Chateau Virieu


This castle is in episodes: The Banguet, The Prisoner and Albion


Episode 1 The Banquet - At the square of Virieu castle

At the end of episode one, Gessler has a banquet and Tell and Matthew arrive at it. They have to provide some entertainment.


The huge square in front of the castle 2015                                                                                       1986




               Virieu castle with the curved wall and the huge gate with iron pins on the door 2015


Virieu in 1986

Scene: The crown prince: "So this is like being entertained in the provinces?" Gessler: "We try to keep ourself amused your Majesty."

"Well fed, it seems you've done well in this provence, Governor." "Well, I can't complain Your Majesty."

"Then you won't mind I increase your tribute to the Emperor." "I always contributed your father's...requests..."


The Apple scene episode


The tables are filled up with pheasant, lamb on the spits all kind of fruits. Also lots of entertainment around.


A girl brings wine to the crown prince, he invites her to join. Then the crown prince loses interest in Gessler, which has the same effect on Gessler.

Scene: "Who is this princess?" The crown prince asked. In the meantime Tell and Matthew are brought in. Gessler lost interest in the crown prince and the

girl and answers: "I can't recall her name...her father is a swineherd I think...or was it goats?" But the crown prince can not be influenced by him. "Tonight

she shall be my queen!"The crown prince handkisses the woman. Then Tyroll comes to Gessler and whispers Tell and Matthew has just arrived (photo: below in the middle).


Scene: The crown prince doesn't seem to notice Tell and Matthew are just brought in. They are standing in front of him. The prince and the woman seem to enjoy

eating an apple together,  then he asks Gessler who these people are. "Two rebels,  your majesty. This boy has the temerety to knock my hat in the dust." Crown

Prince: "Your hat?" He immediately changes his words  "I meant your hat, your excellency, after all it's a symbol of your authority." Gessler continues the story

"Then his father interferred. It seems he stole a Crossbow from a soldier,  hit him on the head with it and then fired an arrow at the guard with his sleeve attached to

the pole." The crown prince is impressed in another way then Gessler hoped.  "Marvellous! What skill, we must have a demonstration!"


    Matthew is furious. Prince Martin feels sorry for Matthew and Tell, also the duke of Ursen and his wife.    



Gessler streches his hand out to the new acquisition of the crown prince: "Your ladyship, may I?" Then he walks back to Tell and Matthew and tells them:

"The deathpenalty hangs over you, BUT his Majesty...favours some entertainment, you provide it and I shall spare your life." Put the boy against the post."

"Shoot the apple off the boy's head and you both shall go out free." The crown prince: "Delightful!" Gessler handed the Crossbow to Tell but he is not taking it.

"You can kill me. I won't do it!" "Oh I won't kill you if you refuse I shall kill the boy." Then the crown prince interfers "Now Gessler let's not go killing boys, It's not entertaining.

If this gentleman won't shoot, we shall simply find someone who will. Conrad.. yes your majesty.. stagger over there to Gessler, take the crossbow...

We're going to have an archery exhibition! Gessler agrees. Matthew is taken away roughly by Horst. All Tell can do is witness.

  The duke of Ursen and his wife, join the banguet, but can't appreciate the apple scene at all. Later in episode 9 (The Bet) Tell meets The Duke of Ursen again.


Gessler forces Tell to shoot the apple off his son's head. If Tell refuses Gessler lets the drunk Conrad shoot.


Scene: The crown prince walks to the drunk Conrad and asks him to shoot. He stumbles to Gessler, his glass drops out of his hand and he can't even walk straight.

Gessler: "This is your last chance...who is gonna shoot?" Tell pulls the crossbow roughly out of Gessler's hands and with great reluctance he is forced to do it.

Gessler: "Now...who is going to shoot?" And Gessler walks back to guide Conrad back on his chair and joins the Prince. Location: Square in front of Virieu castle.


 "If the first missis, the second one is for you." To which the crown prince reacts: "It seems I have to look for a new Governor." Then he turns to the

lady: "Do you know anything about politics, my dear?" The words seems to scare Gessler and let him take precautionary measures.  He is kind

of worried, he quits the conversation inmediately and he calls his guard. Gessler gives a sign to Tyroll to take position and take a close watch on Tell.



