All the 252 actors divided into 7 pages

(Except the main characters)

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On Page 1:


1 John Albineri (Geshwin) Albion 6

2 Dalas Adams (Marc The Scribe) The Moor 1 and 2  

3 Robert Addie (Aris) Touch, Spirit of Rebellion, Moment of Thruth

4 Imogen Annesly (Pamenta)  Doppelgangers

5 Gabrielle Anwar, (Alana) Bounty Twins

6 Alain Aparis, (Galash the turk) Amnesty

7 Edwin Apps, Pit Rock, The Mission as Landlord and slave auctioner

8 David Ashton (the father) in Children

9 Roger Ashton Griffits, (town crier) The Moor 1 and 2

10 Dicken Ashworth (Morgan) in Reunion and The Stallion

11 Feador Atkine, (Inquisitor) The inquisitor

12 Michael Atwell, (Headhunter leader) The Headhunters

13 David Auker (Bolgar's son) The Pit and The Rock

14 Serge Barbuscia (farmer in shed) in Ladyship

15 Dominique Barnes (Kristel)

The Amazon

16 Reine Barteve (widow of St Pierre) in Rejection

17 Antoine Baud (Duke) The Dukes of zharingen

18 Robert Barr The Bet

19 Dana Barron (Eleanor) 5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

20 Catherine Bary (young girl) in Lost Cruisader

21 Daniel Benzali (bad monk) The Seekers of the Soul

22 Andree Bernard (Wanda) in Gansariís Zombies

23 Luc Bernard (soldier) The Emperor 1 and 2

24 Jean-Yves Berteloot (The Barkeeper)Masterplan

25 Michel Berto Rejection

26 Pascal Bianco-Levrin de Bouzid (Villager)

27 Marc Billingham (Magicianís son) The Magician

28 Michael Bilton (Villager) In Birthright and (servent) in Lotus

29 Donald Bisset (merchant) in Lotus and (Ballieu) in Trolls

30 Peter Blake (Crispin) in Goldilocks

31 Honor Blackman honour (noble woman) The Bet 9

32 Brian Blessed (bandit) 11, 12, 13

33 Andrew Bloch (Albert) Message from Geneve.

34 Benedict Blythe (Gesslerís brother) Betrayal 47 and 48 Bloodbrothers

35 Didier Bouguignon in Message of Geneve

36 Roy Boyd (Gregorio) The Gods

37 Tommy Boyle (Maurice) in 70 Headhunters)

38 Georges Branche The Taking of Castle Tanner

39 Ian Brimble (soldier) Physician, Amnesty and more

40 Edward Brayshaw (Adrustus) The Amazon

41 Annabel Brooks (Nona) Forbidden Fruit

42 Steve Buscemi (captain of the guard)Lost cruisader



On Page 2:


