• Figurants and actors

    Did you happen to have a figurant role in Crossbow and are you on the picture? Or is there a photo missing with you? Then you can send us an e-mail.

    Episode The Inquisitor: Edward and the lady




    This man from episode The Magician




                                        The Amazon Trolls,                                                kneeling woman in the middle and man in  the middle   




    Episode the Gods




    In episode  Doppelgangers, the Figurants






    Actress in Goldilocks





    This young man in The Rock and The Pit    





    The Electors, The Duke of Bern  







    Both of them



    The seekers of the Soul




    The beautiful little girl of episode Forbidden Fruit, St. Enimie







    The prisoner, killgor with the red mask and the young man.



    In Possesed: I'm still looking for 'John' beside MDLC Will. He has a large role in this episode.




    The men around the Emperor





    Spirit of Rebellion




    The noble woman in Insurrection






    Who knows his name? In episode Possessed.




    The Dukes of Zharingen




    Little Matthew in Physician and the boy left in Plague town with his grandma




    The Scarvenger kids







    The men in Message from Geneve




    both men in Rejection








                           The actor  on the left  in Gods                            In Rejection: Georgina Hall van't be find, there is a G. Hale but she is too young.



    The Promised Land





    The husband who offers Tell a job




    The duke of Bern and his son






                                          Masterplan                                                    Episode actors noble man                      




                                                               Message from Geneve                                                                            







    These blackknights in Message from Geneve






    Who are the two men in the middle behind Guy Rolfe?                                      Handmaiden   




           Rebirth                                                                  Birtright




    Inquisitor                                                                              The Citadel                                                               Amnesty




     Gansari's zombies                                                   The Gods