1986                                                                                                   2015


      Scene: Gessler causally: "Oh you may choose your arrow." The crown prince: "he has taken two." Gessler: "if you are the marksman they

say you are, you don't need another shot.  Are you afraid you will miss?" Tell: "If the first one misses is, the second one is for you."

Gessler annoyed:  "You haven't lost the first one yet. Gessler: "Oh you may choose your arrow"



Matthew throws the apple of his head, then Gessler warns him and he places the apple in his mouth.



The impossible task


While Tell is forced to shoot, Gessler promises Tell he and his son can both go free. Then Gessler witnessed Tell gets two arrows.  He said I miss

the first one the second is for you.' To make sure he stays alive Gessler whispers in Tyroll's ear if Tell shoots the apple off, he has to disable Tell

immediately.   While Tell tries to concentrate the best he can, Gessler plays false game, and interrups him three times to ask him to take a step back.       



The Shot

Tell hits the apple and doesn't hit his son. Matthew is fainting. Tell sees his son fall and in a reflex Tell gets his second arrow and tries to

shoot Gessler.  But Tyrrol prevents Tell to shoot the governor.  Tyroll hits Tell to the ground. Then he is taken to prison. Gessler tells

the people he missed and hit his son.  Prince Martin felt sorry for Matthew and takes him to the Citadel.


The singing duo: Chad and Jeremy, both in episode 1

Chad Stuart (the other of the duo Chad and Jeremy) was the crown prince emperor in Crossbow, but disappeared after this episode.

He had an eye surgery and a lot of pain so he wasn't able to continue. It was a busy period for the duo Chad and Jeremy.

During Crossbow the duo was returning to the U.S. in 1986 for a British Invasion reunion tour, they played 33 cities in 6 weeks along with

Freddie and the Dreamers, Gerry and the Pacemakers, the Searchers and the Mindbenders. In his review of the show at New York City's Felt Forum,

music journalist Jeff Tamarkin wrote: "The evening's unquestionable highlight was the set from Chad (Stuart) & Jeremy (Clyde),

which featured such soft, folky hits as 'A Summer Song' and 'Yesterday's Gone', and even a few obscurities from their later career.

The duo's harmonies were sweet, their young band tight, and their lack of tacky cover songs refreshing." In 1987, they performed a two-week residency at Harrah's in Lake Tahoe,

Nevada before again going their separate ways. (source: Wikipedia)               


The courtyard of Virieu castle

1986                                                                                    2015                                                                                       2015


     1986                                                                                                     2015


Scene: Gessler: "Read this..." Tyroll: "I do not read.." "It says Tyroll the emperor raised his taxes by a third. Location: Courtyard of Virieu castle.





Albion Episode 6 

Chateau Virieu.


These fields and the dubble row of trees is east of the Chateau, it's the parking place for visitors nowadays. See the map below.


1986                                                                                                  2015




 1986                                        The courtyard of chateau Virieu                                    2015 



Dantes riding from the parkingplace to the gate of castle Virieu. There Gessler and he make a deal in Miolans.

Dantes enters the huge gate (with iron pins on it) but the they switch to a room in Miolans!     


                      1986                                                                 1986                                                                       2015             



1986                                                                                             2015


                       Here Matthew and Tell came out during the banquet (Episode 1 The Banquet) Here also Dantes enters the door (episode 6) Episode 6 is the last episode in this chateau.

The scene switches to Chateau Miolans. The photo in the middle gives a good impression of how big this door is              

                    1986                                                   The small door in the middle can open but also the whole door                       2015

 The coolest castledoor I have ever seen. 



Below: the shots continue in Chateau Miolans           Shot Albion in Virieu and below Chateau Epierre, this Inn is also located at Tellīs hometown


Tell escaped (in episode 6) from the inn in Albion (Castle of Epierre)


Extra photos of castle Virieu

West - The front of the castle with the parkingplace and the square









Below: The square has a high position











Air photos






Beautiful autumn ivy