43 Andre Cagnard Rejection (stuns with horses)

44 William Cagnard (stunts with horses)

45 George Camiller (man of Dante's team) Albion, Sanctuary 

46 Max Cane (Gerhard )Insurrection

47 Beatrice Camurat (Christina) Exit The Dragon

48 Fanny Carby (Grania) The touch

49 John Carpenter (3) (John) The Lost Cruisader

50 Pierre castagne

 51 Vince castello Inguisitor

52 Pierre Francois Castillon (Antonio) Albion, Sanctuary

53 Christian van Cau (John the Woodcutter) Taking of Castle  Tanner

54 Alain Christie (Captain of the guard) Trolls

55 Jordan Clarke (Baker) Message from Geneve

56 Harry Cleven (Farmer) Promised Land

57 Brian Coburn (Doolan) Bountry Twins

58 Terence Conoley (villager) The Moor and  O'Grady in Forbidden Fruit

59 Beatrice Conrad (Lady Tanner), Princess in Goldilocks, villager Moor

60 Forbes Collins Possessed and (Gothar) in Castle Tanner

61 Paul Collins (leader of the actors) Actors

62 James Coombes (Calop) In The Silverrider

63 Sheila Coren Tissot (wife of John)in Lost Cruisader

64 Peter Corey Gods?

65 Clovis Cornillac (Edgar) The Touch

66 Bertie Cortez (Ambroose) 2, 6

67 James Cosmo Anton, The Silverrider

68 Arthur Cox  ? Albertís boss

69 Johnny Crawford (Prince Ignatius)

70 Rod Culbertson (1 of Rolandís men)

71 Raoul Curet Message from Geneve man met zwarte doek

72 Clive Curtis   Benzai in The Shadow

73 Roger Daltrey The Alchemist

74 France Daunic  as a noble woman next to Gesslerís mother in Actors

75 Andrew Davis Soulseekers

76 Raoul Delfosse Pelgrim in The Citadel

77 Jerome Dempsey The Promised Land soldier who spread out false information

78 Jean Claude Deret Forbidden Fruit the master

79 Diane Deriaz The Pit Rock

80 Erik Deshors as Falcon in The Stallion text! 81 Guy Dirigo Nemesis scared villenger? 82 Vernon Dobtcheff Trolls kind monk

83 Leo Dolan soldier rebirth who collectin weapons

84 Van Doube professor teacher of the crownprince

85 Mark Drewry ? The pass episode 11

86 Jeanette Driver Diane in Amazon

87 Thierry Dubost   Rebirth and promissed Land ? soldier

88 Bill Dunn?

89 Claude Duneton Lost Cruisader man die Tell aanvalt in schuur

90 Marco Duret Message from Geneve

91 Anthony Dutton farmer in trolls

92 Neil Elliot  nobel man in Amnesty

93 Christian Erickson Lascal

94 Norman Eshley Woodsman in Goldielocks

95 Francine Eymery Villager Birthright

96 Max Fairchild Yanek Nemesis

97 Jean-Claude Falet Exit the dragon niet gevonden

98 Sebastie n Floche 99 Gregory Floy Bardolphe Rebirth  100 Eric Flynn inquisitor noble man 101 Steven Flynn Alden Masterplan 102 Miranda Forbes Nemesis
103 Brett Forrest Grendel 104 Felicity la Fortune   Ladyship/Lady Montal 105 John H Francis  Faux Tell?   Exit the Dragon 106  Charles Frank Trolls the young man who followd tell in the forest. 107  Sadie Frost   as Rosa in nemesis

108 Sabine Frugier Lady Rosanne Possessed

109 Cosimo Fusco The man who invited Albert on the checkers drinking game







On Page 3:


110 Patrick Garner (Frits) Amnesty

111 David Gautraux (Lucio) in Exit the dragon

112 Sarah Michelle Gelar (Sarah Guidotti) in Actors

113 Dana Gillespie (windgodin) in Godin of the Wind

114 Christopher Godwin as bearded soldier in Rebirth

115 Arne Gordon (Brother Gregory) 1, 2 and 6 116 Arne Gordon (Brother Gregory)

117 Vincent Grass (warden of the gate) The Citadel

118 Alain Grellier (stuns) The Imposter

119 Phillip Guegan (stunts and acting) in Headhunters and many others

120 Robert Guillaume  The Moor

121 Claire Hackett   girl of the rock

122 Andrew Hall  Gansari

123 Richard Hamilton  The inquisitor   The judge

124 Roger Hammond   Handmaiden messenger and inkeeper of Doppelgangers

125 Bradley Hardyman  Lost City  The Children

126 Florence Haziot       daugther of widdow St. Pierre.

127 Frank Heiler   ?? Handmaiden

128 Jacques Herlin   the drunk priest at the banguet who is asked to shoot

129 Barton Heyman  The mare in The Emperor

130 Dominique Hulin   Dantes

131 Gwen Humble   Stefanís girlfriend  Promised Land 132 Godfrey James   Prison Warden episode the prisoner 2

133 Catherine Jouglet non in Santuary

134 Berwick kaler  man in front of Albion meets Tell  Albion

135 Elisabeth Kaza   Santuary and Message from Geneve

136 Patricia Kessler    The Bet   wife oft he duke of

137 Gertan Klauber  Physician and  Spirit of rebellion of season 3




On Page 4:


