historic monument total:

2001: repair of the plaster of the square dungeon, restoration of the original parts that had been transformed into a guardian's dwelling. Paving of the Châtelain

room and the vassal chapel.

2002: Coating of the curtains of the first court, paving of the great hall of the square dungeon. Installation of the first doors (all original ones had been stolen)

2003: Paving of the first courtyard. Photo the Great Hall in 2002, in 2003 and 2004 Beginning of the roofing of the Great Hall and the Chatelaine Room, cover and

cover of the North Tower.

Restoration of the paintings of the oratory. New folded napkin doors exactly matching the decor of the door of the chapel.

2004: End of work started in 2003. Rehabilitation of the walkway (insulation, paving), Installation of the ceiling of the chamber of Chatelain and the "room on the side of bise"

paving the courtyard.

Start of the creation of a garden in the first courtyard.
 The important works were carried out with the help of the DRAC of Auvergne (Ministry of Culture), the department of Puy de Dôme, of Europe (project FEDER)

2005 Projects: currently the plans for all the windows are being drawn up and their reinstallation is planned for the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006.

The frames will conform to the window period on which they will be installed. On the whole it will correspond to the XVth century.

The windows will be filled with stained glass ..

A ceiling will be placed on the first floor above the room of the Châtelain and a floor of tomettes will be installed.

Rehabilitation of the upper part of the stair tower of the main courtyard; masonry, frame and roof. In October planting an orchard composed of extinct species in the lower part of the enclosure.


Many things to do

First of all feasible and reasonable works:
• The still possible rescue of the paintings of the chapel Saint Anne and the chapel of Vassaux.
• The floor of the Great Hall (the original floor is present under fifty centimeters of rubble, in poor condition, but with a part to recover, replant the garden called the jet of water.).
• Improve the surroundings (restoration of the glacis, make reappear side ravine the original hillock by removing trees and vegetation, go up all the small walls of the yard).

Then crazy work but you have to try to do:
• Raise the spur surrounding the round dungeon, which has been destroyed since the war of the league
• Make a roof at the cannon tower, go up the stable, dig to clear the chapel Sainte Foy whose base has been buried for four hundred years.

By visiting Tournoël, you participate in the catering business. All monies collected by ticket sales are fully reinvested in work



Opening month for the visit of the medieval castle:
•July and August

• Guided tours mandatory.
• HOURS OF VISITS: 10H15-11H15-14h15-15h15-16h15-17h10
• One of the Puy de Dome tourist sites open year-round for groups by appointment only.

Admission price :
• Adult: 9 euros

• Child from 6 to 16 years old included: 5 euros

• Student (upon presentation of proof): 5 euros



Volvic is located 5 kilometers from Riom, on the road to Pontgibaud.

 From the motorway A 71, exit at Riom, at the toll, you see Tournoel in front of you, slightly to the left, mid mountain.

 At the first roundabout take direction Volvic, bypass Riom and follow signs Tournoël, Vulcania.

 Enter Volvic and take at the entrance of the country, a small road on the right which leads to the castle, monument of Auvergne. Strong point of tourism Puy de Dome.


Claude Aguttes

Madness of a man touched by the spirit of the place, the castle of Tournoël returns to the World in the person

of Mr.  Aguttes who since the beginning of the years 2000 undertakes a restoration of large scale.

A prestigious auctioneer, he is committed to considerable resources.



This medieval castle is built on a mount, on a promontory halfway up the volcanic puy of the Banner.

3 eras of construction:

 1200 Square Dungeon (Residence Tower)

1300/1400 large round Philippian donjon (defense tower)

1400/1450 decoration work and construction of a guns tower (amazing decoration of bosses in 1/2 balls). Chapel of St. Anne.

An important campaign of works took place in 1450 at the initiative of Antoine de la Roche; He carried out many works of embellishment,

especially in the high court where he adorned the old staircase tower of origin of a magnificent decoration in flamboyant Gothic carved in stone Volvic.

Do not forget that a visit to a medieval castle helps to restore the historic monument.