138 Tom Klunis (Cruisader) in The Lost cruisader

139 Marcel  líAbbaye, (Danteís man Flamingo plus stuntman)

Albion, Sanctuary and Mission

140 Ronald Lacey (Jagua) The Moor 1 and 2

141 Joseph (Joe) Lambie (soldier) Emperor 1 and 2

142 Judith Lang (barmaid)Message from Geneve

143 Dominique Lardenois (uncredited) The Prisoner

144 Michell Laurance (Clifton) Doppelgangers

145 Philippe Lazoore (Gansari) Gansai's Zombies (acting and stunts)

146 Stanley Lebor (farmer with two sons) in Birthright

147 Russel lee (rebellious farmer) spirit of Rebellion

148 Jamie Lehane (little boy) in Betrayal and Bloodbrothers

149 Tutte Lemkow (Magician) in The Magician

150 Stephane Linnard (uncredited) in episode 11 and 12

151 Ian Lindsey the Mare in the Moor

152 Anne Lipinska The Elite Masterplan, Aldenís mother

153 Eugene Lipinski (head of the group) Possessed

154 Susie Lindeman (mother of the baby) in Birthright

155 Preston Lockwood  (Electors) The Electors

156 Sue Lloyd (Adriana) boss of the Amazons

157 Anne Lonnberg (Katrina Tellís wife) 1, 2, 7, 22, 24 and 70

158 David and Michael Lumsden   The Bounty twins

159 Georgia Lyman (girl) The Pit and the Rock and backgroundplayer

160 Steven Mackenna (servant of the Mare) The Moor 1 and 2

161 Graeme Malcolm (Fauchon)in Masterplan 

162 Volker Marek (soldier) Scarvengers (likely in 5 and 10)

163 Hilary Mason (Gesslerís mother) actors and Forbidden Land (as cleared conscience)

164 Roland Mc Cleod  (landlord) in Physician

165 Kate Mc Kenzie (Godrill) in Fear

166 John Mc Coy (bearded headhunter) in Headhunters

167 Hilton McRea (Bandit) in Lost City

168 Peter Mac Robbie (Elite teacher of Tell and Alden) in Masterplan

169 Stephan Meldegg (traitor) in the Pit and Rock

170 Murray (wanderer Melvin) in Windgodin

171 Ralph Michael (the bearded landlord) in the Inquisitor

172 David Milner Gobbo The Bridge

173 Norman Mitchell (Bolgar) The Pit and The Rock

174 Sarah Mitchell  (Bridget) in Betrayal and Bloodbrothers

175 Judy Monahan (nun)   Emperor part 1 and 2

176 Timothy Morand (Drunk town doctor) in The Phycisian

177 Neil Morrisey (Aldenís 'friend)' Masterplan

178 Robert Morely (Claude) The Dukes of Zharingen

179 Richard Muenz (Landlord )Ladyship

180 Patrick Murray (son of the farmer) in Birthright  

181 Bruce Myers (The Physisican) as the doc

182 Alain Nadal (uncredited) In Fear

183 Melvyn Nelson (uncredited) in Actors

184 Patrick Newell (merchant) in the Imposter

185 Steven Oí Donnell  (one of Bolgar's sons)

186 John Otway (Tells friend) The Dukes of Zharingen and The Bet

187 Denise van Outen (Goldielocks) in Goldielocks

188 Sid Owen (orphan) Scarvengers





On Page 5:


189 Lally Percy (Mother who provides Tell work) in Rebirth

190 Robert Pereno (soldier) in Handmaiden and Emperor 1 and 2

191 Martha Parcey (the orphan girl who helps the old man (Scarvengers)

192 Dorothea Phillips (grandmother) Actors

193 Polly Jo Pleasence )Gesslerís girl) Insurrection

194 Hugh Pollard (Little boy) in Rebirth

195 Jean Jacques Preau  (uncredited) in Amnesty

196 David Prowse (slave Cassius) in Lost City

197 Robert Putt (uncredited) The Imposter

198 David Quilter (traveler) Message from Geneve 

199 Daniel Quinn (Terence) in The Seekers of the Soul

200 Andre Raffard (Duke) The Dukes of Zharingen

201 John Ramsey (Caspari, who made the canon) Exit the Dragon

202 Ben Robb (Orphan child) in Scarvenger

203 Scott Renderer (lawyer)     in The Inquisistor

204 Rachel Robertson (Anna) The Taking of Castle Tanner and (Mina) in The Spider

205 Rochelle Robertson (uncredited)

206 Guy Rolfe (The Emperor) 15, 19, 20, 23 and 24

207 Mark Ryan (Barbarian)   Lost City




On Page 6:


208 Carline Schweich (The non who found Tell) in Sanctuary

209 Trevor Sellers (One oft he gambling brothers) The Silver Rider  

210 Pierre Peter Semmler (Wolf) 36, 47

211 Gia Sereni (maiden) The Handmaiden

212 Gina Shapiro (Lady Sophy) Rejection

213 Patrick Sezaf (Passanger) The Mission

214 John Sharp Rejection

215 William Morgan Sheppard Otto /Parker The Scarvengers and Trailbreak

216 Shope Shodeinde (The Moorís lady) The Moor 1 and 2

217 Howard Schrier (uncreditied)   in Reunion and The Stallion

218 Georgia Slowe (Beloved Girl) in the Magician 

219 James Snell (One of Dantes men) in Albion     

220 Carrie Snodgress (Mathilda, Captain of the guard in disguise) in Ladyship

221 Jadrien Steele (The little boy) in The Little soldier

222 Adrian Sparks (bearded farmer) in Rejection

223 Bernard Spiegel (Weevil) in  Lotus, The prisoner and Albion 224 Paul Spurrier (Son of Tanner) The Taking of Castle Tanner 225 Timothy Stark (Prince Martin, Grandson Emperor) 19, 20, 23 and 24 226 Valerie Steffen (Princess Irena) 19,20,21 and 24

227 Chad Stuart (Prince Frederick) in The Banguet

228 Bill Stewart (soldier) in Rebirth

229 Richard Strange (the troll is caught by Tell) in Trolls

230 Brad Sullivan (madman) in The Emperor 2 

231 Anne Swift (Isabel) in Episode The Little Soldier

232 Robert Swales (Tellís guide in the wasteland) in The Shadow

233 Eddie Tagoe (the corrupt captain oft he guard in the wasteland) 234 The MissionLing Tai (Lotus) In Lotus 235 Philip Tan (Spider) The Spider 236 Gilbert Tiberghian (villager) in Birthright 237 Jean-Marc Truong (one of Danteís men) in Albion, Santuary

238 Karen Tungay (Flavia) in The Lost City






On Page 7:


239 Morgan Vasseur (little girl, Marian)in The Pit and The Rock

240 Karina Verlier (Prince Fredericksís girl) in The Banguet

241 Jacques Vinces (soldier)    in Betrayal 

242 Tony Vogel Priest) in Fear

243 Herma Vos (The strong Amazon) in The Amazon

244 Frederick Warder (soldier/guard) in Phycisian

245 Hester Wilcox (Aldenís girl) in The Elite / Masterplan

246 Time Winters (Errol) in  Amnesty

247 David Warner (Alchemist) The Alchemist

248 Nancy West (Electorís Daugther of the duke of Bern) The Electors

249 Joanne (Jo) Woodstock (one of the children) In The Children

250 Barry Woolgar (Captain of the Imperial borderguard) in Imposter 251 Rowan Wylie, (in charge of the group) in Possesed

252 Philippe Zone (horsetrainer) In The Bet